Who Makes Parent’s Choice Diapers? (all You Need To Know)

Finding the right diaper for your baby is a balancing act. You want to get a diaper that’s comfortable and fits your baby properly.

Walmart’s Parent’s Choice diapers seem like the perfect middle ground with adequate coverage, low price, and great customer satisfaction.

A woman is concerned about what she puts on her baby. She’s going to buy what’s going to work for her baby.

And I’m gonna go through the steps to make sure that you are making diapers the best they can be.

Who Makes Parent’s Choice Diapers In 2022?

The diaper’s core is made of a super absorbent polymer. The polymer is a synthetic material and can be absorbed well in the first 24-48 hours of wetting from a diaper. After that, the polymer loses its absorption and is not ideal for the long-term care of a baby. The diaper is designed to be very soft so the baby will not be bothered by wearing it.

To find out if you can use the Mother Earth box or not, check the package for the words “made in China” or “made in USA”.
If the packages are made in China, the Mother Earth boxes won’t work and the diapers themselves are usually not good.

Where Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Made?

Walmart’s Parent’s Choice diapers are made in the United States, and up to 75 percent of all the materials used are sourced from the U.S. I am sure you’re aware that the majority of products we purchase from abroad, you know like clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, and more, actually come from one of these countries.

The brand was created in 2017 with the aim of offering the best products for small and large families.

Walmart brought in scientists and engineers from national brand companies to their innovation center in Arkansas, where new product testing takes place.

Are Parent’s Choice Diapers A Good Brand?

The reviews are split over parents’ choice and some are biased. I’m not sure why a cheap diapers would be biased.

All of the reviewers say that these diapers are the best diapers they’ve ever tried on their babies.

The Parent’s Choice Dry and Gentle diapers are really one of the best diapers I have ever used. I’ve tried many other brands, and they never compare to these diapers. I really enjoy washing and drying them by hand. They are very soft and absorbent with less pilling.

This particular product looks like a good one to buy. Almost all of the reviews are positive.

The product’s ingredient label states that it is “made in the USA”, but in practice, many companies use their supply chain to mask their products’ manufacturing locations.

Diapers with the Parent’s Choice name are sold at Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Target stores. The brand is not sold at Amazon.com.

No, that doesn’t mean that the diapers would give low ratings. What it means is that there are still people, parents, that like to have the option to pick a diaper that is going to be different for them and their babies.

Is Walmart Discontinuing Parent’s Choice Diapers?

Walmart and Tern have entered into a new partnership agreement for Tern diapers to be sold at Walmart.

Walmart launched a baby brand, which also includes sippy cups, lotions and wipes, on the market in 2017, and it has become one of their most popular brands.

If Parent’s Choice diapers are missing from the store, it’s more likely they sold out.

Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Chlorine Free?

Although Walmart has not made their ingredient list available to the public, it’s impossible to tell if their Parent’s Choice diapers are indeed chlorine free.

Walmart is selling Walmart diapers, which are the same, except for the fact that they are made out of chlorine-free material.

The diapers lack the ingredient labels because the store-label diapers are manufactured by another company.

Chlorine bleach is a cleaning agent that can be used to get diapers that fresh, white look and it won’t leave behind any harmful chemicals.

Many parents are choosing not to potentially expose their baby’s delicate, sensitive skin to potentially toxic chemicals.

Are Parent’s Choice And Member’s Mark Diapers The Same?

I’m not 100% sure of the origin of the Member’s Mark diaper, but from what I can see, they are just a different version of Walmart diapers.

The Member’s Mark diaper seems like it’s the same as the regular diaper, but when the baby is done wearing it, it needs to be washed in cool water.

The other difference between the two products is that the Maker’s Mark diapers are made for babies and toddlers.

Parents can’t be blamed for not immediately recognizing the difference between two diaper labels, especially since they’re labeled so similarly.

Both items could be made by the same company, but it’s hard to tell if the labels are actually being made by the same company.

Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Eco-Friendly?

If someone is spending a lot of money on diapers for their baby, then they aren’t going to be using cloth diapers.

They are not made using renewable resources, and they make no claims at being biodegradable in any way.
They are probably made from plastic polymers and as such they are not made from non-renewable resources.

Further, a lack of ingredients listed means we have no way of knowing if it is a “green” brand, as it does mean they have not considered their potential effects on our environment.

If you’re looking for a diaper that is made to be eco-friendly, you can consider using either the Free & Clear brand or The Honest Company.

Did Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Diapers Give Babies Chemical Burns?

In the absence of any evidence, the parent’s choice diapers can’t be found guilty of causing chemical burns on babies.

In 2018, a story was circulated that said the Parent’s Choice diapers left a chemical burn on the skin of a child.

The claim that an “expert” who works at a medical clinic said that “a small burn may have been caused by a chemical, the chemical has been confirmed by a pediatrician.” is not even backed with any evidence.

There were no warnings about this post that would have been issued in conjunction with this post.


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This is usually used when the original post is the definitive post that refers to the original source from where some information or opinion is derived from.

This is the kind of thing that happens on the Internet. I am not going to post a hoax on the site or promote it in any way.

I am sorry to see this happen, but I am here to tell you it isn’t the end of the Internet by any means.

So, if you want to learn more about shopping at Walmart, you may also want to read through our other posts on the Walmart registry, the Walmart return policy, and which brand you should use in your baby nursery.


Walmart announced a new range of economical baby products, which includes diapers made in the U.S., with majority ingredients sourced from the United States.

As of now, the list is not available but it is possible that some companies will provide this information.

While I feel that this statement deserves a citation, it is not really true. See this, this, and this for a more complete overview of different types of chemical additives, including the ones that don’t break down in the environment or in the human body. I think that these types of additives make good sense in non-diaper cloth diapers.

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