Verizon Mifi Not Working (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

I am having an issue with my Verizon MiFi and I am wondering how I can fix it. I have other questions that I need to know if you can help me.

I’ve found all of this information while researching this topic and I hope one of the following resolutions will solve your problem!

I’ve found all of this information while researching this topic and I
hope one of the following resolutions will solve your problem!

Verizon MiFi Not Working In 2022

If your Verizon MiFi isn’t working, you can try to unplug the MiFi and plug it back in after a few minutes to see if the issues resolve as of 2022. Additionally, you can restart your device or the MiFi to see if it’ll work. Also, check your antivirus or security software to ensure it’s not blocking the MiFi.

This is because your devices might be asking for an update before you can reconnect.

1. Resetting the device to factory settings could also solve the problem for a short time.
2. If the issue persists, the next step would be replacing the phone’s battery.
3. If none of the above steps work, I suggest you contact the support team.

Thank you for helping me solve this problem.

1. Unplug MiFi & Plug It Back In

I tried this and found that the MiFi seems to be having a strange issue where it will continue to function with no trouble, but it will not connect. I had to unplug the MiFi and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in to get connected.

2. Remove The MiFi Battery & Reinsert It

You should also be able to try replacing the micro USB cable. If that doesn’t work check the charger. You may have a faulty cable.

3. Check Your Cords

You want to make sure that the MiFi device is plugged into the wall and that there is no damage to the cord or the wall socket.

You’ll also want to make sure the cables are plugged in the proper way. The power cords are for the laptop, not for the power supply. You need to plug the power supply into the power outlet, not the laptop.

4. Check Your Outlet

Sometimes, the issue isn’t with the MiFi device, but there’s something with the power outlet that you’ve plugged it in to.

Therefore, connect another power adapter and ensure it is working correctly and getting power so that you know it’s the device.

5. Check & Disable Antivirus

Yes, I did not know if the connection interference was happening on the MiFi device or the router, but if you can temporarily disable Anti Virus, then the connection should show up.

6. Charge Internal Battery

If the internal battery is not charged, it could cause the device not to pair correctly, so check the battery life and charge the battery completely before trying to pair it again.

The device is not responding to pairing.

7.  Make Sure The SIM Is Installed & Connecting Properly

Make sure you have a valid SIM card with a US mobile provider.
For the MiFi to be considered a US mobile device, the device must have a SIM card that is activated with a US mobile provider.

If you’re having stability issues and you want a more stable experience, I would recommend clearing data on the app and rebooting your phone.

8. Uninstall VZ Access Manager

Try to uninstall VZ Access Manager, but it will try to install another one, so just keep using your wifi router until you can install and connect your Verizon MiFi to your wifi router and see if that fixes the issue.

9. Ensure MiFi Has Been Activated

One of the most frequent issues that users face is the device not activating or connecting to Verizon. You may need to wait a few minutes after you activated your MiFi before it starts working. If you are unable to connect, make sure your MiFi is turned on and the battery is fully charged. If your MiFi still does not work, please contact customer care at 1-800-VERIZON (800-835-5647). Customer Care can also help resolve other common issues.

Furthermore, the MiFi’s MEID is your account number, which you can look up on the back of the MiFi. Once you enter the account number, the device should appear on the Verizon account. Make sure you enter the MEID rather than the phone number, and it might take a couple of days for the device to show up.

10. Reset Your MiFi Device

One solution to fix the Verizon MiFi problem is to reset the phone. This will erase all custom settings and restore the phone to factory settings.

Press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn it back on.
Press and hold down the button for five seconds to power off your device.
When you turn it back on, you’ll see some text about the firmware update.
Press the button again and you’ll be taken to a screen asking if you want to update the firmware.
Press the button again to proceed.

11.  Clear Space On Your Device

It is important to note that you must have a data plan with your provider to be able to use MiFi.

If you have apps you’ve used that you don’t use anymore, uninstall them to free up space or clear out items with trash in your camera and other locations.

Unfortunately, not all phones have this feature. If you’re having issues with your phone, you’ll have to search for it manually and clear up the unused apps.

12. Contact Verizon

If you have still been unable to find your Verizon MiFi working, try contacting Verizon to see if an issue with your device or your account are blocking access to the device.

It is possible that you will need to pay for a product or service as a result of an unfortunate issue that happened, but you can resolve the issue through payment first.

Why Did My Verizon Jetpack Stop Working?

There are a variety of reasons why your Jetpack stopped working. An issue could be that the outlet you are using doesn’t have power. At times the device needs to be charged.

What Does Blue Flashing Light On Verizon MiFi Mean?

This flashing blue light on the MiFi tells you that it is in sleep mode, but it’s still powered on.

We know it may be frustrating when you realize you keep getting an error message when you try to buy an item online. We’ll try to help you fix the issue if we can.


if you want to fix your Verizon MiFi not working and you also want to work on the device, check if you have a good connection with it, check if power is working, and reboot the MiFi.

I have tried all these. I’ve also tried replacing my SIM and still no luck. There is no network service. I can only get EDGE (as per the above post). I do have a prepaid SIM in the same MiFi. It is working perfectly.

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