Aldi Cat Food (price, Types, Suppliers, Quality + More)

You know the saying, “you can’t put a price tag on love”? Well, you certainly can’t put a price tag on a kitten!

It should be noted that many cats hate the taste of fish, so if you’re a cat owner, it might be worth a trip to the store to find some kind of fish your cat will eat.

Aldi is one of the most trusted names in the online marketing space, and it makes grocery shopping for humans as easy as possible at a price that’s a cut below what you’d pay at most stores.

For a summary of the Aldi cat food selection, here is a list of the brands that Aldi sells.

Aldi Cat Food Products 2022

Aldi, a German discount supermarket, has been selling both canned and dry economy cat food under their pet labels “Heart to Tail” and “Pure Being”. The prices range from 39 cents to 49 cents per can or bag and come in a variety of flavors.

If you have more information to share or find a recipe that uses the exact same ingredients as the one you found, please share it with us!

What Kind Of Cat Food Does Aldi Have?

I’ve been noticing that a lot of non-vegan options have been appearing in the shelves. The one that I have seen most frequently has meat in its ingredients. I’ve also found a few grain-free options as well.

This is the whole list of the cat foods that are stocked at Aldi.

Aldi Canned Cat Food Range

Heart to Tail Canned offers 3 different flavors of canned fish and salmon (White Fish & Tuna, Turkey & Giblets or Salmon).

This is because Aldi sells the larger cans at a lower price than the smaller cans, so you pay less per can, but they only sell the larger cans.

Alibaba is a huge e-commerce website, so of course it has a huge selection of food and groceries. They have an online menu, and you can click through their website to see what they’re offering. If you’re looking for gluten-free or vegan options, they’ll likely have some.

Well, thanks to these regulations, the only things most people can buy are the labels for chicken wings, chicken nuggets, or chicken breast, and we wouldn’t dream of telling you what you can put in those labels.

A protein is a complex chain of a large number of small molecules that are all bound together via chemical bonds. Proteins are the building blocks of life – they are responsible for giving us the power to grow, and are essential in maintaining the body.

The larger cans, from Aldi’s “Sides” line, are flavored Chicken, Beef, Pork, Turkey, and Ham (something for the whole family) and come in 3-oz. cans that sell for a dime each.

After examining the cans with a magnet [Aldi] found that they were more than twice as expensive as the competitors.

This protein is made from real and the higher price point might also have something to do with the fact that the eponymous protein does come first on the ingredient list for these cans.

So I think the Heart to Tail seems a little more expensive in the grand scheme of things, though the Heart to Tail still manages to feature only cat food by-products.

If you’re wondering what a truly premium cat food ingredient list looks like. Well, here’s a list of some of the ingredients that make up the Wellness Natural Pet Food Wet Recipe – the number one cat food recipe, according to

Aldi’s wet food is much more budget-friendly than other wet foods that have big, recognizable brand names attached and are often marketed to the high end market as well.

Aldi Dry Cat Food Range

This dry cat food contains both meat and a grain base, as well as a wide variety of healthy ingredients that includes vegetables, fruit, and eggs. There are no artificial colors or flavors listed, but there is an oil and salt listed.

Special Medley or Indoor Cat Formula offers the same great nutrition as the regular kibble option, but contains a higher proportion of meat, protein and fat. These formulas also boast a higher calcium and taurine ratio to help support a healthy heart, liver and eyes.

the ingredients for all-natural cat food are the same as the regular food, just not the name. They are made from poultry by-product mixed with a meat/bone by-product. There may be other ingredients as well. You can look up the ingredient list for the Indoor Cat Formula online.

Pure Being Premium is for parents who want a more-natural, more-wholesome food that meets the rigorous standards of a high-quality kibble.

Chicken and Chickpea nuggets are available in a variety of flavors including chicken and chickpeas, grilled chicken, and chicken and broccoli. Some of these flavors include chicken and chickpeas, chicken and broccoli, chicken and rice and chicken and potatoes. They are priced at $1.99 per bag and $24.99 per case of 30 bags.

The ingredients in the Chicken & Chickpea formula are five times better than the rest of the formula, making it easier for you to lose weight.

Pure Being cat food is the cheapest dog food I’ve found in quite some time.

Is Aldi Cat Food Cheap?

The price points at Aldi are similar to those at Target, Wal-Mart and other well-known name-brand stores, but their prices are occasionally only a penny or two higher than those of their competitors.

One of the examples of this is the Purina Fancy Feast 3-oz. can of wet food; at Walmart you’d pay 64 cents, and the similar Heart to Tail option is 49 cents.

The Purina(r) Kit & Kaboodle(r) dry cat food is priced around $16 for a bag of 3.15 pounds, and the Heart to Tail(r) dry cat food is around $29 for a bag of 3.15 pounds.

Finally, since Aldi’s cat food is so much cheaper, and the ingredients are high quality, Aldi’s cat food is a good option.

Cat owners who are not 100% sure that their cats would like a different brand of kibble may want to try a trial period before making a full commitment to changing brands.

Is Aldi Cat Food Good Quality?

Aldi’s cat food varies in quality, depending on what kind you get.

(b) The version of the sentence in (b) is ambiguous. It is not clear whether the two “variations” refer to two distinct qualities of the cat food, or two distinct products sold at Aldi. Without context, it is hard to tell which of these is intended.

I would have to say there are many quality options for dry and wet cat foods. The only issue I do have with the brand you suggested is that it appears to be a dry food, which is a major concern for me. I don’t want to feed my cat wet food, as he suffers from an allergy to gluten, so I feed him dry food.

The reviewer says that it is the best cat food she has put in, and her cats love it, and it lasts forever.

She said the Heart to Tail food is only for cats, and if you want your cats to eat better, just buy better quality cat food.

However, when choosing from your regular Aldi cat food menu, you should think about how well the food is formulated and the ingredient choices made for your cat.

Where Is Aldi Cat Food Made?

Aldi does not provide details about the exact animal feed used, so it is impossible to know if the ingredients match their stated suppliers.

Aldi is tight-lipped about the exact manufacturer of their pet food, like all their products, anything not made/manufactured in the U.S. has its country of origin declared on the packaging.

The ingredients may have been sourced from different countries, but the label was printed in the U.S., and contained a U.S. label with the Heart to Tail certification.

Many of the new releases, like the new version of “Bad Girls” have been moved into the USA, and have more of a country sound to them.


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As an aside, there are no Chinese factories that would make a toy like this.

To learn more about Aldi, you might be interested in reading our posts dedicated to Aldi branded products, who makes Aldi products, and Aldi dog food.


The selection of food at Aldi can vary from cat owners. Some can afford higher-quality, more expensive recipes and some cats just prefer the food they like.

While some brands have ingredients that are similar or even the same as the name brand, others have no redeeming qualities.

I don’t know, if I have to go for anything else then I need to go to one of those other places anyways, so I might as well just buy everything here and save 5 trips.

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