Does Aldi Sell Tofu? (all You Need To Know)

Vegetarians and vegans make up a small percentage of the American population, but their way of looking at the consumption of meat is gaining popularity.

Lots of stores have expanded their meat free offerings and the more people who start eating this way, the better for the meat industry.

There are many types of tofu, but the most common ones are Chinese-style firm tofu and silken tofu. Both types are processed to remove their moisture so that they can be shaped and used in different dishes. The best thing to know about tofu is that you can eat it raw or cooked. The latter is quite delicious and easy to make, so let’s start there!

Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022?

Aldi’s Earth Grown line of products is only available in select stores and not in all stores. Aldi Earth Grown products are made of plant-based proteins and come in a variety of flavors.

You will find different types of tofu at Aldi. You will also find some brands of tofu that are only available at Aldi.
For more information on the types of tofu you can find at Aldi, or details on the brands, please keep on reading.

What Kind Of Tofu Does Aldi Sell?

Aldi’s tofu was brought back to the grocery with a twist. This time around, it’s a firm tofu with some extra moisture, making it a perfect replacement for regular tofu.

These options are made of mostly vegetables, and other things that would make a good veggie dish.

Aldi’s tofu comes in four sizes, including a three-ounce serving that contains eight grams of protein, an eight-ounce serving, a 16-ounce serving, and a 26-ounce serving. All of these packages contain 14 ounces of tofu. The product also features “no added sodium” and comes in a natural and gluten-free package.

The company also said that the tofu was good because the meat was raised not far away in New Zealand and the product was made from a whole soybean.

Aldi also has a lot of tofu that they are selling in their ALDI Finds collection. These packages have 7 ounces of marinated tofu and come in such flavors as Sriracha and Teriyaki.

How Much Is Aldi’s Tofu?

Tofu is priced higher at Aldi than at Walmart, but Aldi’s prices are similar to those at other discount stores and its quality is excellent.

Where Is Aldi’s Tofu Located In Stores?

The problem is that you cannot actually find them. For some reason, the tofu is only on the top shelf, which is always the first shelf at the store.

When you walk around the store, you will notice that it is in the refrigerated area, and is stacked right above the frozen section and right below the fresh foods.

So you don’t have to go outside – even in the summer weather – to buy your groceries. You can have them brought to you directly. It’s also a much easier, more convenient, and healthier alternative to grocery shopping, for those of us with health issues (and, well, who doesn’t love a good cheese-and-bacon baguette?).

One of the most famous dishes around, the pizza, is usually sold in the bakery section in most of the stores.

Why Can’t You Find Tofu At Your Aldi?

Some people just buy as much tofu as they can when they go to Aldi, because it’s often cheaper than other brands. I’ve heard that Aldi might stock tofu.

Your local food store may not carry everything you need, but you could also look into the store’s delivery services.

You can use the Instacart app to get the nearest location to you where the item is in stock.

Check out the full description, and the steps to make this recipe, at BuzzFeed.

Finally, if you don’t have enough money to stock at Aldi, you can always go on Facebook, call your local Aldi to see if they can ship you some, or have your friends stock it for you!

Where Else Can I Buy Tofu?

If you want to get as close to the real thing as possible, try making your own soybeans. You can find soybeans in most grocery stores in the freezer section. You can also buy them online.

If you want to get the best information about the best food products sold in Aldi, make sure to go through our other posts and find out if Aldi sells bacon, bacon strips, and ice cream.


Aldi sells firm and extra firm tofu at a very reasonable price of $1.75. But finding it in all stores can be challenging.

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Shoppers are saying that they can’t find it, though, and that it’s a wonderful quality, well-built piece.

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