Who Makes Kirkland Toilet Paper? (all You Need To Know)

Kirkland brand is a name that many are aware of and recognize for its great products. It makes a wide variety of products, such as dog food, batteries, and even toilet paper.

Costco is one of the top five selling items found in our homes, which makes sense as it gets used up quite quickly in our homes. But who makes it? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Who Makes Kirkland Toilet Paper In 2022

It has been rumored that Clearwater Paper Corporation will take over Kirkland toilet paper once they take over from Costco, which makes it the only private label toilet tissue available in the United States.

I have everything you need to know about where Kirkland toilet paper comes from, if it is good quality, and where you can buy it, keep reading because I have the answers!

Where Does Kirkland Toilet Paper Come From?

Since Kirkland could not reveal the names of its suppliers, you would not be able to buy Kirkland brand products from it and that could mean a loss of sales.

Although the record is lacking on many details, the evidence presented to the fact-finder on both the motion and at trial does point to the Clearwater Paper Corporation as Kirkland’s supplier.

Why Does Kirkland Prefer to Hide Its Toilet Paper Manufacturer?

Kirkland doesn’t give a definite location for where it gets its products, for obvious reasons, like that it could lose business.

If Costco released information on its suppliers, competitors would want to undercut its trade agreements with them. As a result, Costco wouldn’t thrive, which would not be good.

Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Made in China?

The company has been making toilet paper in the United States since the 1800’s. Most of the products, including the Ultra Absorbent Ultra Soft, Kirkland’s Ultra Soft and Kirkland’s Ultra Absorbent, are made in the United States.

The toilet paper that we use comes from the Clearwater Paper Corporation.

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Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Worth Buying?

But it is also important to remember that most products are a compromise. Everyone has their preferences, and that’s why one person likes one brand and another is happy with another.

 There are many good things about Kirkland’s toilet paper. It comes in a roll. It is not cheap. It has a unique smell. The other brands don’t have this smell. These things are good.

According to one reviewer, they are not picky about toilet paper. But they really appreciate the value for money and quality of Kirkland’s toilet paper.

 A friend of the other customer says that the toilet paper is very effective and easy to use.

I am not sure if this is a good reason because the store says they last forever.

In addition, some customers might be complaining they are facing a problem in ordering more toilet paper. You can read their reviews.

They noticed that the toilet paper quality has changed and it no longer feels soft at all. It now seems cheap and not very quality.

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Where Can You Buy Kirkland Toilet Paper?

Many grocery shopping centers and shopping malls have private-label stores where you can find quality merchandise at a much lower price.

Costco Wholesale is a large chain of warehouse stores that have a very high rate of repeat customers.

Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Affordable?

For example, a Kirkland toilet paper roll comes in packages of 500 sheets.

The company also says it is working hard to get products to customers quickly.

Although Kirkland toilet paper may vary in price depending on your location, it may be worthwhile to purchase a discounted Kirkland toilet paper when you do because you may have to pay more if you go to a store that doesn’t have the Kirkland toilet paper.

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It is because it has the highest quality and most advanced manufacturing equipment and processes, which ensure that the products are of the highest quality.

The manufacturer of the paper used to print the Kirkland store flyers and mailers is a Clearwater-based company.

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