Aldi Bacon (price, Types, Suppliers, Quality + More)

One of the best things about Aldi is that since it sells only the best brands of bacon and other meats, it can ensure that everything tastes great.

Aldi Bacon In 2022

Bacon is a type of meat that comes from the loin of the pig.
It is cooked in a way that seals the muscle proteins and helps to crisp.
Like pork, bacon is highly perishable and has to be quickly cooked.

You can learn more about different varieties of bacon and how much they cost, and the best and worst cuts by keep reading!

What Kind Of Bacon Does Aldi Have?

All of the different types of bacon in Aldi are available for purchase.

At Appleton Farms they have a variety of items, from the expensive and not artificially anything to the economical price points.

As you can see, this line of bacon has the same cooking instructions as the other Appleton Farms options. All of the Appleton Farms bacon is hand smoked and cured.

The beauty of Aldi is that their produce is extremely fresh, and often times, in the perfect color of the moment. If you are not in a market that carries them, you should absolutely take the time to seek them out! As a comparison, Safeway has a great produce section, but it is almost the size of my bathroom. Aldi, on the other hand, is the size of a regular grocery store produce section.

The label is the Aldi’s No Antibiotic, No Added Hormones Label. It means they feed the animals only organic, natural rations. The animals are never given any antibiotics or hormones, nor are any artificial ingredients. It also means no nitrites or nitrates, so none of the artificial colors that appear in some meat products. They only list natural colors in their labels.

Never Any! is the only supplement that can be used as a cooking ingredient and has a seal of approval from Good Housekeeping.

There are two kinds of bacon at $4.89 a package, I will be ordering the regular!

When I checked Amazon, I didn’t see any reviews on it. One might think that there’s too many places to go for it. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

Is Aldi Bacon Cheap?

It’s not that expensive when you compare it to the grocery store bacon.

The cheaper bacon was made in-house. They have a contract with a company that has a factory in Mexico to produce their bacon. This means they can produce bacon for a low price. Appleton Farms bacon is not made in-house. They use a bacon packer in Michigan that is contracted with a different company in China to make the bacon.

Wegmans does price better than the store brand, and even if they are on par in quality, they are only about $.05 cheaper per pound.

It varies widely from store to store, but the Never Any! hickory bacon is on average cheaper than the alternative. The only thing that’s constant is that it’s about $1.25 cheaper.

Who Makes Aldi Appleton Farms Bacon?

Bacon packaged for Appleton Farms is made by Plumrose USA. The bacon is manufactured on the same equipment and line as Appleton Farms bacon.

I have never met anyone with a food allergy and they’re just looking for some food.

JBS USA is the largest bacon producer in the United States, with six facilities and over 3,700 employees. It’s been acquired by Cargill in 2010.

Aldi is a German based retailing company that is similar to Walmart and Target. It is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. Aldi is expanding rapidly. It has 50 US stores currently. Aldi has been called a “Walmart clone,” and their motto is “Simple food. Good value.” In 2014, Aldi purchased a majority stake in the Indian retailer, Lifestyle Brands, which operates the Big Bazaar chain of stores in India.

What Is The Best And Worst Aldi Bacon?

Aldi bacon is a tasty and healthy way to eat bacon.

 Appleton Farms Smoked Pancetta is the perfect accompaniment for your favorite sandwiches or a great addition to grilled or roasted poultry, meat and seafood dishes.

This label’s hickory bacon got singled out in a list of the best things you can buy at Aldi.

Thick sliced bacon is so much more than just a thicker slice of regular bacon. It’s a new experience for bacon lovers and those who haven’t tried before, it’s so versatile that you can put it on just about anything and make it delicious. It also has a great bite when you bite into it, it’s just the perfect thickness and you can’t go wrong.

After looking through a number of posts on the site, I discovered that the bacon was often poorly packaged, and that many of the packages were either past their expiration dates or contained expired food.

I agree, with the Appleton Farms thick cut bacon or center slice are the best options. They are very well priced and are definitely the most flavorful.

Ole Carolina is a cheap brand of cigarettes sold at the supermarkets.

Aldi uses the top of their chicken to help ensure the best flavor.
When preparing chicken for cooking, they choose the best cuts for cooking.
Aldi’s chicken is free of antibiotics and hormones.


Aldi has an extensive meat section, with prices ranging from a very inexpensive lean steak and a few chicken breasts, to more expensive cuts such as prime rib and rib roast.

With two decades of experience, the apples grown in the fertile soil of Appleton Farms are the best, with a unique sweetness that just can’t be matched.

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