Verizon Call Filter Not Working (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

If you have problems with Verizon Call Filter and don’t know how to fix the problem, then you need to read the rest of this article.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Apple Watch Series 3 (or a newer watch running iOS 10 or watchOS 4), you’ve probably found that you’ve been getting the “no service” error.

Verizon Call Filter Not Working In 2022

If you use an older phone or if you use an iPhone, it may not work for you as of 2022 as of the update. Additionally, you can try restarting your device or closing apps running in the background to see if that solves your problem.

Even though you’ve tried the “re-install it” solution, this will not always work to fix Call Filter problems. If you’re still experiencing Call Filter issues, try these extra tips below.

1. Check Device Compatibility

To check if your device is compatible with Verizon you will have to go to settings and scroll down to find “Call Filter”. Make sure it says “Enabled” next to device compatibility.

I cannot use the Call Filter on another phone.
This phone is not compatible with Call Filter.

In case, if you’ve already set Call Filter on your account, you will be able to continue using it regardless of the fact if you’re using Call Filter via the App, My Verizon app, or through a web browser.

2. Restart Your Device

If you are using Verizon Call Filter on your device and it is not functioning properly, try to restart your device to see if the issue is fixed.

It could be that the device takes a long time to load up and then restart and when it restarts it won’t find Call Filter. Try a few minutes to give it time to load.

3. Force-Close Background Apps

A lot of users have reported not having Verizon Call Filter working. I’ve not had any problems with any other apps, so I don’t think this is a widespread issue.

4. Check WiFi Or Data Connection

You can view the signal strength and quality of the WiFi connection using the WiFi call filter app or a similar connection feature.

5. Update Call Filter App

If you have the Verizon Call Filter app installed, then make sure that you update it to the latest version.

You can search for Call Filter in the app store, select it, and look at the page to see if you see “Update” at the top. After that, select “Update,” and it will begin installing.

After all is said and done, try calling the call filter again. If that doesn’t work, please post the content of your call filter.

6. Uninstall Call Filter App & Reinstall

There are a few common reasons which might cause the Verizon Call Filter to refuse to work for an android device. The most common reason is that there is a corrupt and outdated app that’s in the app’s directory. You can remove it and reinstall the app properly.

7. Try Again In A Few Minutes

Call Filter may be experiencing a server overload or crash, so you can try to use it again in 5 to 10 minutes and see if that fixes the problem.

In some cases, this error message will appear when you try to access Call Filter in a country where it is unavailable.

8. Check Apple Or Google Server Status

If the Call Filter app isn’t working, you might need to contact Google or Apple to check if there’s been any issues with their servers.

If none of these scenarios apply to you, you might want to send us a note on social media, or contact us from your app, to say thank you and let us know when we can expect to add support!

9. Confirm Login Details

I would like to make sure that the login details for the Verizon Call Filter app are correct and that I have the right username and password.

If you’re seeing any issues with your account, you may have
typo’ed your password or username while logging in. Try
entering your password/username again.

10. Check Notifications

This is an issue most likely caused by having the app notifications turned off on your device. Please check to make sure your device is switched to the most recent version of the app.

The notifications settings let you specify that Verizon, at any time, can send you a notification via an app icon, or via a phone call. With that setting enabled, a notification from Verizon will appear in your app list, regardless of whether you have the app running. If you decide not to receive those notifications, however, they will not appear in the app list.

Does Verizon’s Call Filter Work?

The feature can report spam calls on your Verizon line but isn’t very useful. It will work but it is not very good. The feature is not as good as the others above.

In the first scenario, the spammer dials your home phone number, while on the second, they dial your cell phone number and you can’t see the number because it’s blocked by the service.

Not many people realize that if the numbers they are receiving calls from are not in their address book, it’s probably a fake number.

Does Verizon Call Filter Cost Money?

Verizon customers get Call Filter on the cheap if it’s compatible with their device, but can buy two filters if it’s compatible with their device.

We also offer Call Filter for free, and it includes a spam risk meter, caller ID, spam lookup, and a personal block list.

You can also buy some of these products and add them into Gmail at any time.

The best one is Call Filter Plus, which is $7.99 per month for more than three lines.

In case you want to watch the video of the setup guide, click here. Or you can read the text version of the setup guide here.


To fix Verizon Call Filter not working, make sure your device is current. Restart your device and see if that fixes the issue.

When you uninstall the Call Filter app, you could lose the current state information for your calls, and if you reinstall, there is a chance to lose some state information.
When you update the Call Filter app, you could lose the current state information for your calls.

Is that right, it’s not like we should wait for a fix by Google or Apple, i’ll wait for fix by myself.

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