Who Makes Kirkland Diapers? (all You Need To Know)

Kirkland diapers are a popular brand that is sold in Costco retail stores. They have many good diapers that are in a great price.

You’ll want to be aware of one point when looking into diapers – the size of the diaper. For example, if you are buying diapers for an older baby, you don’t have to worry about size.

Who Makes Kirkland Diapers In 2022?

When choosing your own child care, you need to look at what kinds of jobs are available in the area, and the cost of living in the area. You can’t expect to find a job if your child is not in a good school, so this is another important factor to consider.

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Where Can You Buy Kirkland Diapers?

This may sound funny, but if you do not have a Costco membership, you can always pick up Costco diapers at your local Walmart or other store that sells Kirkland products.

The difference between this brand and other brands is that you don’t buy it at the local grocery store, you need to buy it only at your local Kirkland store.

Where Are Kirkland Diapers Manufactured?

Kirkland diapers can be found at Costco, but are made by Kimberly-Clark. That explains the difference in cost. Both of these are very convenient diapers. They are the cheapest of the bunch. As always, there is a trade-off; you get what you pay for.

I’ve used Kirkland diapers for over a year now. I can’t say that I have ever had an issue, I love them. And I love that they have a variety of different sizes! They are so easy to use too.

Are Kirkland Diapers Any Good?

The Kirkland brand of diapers are really effective. They receive a 4.7out of 5 in reviews, which is really good for the amount of money that people spend on the diapers.

Diapers are known to be the most essential diaper. They have different design, and they are known to be highly absorbent. Most parents buy them to use with their babies.

However, some have said a very strong chemical smell has occurred after opening their package.

but there are far safer and safer options if you want to use cloth diapers.

If you are looking for a cheap diaper, then the prices couldn’t really be beaten.

What Should I Look for When Buying Diapers?

There are many features you should look for when buying a diaper for your baby. For a little easier, here are some things to look for.

What Are Kirkland Diapers Made Of?

It is so important to know what is going in the diapers you put on your delicate skin.

Kirkland diapers have no materials listed on the website and it’s not clear from the packaging if the diapers contain all-natural materials such as cotton.

It is a little strange that Costco would not give any information about what their diapers are made of, since they are advertised as one of the best-selling brands from Costco.

Based on its website, Costco’s doesn’t tell you which type of materials are used in its diapers, but we do know that they are organic and made from plant-based materials.

No they are not the same. The main difference is that the Kirkland diapers are made to be softer on babies’ skin.

However, Kirkland and Huggies have very similar properties. This one is an odd case, and seems to have more to do with the design of the diapers than the actual performance.

Are Kirkland Diapers Made by Huggies?

Well, these companies are all the time producing things, like their own brands and products, like Kleenex, or the Kimberly-Clark brand.

The diapers are not exactly the same, but they share enough similarities that you can use them as a reference.

Are Kirkland Diapers Eco Friendly?

Also in this interview, Kirkland talks about a recent lawsuit filed by a competitor based on the “confidential” nature of the Kirkland diaper testing process and the fact that the Kirkland testing method is proprietary.

It does state that they are made with 20% plant-based materials. It does not say what these are made of.

In the end, 80% is still a lot of diapers. Even if all the other diapers are made from wood, they’re still a lot of diapers.

I was just pointing out that if the diapers are not chlorine-free, they are still being treated and could still end up having some chlorine in them. So you could theoretically use less than the EPA recommends, but you still might not be using the best option.

The chlorine in the baby wipes is what makes diapers more absorbent. So by using a baby wipe you are giving your baby a cleaner more absorbent diaper.

I guess the big problem is how a lot of companies are still not really aware that sustainability is important and how to practice it.

What Are Some Kirkland Diaper Alternatives?

– Disposable diapers are less expensive than cloth diapers.
– There are a lot of choices in the type of disposable diapers.
– You can choose diapers based on your baby’s weight.
– They usually have a lot of features, and sometimes, they are higher-quality.

Not only do these diapers not have lotions, fragrances, chlorine, and phthalates, but you can find them on Amazon.

A busy day has no need to travel a considerable distance to the store, you just go to the store from your door step.

Costco doesn’t have any policy on diaper returns, so you can bring back whatever you are returning. If you return with more than 1 bag at once, you will be charged for the return shipping.
Costco’s return policy is that you should always buy the full size or quantity for the one you plan on using.


Kirkland Diapers are made of the same materials as Huggies diapers, making them nearly identical in quality to these diapering products.

A great all-around choice for your baby’s bottom, Kirkland diapers are great for the environment, stop leaks, and are affordable.

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