Does Aldi Sell Diapers? (Quality, Price, & More!)

Parenting is a difficult task. There are many little things that can keep you awake at night, or you may be in a grocery shop looking for everything you need to provide for your baby’s growth.

What is the first thing you think of when you think about having children? You probably wake up at night. But diapers are the most important thing. If you are an Aldi customer with a baby, or are looking to take care of one, it might be worth asking if diapers can be purchased at Aldi stores.

Do Aldi sell diapers?


Parents still need to be aware of a few things before purchasing Little Journey diapers.

What is the Cost of Aldi Diapers

The best thing about the Aldi diapers deal is the price tag. While it isn’t a surprising fact coming from Aldi but it is still important to note. These diapers will set you back around 14 cents per diaper which is quite affordable compared to other stores.

Little Journey diapers are worth looking into if you’re still not convinced. You can at least try them once to see if they work for you baby.

Are Aldi Diapers Good?

We need to know a few things to help answer the question. This brand of diapers comes with a few pros and con that can make you either want to buy them or reconsider.

What are Aldi Diapers made from?

This is a very important aspect because it all comes down to the comfort and skin of your baby. Aldi Little Journey says diapers contain a hypoallergenic liner that contains vitamin E, aloe and a material similar in texture to a soft cloth.

It is difficult to find out much more about the materials that were used to make them, which might lead to some speculations.

How well do Aldi Diapers work?

Diapers are not clothing. However, they serve an important purpose: to protect your baby from unwelcome leakages and keep them clean.

They have a wetness indicator, up to 12-hour protection, and they seem to work well.

They fall apart when it comes to design. Although they claim that comfort is a key factor, customers have reported that other brands are more comfortable.

It is also quite basic and can be a bit uncomfortable, especially for those “disastrous occasions”.

You may have to take the diaper tabs off if they are too basic.

The best part about this design is the leg cuffs. They work exactly as they are advertised and have no leaks or midnight disasters.

Are Aldi Diapers Eco-Friendly?

They don’t advertise their diapers as eco-friendly, and we are unable to find any eco-credentials to prove it.

Amazon Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diapers are a great option for eco-friendly diapers.

Who makes Aldi Diapers

Although they don’t specify who made them, we can tell that Little Journey is the brand that makes them. This could explain why their prices are so high.

Aldi Diapers: Where are they located at Aldi Stores

They will be located near the baby formula aisle. There are many baby products that you can buy at the store.

Remember that you can order diapers with Instacart. Simply download the app and set up your account. You can then easily buy diapers without having to go out. This is particularly useful for emergency situations.

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It’s essential to have diapers for the wonderful job of parenting.

We can only recommend that Little Journey diapers be used by babies who have no skin conditions or rashes.

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