15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Cat Food (Is It Any Good, Grain Free Food + More)

Most cats love and prefer an easy to prepare diet and prefer dry foods, so Costco has some good products designed to be used if you are feeding a cat by hand.

If you’re thinking about switching to Kirkland Signature, here are some things to know before buying Costco cat food!

15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Cat Food In 2022

1. There Are Four Types of Costco Cat Food

Cat food is an essential part of your cat’s life.
Every cat’s life is a little different, which is why Costco takes pride in carrying a wide variety of cat food.

In a bid for greater transparency, Amazon has released more than half a million financial results for the last few months.

Feline Nutrition
Canned cat food is perfect food to make sure your cat is well fed and getting all of the key nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Because canned food is easily digestible, it is more conducive to digestion and digestion is essential for a healthy digestive system.

2. Meat Is the First Ingredient In Each Costco Cat Food Bag

Be sure to buy the foods that have the most
minimal number of ingredients, meaning the foods that include the least
number of ingredients should be on the top of the list.

And the best way of determining the quality of a cat food is by its nutritional
composition. The ingredients are the most important, as are all the other
parameters that go into the preparation of a cat food.

When it comes to the first ingredient, Costco cat food contains meat or meat meal (the latter is considered a safe and nourishing ground-up version of meat).

When you eat a chicken sandwich, for example, you are getting all of the non-meated flesh, skin and poultry of the chicken.

On the other hand, when the first ingredient appears after the meat, this indicates what is usually the meat and poultry (meat and poultry that would be eaten separately, as in a ground-meat sandwich).

Also, if you don’t have ketchup, you don’t have to throw everything away and live in the woods.

In fact, the chicken’s ingredient list indicates that protein, fat, and glucosamine are the largest percentages of the food.

3. If Your Cat Is a Healthy Weight, Try Super Premium Maintenance Costco Cat Food

This dry cat food contains no ingredients that can cause allergies. This is a maintenance food, which means it helps keep your cat’s body in good shape by supplying them with extra protein, a few vitamins and minerals.

This cat food is made of high-quality ingredients to boost their health and give them all their nutrition they need.

Super Premium Maintenance is made with the first ingredients being chicken, chicken meal, whole grain brown rice, ground white rice, chicken fat, and natural chicken flavor.

[Citation]: In a separate bowl, mix together the dry ingredients.
[Citation]: In a separate large bowl, mix together the wet ingredients.
[Citation]: In a separate bowl, mix together the dry ingredients.
[Citation]: In a separate large bowl, mix together the wet ingredients.

4. If Your Cat Is Overweight, Try Super Premium Healthy Weight Costco Cat Food

If your cat is a bit overweight, then Kirkland Signature Super Premium Healthy Weight may be a good option to try.

The new Whiskers & Co. Cat Food is made with premium cat food ingredients, including real chicken and high-quality protein, for a healthy and tasty meal rich in essential nutrients your cat needs throughout all life stages.

5. If You Prefer Grain-Free Costco Cat Food, Try Nature’s Domain

Many people who are on the grain-free train for their pets, believe that Costco sells cat food under the Kirkland Signature Nature’s domain label.

Grain sensitivity can be experienced by some cats. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, itchy skin, and more. If your pet is sensitive to grains, check the ingredient list on the back to verify that the diet is grain-free.

Chicken meal, ground turkey, and lamb are used as the second group of ingredients. Soy, soy meal, and tofu are also used during this stage.

6. For Organic Costco Cat Food, There Might Be Nature’s Domain Organic Chicken

We should always try to be healthy. I have been eating organic chicken for years and I have found that it is cheaper because they don’t use hormones. It is good for us and they don’t treat the animals inhumanely, they have a good system of transportation for the chickens.

This is a good product, but I recommend that you just buy a larger bottle. It does last a long time.

A search for “Black Friday” on Google tells me that the last person to use “Black” in a title was Blackstone in 1997.

7. Costco Cat Food Comes Highly Recommended

Cat lovers got interested in some of the cheaper brands and found that they were almost equal to the more expensive ones.

I love everything about cats, and I also love their food.

