15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Dog Food (organic Dog Food, Cost + More)

Feeding your dog isn’t just about feeding them food; it should also consist of giving their diet the perfect balance.

Costco makes its own dog food.

They use high quality ingredients

It contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

They are safe for your dog’s health

You can have confidence in the quality of their dog food

It is available in the following flavors: grain-free, chicken and rice, and grain-free with chicken and wild game.

15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Dog Food In 2022

1. Costco Dog Food Comes in Many Varieties Under the Kirkland Signature Label

The Costco store in San Ramon sells food for cats and dogs. It’s one of the first times Costco has a pet store, but not the only one: it has an in-store pet food section at every Costco.

At the supermarket, you will find a variety of dog foods. The different brands vary in size, taste, and ingredients. I suggest you purchase foods for your dog that are based on their age and breed. The most important thing to do is to make sure that your dog’s food is balanced for their individual needs.

2. These are Some Of the Better Costco Dog Food Options

One company that offers quality dog food, that has been shown to work in the past, is MidogGuide.com. They have been offering a comprehensive list of dog food options across the board.

Although there may be some controversy surrounding this kind of meat as well as chicken and turkey, it seems to be the choice for some dog owners.

3. You Can Even Find Organic Costco Dog Food

Costco’s organic foods offers the highest quality products that are produced using only organic products and organic methods of farming.

It was announced that the first ingredients were organic chicken, organic peas, organic lentil, organic garbanzo bean, and organic sweet potato.

Protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals – all good ingredients that will help you maintain healthy skin as well as your overall body.

They are made with “no artificial colors, preservatives, or animal by-products,” but rather just whole, organic meats, legumes, and potatoes.

4. Costco Dog Food Bags are Big and Heavy

_____ is not a single dog food, but it does have a grain-free option, and that’s a step in the right direction.

So if you have a large dog and you have a difficult time feeding him, this is the one you want to buy.

5. Prices for Costco Dog Food are Super Affordable

Costco dog food is really awesome. Not only is it affordable, but the food that you can buy contains the nutrition that you and your dog need.

Compared to the Rachel Ray food, the Kirkland has more protein, is free of soy, and is free of grain.

If you compare the Kirkland Signature brand to the Nativo brand, you can see why I’m not a fan. The Kirkland bag is bigger and more expensive, so naturally I’d expect a higher quality. Nativo bags are smaller and cheaper.

What the hell is Costco you stupid motherfucker. You can feed your dog for 2 pennies per pound!!

It is said that buying pet food from a large pet store like Petco costs more per pound than buying it from the local supermarket like Costco.

6. Critics Laud Costco Dog Food as High Quality

 Costco Kirkland Signature dry dog food is considered to be high quality.  It is not just the organic dog food that scores well, as you would expect, but all Costco dog food scores very well with customers.

Well-fed dogs with active appetites have healthier weight than dogs that are underfed or overweight.

7. Costco Dog Food Even Stands up to Blue Buffalo

The other brand of dog food that comes out on top is Costco because their dog food is really good.

In the final analysis it was always just a matter of who was right. Kirkland Signature got the edge, which Blue Buffalo can accept.

This is nearly the same but for a very reasonable price. Costco has always been a good deal for me, and so it is no surprise that there is almost a match for their price, so I decided to check it out.

8. You Might Recognize the Manufacturer Of Costco Dog Food

Costco uses a different company to make its store-brand dog food because it is cheaper in cost and more reliable.

All of Costco’s pet food is made from the byproducts of meat processing. These are fed to the company’s own slaughterhouse pigs and sold for human and pet consumption in the form of meat products.

The San Francisco, California facility received an FDA inspection in December of 2013. The inspection noted issues with the facility’s production equipment. No deficiencies were cited and the facility remains open for business.

9. Pick up Some Treats in the Costco Dog Food Section

Costco doesn’t just sell dog food, it also sells other accessories related to your dog’s lifestyle.

The number of people who have graduated from college and have either a Bachelor’s degree or higher or a Masters degree is on the rise.

If you feel more comfortable reading it through, I’d be glad to help. I’ll also answer any other questions you might have, as this is a new technology for me, too.

10. All Costco Dog Foods List Meat as the First Ingredient

The issue Costco has with their meat-based ingredients is that it goes against their mission of helping pets live good, healthy lives.

The main ingredients are listed as “meat by-product meal, chicken meal, wheat, soybean meal, chicken,” and then it lists the vitamins and minerals and the other ingredients.

Costco takes pride in offering customers low-budget, high-quality food, even though they give a low-buck to the government.

11. There Have Been Some Recalls On Costco Dog Food Over The Years

There have been times when Kirkland Signature dog food has been recalled due to the quality of the food being poor.

Salmonella was found in some of the food, which causes diarrhea or stomach pain. It is not harmful to a dog’s health if the dog eats it and gets ill, but it’s a serious concern for the other dogs who did eat the food.

Also, there have not been any recalls involving Kirkland Signature dog food, which is a good sign that the food continues to be safe and healthy.

12. There Was a Costco Dog Food Class Action Lawsuit

Costco pet foods supplier Diamond Pet Foods agreed to a $17.5 million class action settlement for making misleading advertising claims in connection with its pet foods.

They sued over how much grain was in the dog food and how many of the ingredients were wheat.

The company bought expensive dog food and then returned the food without telling customers the cost of the food.

13. Monitor Your Dogs For Signs Of Allergy to Costco Dog Food

Some dog foods just don’t agree with some dogs, which is why it’s important to monitor your dog for any signs of an allergic reaction.

Costco dog food is a high-quality dog food that could be a good choice for you dog.

If your pet is in this situation, it may be suffering from either an environmental toxin, chemical exposure, or illness.

14. Have Your Costco Dog Food Delivered to Your Front Door

When Costco partnered with Instacart, they offered a service that would allow you to get your dog food delivered with your regular grocery order delivered to your home, so your dog doesn’t have to be out your front door waiting for the grocery delivery guy like crazy and like the first time they tried to get your car for the delivery.

15. You Can Pick up Pet Medicine With Your Costco Dog Food

– What do you mean a dog medicine, which do you know that would work for him?
– Well, like a medicine for an infection, for an ear infection, etc.

We now offer a prescription refilling program for our customers. Come in and ask our pharmacist for more information on how you can save money on your medications.

To learn more about buying Costco cat food, you can read our posts about the things to know before buying Costco cat food, if Costco fills pet prescriptions, and when does Costco restock.


Costco is a surprisingly affordable, good-tasting food for the price of a premium food and it’s easier on the budget than buying your dog food from the store.

With ingredients that almost match the cost and quality of the Blue Buffalo food with eleven varieties, Costco’s Kirkland Signature dog food is sure to please.

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