15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Hot Dogs

You know, I have this dream that one day, if only I could be old enough (I’m currently 37) that I could go down to a Costco, pull out some money and just buy the cheapest thing you can buy so that I could have my $1.50 hot dog and soda combo that I have been dreaming about for the past 20 years.

 The most important aspect of a hot dog is that it be homemade. For Costco to get the best hot dog they could, they source the right breed of dog, as well as from the right region.

15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Hot Dogs In 2022

1. Costco Hot Dogs Are Older Than Some Of Your Coworkers

Not only that, but the food served at the annual event has been the same for the last 30 years and continues to be the same today.

Costco first opened its doors in 1983, and then we began selling hot dog with soda.

Hebrew National was actually the company that sold the hot dogs inside Costco. At the time, Costco sold “Hebrew National” hot dogs for a limited time. Then, Costco went kosher so they discontinued their line.

A quick explanation of the benefits of having a fully covered endcap:

The last element to mention is the concept of the endcap as a shopping center.

That’s a good question. It’s interesting that Costco ended up with it because Costco is part of the Hebrew National family.

2. Costco Hot Dogs Are Still The Same Price As In 1985

Costco offered a new deal for their hot dog combo for a low $1.50. It is an affordable price to satisfy the hunger of a Costco shopper.

You can still end your Costco trip with a gigantic hot dog and a refreshing Pepsi, for just one dollar fifty dollars at Costco.

Costco has long been a retailer of quality food, not all of it branded, or even in very large quantities. But that price has meant people have a lot of memories around that product, which is no bad thing.

3. The Founder Hated The Idea Of Raising The Price Of Costco Hot Dogs

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek admitted that the Costco members were very vocal about having a higher price. He also wanted to increase the prices slightly to bring in more money.

Jim Sinegal was also one of the founders, and he told Jelinek that he was no longer welcome to write at the company.

“Raising the price on the fries would be more acceptable as this is a necessary evil,” says Sinegal to Jelinek.

4. You Get ¼ Pound Of Meat With A Hot Dog

A quarter-pound of beef is quite a bit, when most burgers are a half-pound or even a full pound.

As far as a hot dog goes, Costco has an excellent deal. Since it has a large surface area, the amount of toppings on it is a lot.

The hot dog that eats more like a meal is a very popular item. And he gives the recipe for the hot dog.

5. If Costco Hot Dogs Makes You Thirsty, You’re In Luck

The food can be purchased for $4.00, and the price includes a 20-ounce soft drink and unlimited refills. It’s a bargain.

Costco has a special Pepsi fountain that’s different than any other one in the world.

The cost of making the drinks goes up when the price of the product goes up.

Costco will no longer be serving Corona and instead will be selling Bud.

6. The Hot Dogs Get A Nice Bath First

A few ways to prepare hot dogs, some are great and some are not so great. Costco is one of the few stores where a counter-top roller grill is a great option to make your hot dogs great.

The hot dogs get to go in a 180-degree hot water bath to bring the meat temp to 160 degrees. Then, they get steamed in the bun.

7.  The Toppings On Costco Hot Dogs Are Free!

I’m a total sucker for those Costco hot dogs. They’re so delicious. I eat them plain, but I may try them with toppings. Maybe I’ll experiment. I’m not sure what a Costco hot dog is supposed to taste like.

Well, I’d definitely have to think about it, but I’m still a little leary because my kids are still babies and I need to make sure I know what’s coming first.

Additionally, according to some sources, if you ask nicely, you can get an onion or sauerkraut side to dress up your dog!

8. Costco Hot Dogs Used To Be Hebrew National

The Hebrew National hot dog stand, opened after a Costco in San Clemente, California decided to cater to customers who were checking out rather than buying, was the first of its kind in the United States.

Costco was selling all of this other stuff and they didn’t have these meats, so they decided to start selling them and they kept the brand.

In 2009, Costco was already selling its own hot dogs. The thing is, Costco also started selling them on its own in-store hot dog deal.

9. The Costco Hot Dogs Are Unexpectedly Delicious

You have to eat to survive. I can’t afford to starve in the middle of the night, so I can’t afford to eat boring things.

“Oh, these are not for me. Maybe they are for the people who don’t like the taste of hot dogs. I am not sure why hot dogs are so smoky, but maybe my taste buds are not as good as yours.”
This is just a paraphrase, I don’t think this is the exact quote.

The dog’s flavor was unexpected, and the satisfying snap is present in every bite of this dog.

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10. The Costco Hot Dog Deal Loses The Company Money

Costco charges a premium that makes its hot dogs more popular, and then pays the rest of its businesspeople to make sure that the hot dogs sell out.

In some ways, Costco has become even more of a cultural landmark in California than the Golden Gate Bridge.

11. Despite That, The Costco Hot Dog Is Likely Forever

There would be no Costco Hot Dog Day. They don’t do it on purpose. People have to eat and they don’t make money on the sale.

There was a time when Windows Vista required the use of a third-party patch to fix the problem, but that is not the case anymore.

Costco is not likely to lose much money on the combo, and it could potentially gain in the future if the price of the combo drops and it gets bigger.

12. Costco Hot Dogs Aren’t The Best Choice

Costco has made it official, that the $3.50 meatball sub is now on sale at Costco. So now, you can get that and a 6 pack of beer for less than $5.

With that, a single Costco dog can add about 300 calories and over 20 grams of fat to your day.

A $500 Costco visit is an indulgence of the expensive kind.

13. Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Lower Quality 

Costco’s hot dogs are the perfect combination of meat and bun. If you want to keep it cheap and still enjoy a hot dog, Costco is the place to go.

The dog was made in a plant with all-natural ingredients, and the only artificial substances were the colors and flavors.

14. Even Non-Members Can Get In On The Costco Hot Dog Action

Costco is a warehouse store that serves great fresh food at affordable prices.

But not all Costco food courts are outside, so you still have your privacy.

 If you don’t have a membership, you are more than welcome to stop by and grab a hot dog, and other Costco food, if you have an outdoor Costco food court in your area.

15. You Can Buy Similar Costco Hot Dogs In-Store

Costco sells hot dogs that are comparable to the Kirkland Signature Beef Hot Dogs in terms of the quality.

They make the most of their stock and use a ton of it to make a very lean, but flavorful and tender beef burger.

And like, the food court said they’d like to sell the bun dogs to local restaurants, which makes me think that they’re selling the bun dogs to the fast food restaurant chains.

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Costco’s hot dogs are legendary, both for the ultra-low prices and the unbelievable quality.

You can get dogs here which are steamed and then fried in a bun. This is also perfect if you just want to finish off your shopping spree. They come with unlimited toppings, and they are even cooked in a special way.

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