The department is really excited about Kirkland’s new kibble because it has an excellent balance of protein, fiber, fat, and carbohydrate for optimal cat nutrition.

8. Costco Cat Food Comes In Hefty Bags

If you have a lot of cats to feed, you might want to get used to buying in bulk at Costco, or you might not.

The Super Premium Maintenance comes in a 25 pound bag. The Health Weight comes in a 20 pound bag. The Grain-Free comes in an 18 pound bag.

9. Costco Cat Food Is Great If You Own Multiple Cats

If you live in a multiple cat household, and most of your cats eat the same food, buying a big bag of cat food from Costco is a terrific idea. And if you are looking to help out a shelter, they can always use a nice bag of cat food.

For only $37, you can help to feed more than 60 cats, with the high-quality cat food and the wholesome ingredients.

10. Costco Cat Food Is Cheap, But Not Necessarily The Cheapest

Costco cat food is expensive but it’s the best quality. It doesn’t taste like store bought food and it never expires.

For a great list of Costco’s prices, check out this post on Yahoo Answers. The list includes prices on everything from cat food to clothes and electronics.

If you are getting a cheap food compared to a premium food, you will likely see a better result. This is a good tip for you to keep in mind when comparing food costs.

Although the price at Walmart for dry cat food is about $12.50 per pound, the price for Nature’s Domain for dry cat food is only $7.19 per pound.

Wegmans and Costco cat foods have pretty similar price points, and both have higher protein content than Nature’s Domain, but our test cats hated Wegmans more than Costco.
As the article mentions, this is likely because Costco’s food isn’t as old as Nature’s Domain is.

With wheat, corn and soybeans being widely planted in the U.S. soybeans is the biggest crop and the most profitable for farmers.

11. Costco Cat Food Is Manufactured By a Recognizable Company

Costco doesn’t have its own cat food factories, but does make more of its own items that you’d think.

Costco used to buy and sell pet food from the Diamond pet food company, but recently stopped and now only sells its own brand of pet food.

12. There Have Been Recalls on Costco Cat Food (a While Ago)

Walmart has come out and taken a pledge not to sell cheap products in its stores, unless they have been made by the company that manufactures the product.

Costco, like PetSmart, has a history of bad quality and safety issues.

At the end of the day, though, FDA inspectors found no food safety violations, so the problem was immediately removed.

13. The Company Has Discontinued Its Wet Costco Cat Food

We have to find food that provides all the basic nutrition that our cats need.

They say that Costco carried the product, but it was in such low quantity that they removed the item from the shelves.

14. Costco Cat Food Compares Well Against Blue Buffalo

Costco, on the other hand, offers a wider variety of more affordable, high-quality cat and dog food options. But you can also find out there are a variety of brands of commercial cat food that are made from fresh, healthy ingredients.

I think my favorite is the Kirkland Signature brand. It actually comes very close to matching the more expensive brand.

There is a noticeable difference between Kirkland Signature and Blue Buffalo. There is 0.1 percent (1%) difference between the two.

This is a really good breakdown to consider as you are looking for a healthy food source for your pets. When you look at the similarities, you may consider switching brands.

15. Get Your Costco Cat Food Delivered

When Costco partnered with Instacart to deliver grocery items from Costco stores to customers, I thought this was a nice move by Costco. It allowed customers to save time from going to the stores and purchasing the items at the stores. I am sure this partnership helped Costco’s sales.

You can get almost everything you normally buy from stores and places and get it delivered to your door.

Costco upcharges for its digital grocery delivery service, but you should be prepared with a Costco membership card for checkout.

You can also check our related articles about the things to know before buying Costco frozen food, fruits & vegs, and platters.


Costco cat food has more calories and less calories than most other cat foods, and the store sells its own line of weight-watcher meals for cats that contain a lower protein count.

There are some other foods that people in the community recommend that have been reported to be effective during pregnancy. People usually recommend these foods when their dogs were pregnant, but some of them may work for cats as well.

The high concentration of essential fatty acids makes this a great choice if you want to be sure your cat is getting the nutrition it needs.

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