Amazon Pickup Locations (where Are They, How It Works + More)

With Prime Now you can now pick up your Amazon order in one hour or next day which is a lot better that the typical 2-4 days.

This is an Amazon store locator. If you’re looking to quickly and easily purchase an item from, you need to visit this page.

Where Are Amazon’s Pickup Locations In 2022?

Amazon was planning to launch Amazon Locker, a secure drop-off location that allows customers to drop off items and retrieve them in a matter of minutes, in August 2019. Amazon Locker is currently closed to the public, but the plan was to open Amazon Locker locations throughout the US and use a similar approach as Amazon Go.

Where Can Amazon Shoppers Pick up Their Orders?

Amazon shoppers can find many nearby locations to pick up their Amazon orders by using the Amazon location pick up tool. The process is very easy and convenient!

If you have an order from a seller you are waiting for it to ship, check the package tracking information.

If you’re ordering something, you’ll need to first check the status of your order. If it is available for pick-up then good news! you’re all set! However, if it’s not available, you’ll have to wait until your package gets to your house.

You can opt to have the pick-up truck deliver your order right to your door, or you can opt to have it delivered to the nearest shipping hub (such as a major city), or you can opt for the option that delivers to one of our drop off locations.

Amazon has several different delivery options for customers.

Amazon has different types of partners that can deliver packages to you. The most common type is called Amazon Locker, they can also be called Amazon Hub or Amazon Counter.

At these locations, orders are securely held by associates until they can be retrieved by the shopper.

Many of these counts are conveniently located inside major retail and grocery stores!

What Is an Amazon Hub Locker?

Amazon hubs are places to return Amazon products.

Vigo Foods is located throughout the United States in both grocery stores and convenience stores and Amazon shipping partner locations like USPS and FedEx.

The Amazon home delivery service is a convenient way to have your packages delivered to your doorstep. Just add items to your cart, and they are delivered to your door.

Are Amazon Lockers Different From Amazon Counters?

Amazon’s new service, Amazon Locker, allows users to place their orders online and have them delivered to the Amazon Locker kiosks.

In the future there will be more Amazon Lockers in different areas, so that Amazon shoppers can pick up their orders anytime.

Amazon Counters provides a convenient option where customers can pick up their orders from retail stores such as pharmacies or grocery stores.

Where Can Shoppers Find In-Store Pickup Options for Amazon Orders?

If you pick up your order at an Amazon Hub, it’s easy to leave with it. Simply visit the Amazon Hub page to find the nearest store.

Once you have a restaurant or grocery store in your area, you can select it, and use its GPS coordinates.

Once you complete your online reservation, you can see the locations where Amazon will then have in-store pick up for you.

Once you have added your Amazon address book to your Amazon account, you can use the service to have your Amazon packages sent wherever you specify.

If you want to add a new Amazon Hub to your address book, you can select a location and click on Add Address.

> [!NOTE]
> To add multiple hubs to your address book, type the locations separated by a comma.

To use Amazon’s new location-based services, you must have a mobile phone with a Bluetooth-enabled application installed and on the same network as your Amazon device.

If there aren’t any stores close by, keep scrolling down the page.

It starts at the bottom of the page near the bottom of the page. You will have the option to sign up for a free USPS or FedEx Access Point deliver location.

The FedEx and USPS Access Points are available in many major cities across America today. So if there’s one near you, this place is an excellent way to get your purchase!

Where Can Shoppers Pick up Bulky Items Shipped From Amazon?

As your order changes, the customer might be able to receive their order at one of these fulfillment centers.
However, the order might not be available to ship to the fulfillment center that was selected at the time of the order. If an order is canceled, it will not be eligible for a refund or replacement.
If there are any items in your order that has been returned by the customer, you will need to contact your Amazon Account representative.

[Company] offers this service of [type]. If your item is [size] or larger, the fee is [amount]. This delivery date can be flexible, and [dates] can be negotiated.

The Amazon says you can get this TV for $399.99, but there’s a catch: you’ve got to buy the whole thing, and you’ve got to pay for shipping and tax.

Are All Orders Able to Be Delivered to Amazon Locker or Counter Locations?

You can add the eligible product you want to take away after you have picked it up.
The price that you paid will be taken off in the final price
For the product you pick up, the original price will be taken off after removing the add-on.

If any of the items in the cart are flagged as ineligible, they will not be selectable for pickup from an Amazon Hub location.

Amazon doesn’t sell any items that exceed a value of US$2,000, have a weight of more than 1kg, or are too big for the standard shipping carrier.

There is a complete list of guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Are Amazon Pickup Locations Free?

Customers are being encouraged to use Amazon Locker and Amazon Counter instead of PayPal and credit card services.

How Can Shoppers Place an Order and Pickup From Amazon Hub Locker or Counter?

When placing a new order on the Amazon website, select “Select A Location To Ship From” before “Choose Shipping Method” and enter an address at checkout. This is the address that you used to create your Amazon Payments account.

You could also use the Amazon app, which is available on both of the major platforms, iOS and Android.

As your order is being processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email, when your package ships from Amazon, you will receive a confirmation email.

Amazon sends a delivery confirmation email to the registered address once a shipment is shipped.

When it arrives, go to the Amazon Locker or Amazon Counter location and pick up the order.

If you are not using a Bluetooth-enabled device, you should still have your unique order number available on the shipping label.

As a result, the process to get a visa to Canada will never go through the mail and will always be presented at a physical location.

How Long Do Shoppers Have to Pickup Orders From Amazon Hub Locker or Counter?

For Amazon Hub Locker and Counter pickup orders, shoppers have up to 3 days to pick up their order. They have up to 5 days to pick up their order with Amazon Fresh.

If the order is not retrieved within the time period given, it will be returned to Amazon, and a refund will be sent to you.

Can Shoppers Have Someone Other Than Themself Pickup Their Order From Amazon Hub Locker or Counter?

As long as you are with someone with the Amazon app and you are signed in, you can send anyone to pick up your order.

If the payment is not successful, your first step would be to contact us, and our salesperson will contact you with the solution. You can reach us via the contact button in the footer of any page, or through the link in your email confirmation.

Do Amazon Lockers Offer Accessibility Features for Disabled Persons?

Amazon has added a number of products that have accessibility tools as it supports customers who are blind or have hearing issues.

To get further information about the new features, please click here.

Who Can Shoppers Contact for Assistance With Amazon Hub Locker or Counter Pickups?

Amazon has a customer service department that can help you with your orders.

If you want to know all of the details of how Amazon ships, including Amazon Logistics and Amazon Fulfillment Center locations, you can read our post on that!


Amazon Lockers and Counters are a new program developed by Amazon and are designed to serve as convenient and safe storage for a wide array of purchases.
Amazon Lockers work just like a locker at a gym, but you can pick up your purchases from Amazon instead of the locker.
Amazon Lockers are currently available in Seattle, Washington, San Diego, California, Denver, Colorado, Arlington, Virginia and Chicago, Illinois, and many other locations for the Prime Now program.

Amazon will have a warehouse as close as possible to a customer to make the customer experience as simple as possible.

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