What Does “in Transit” Mean At Ups?

As a UPS customer, you can track your package via their site. You can also receive text and email updates on their progress.
In addition to tracking, you can even cancel your package’s shipment.

When an item is delivered to the shipping company, they will mark the package as “IN TRANSIT”. UPS will usually mark the package when it leaves the customer’s address, but when the package leaves the shipping facility.

What Does “In Transit” Mean At UPS In 2022?

There’s so much more to understand about the UPS “in transit” tracking notification and what you can expect when you see it. Read the rest of the article to learn more!

Is “In Transit” The Same As “Out For Delivery” At UPS?

The difference is that “in transit” is the status of the package when it leaves us and “out for delivery” is the status of the package when it arrives at the destination.

With that being said, this notification is the case when a UPS employee will scan a package loaded onto a truck or plane to go to a more closer facility to the package’s final destination.

You can get more information about the different types of scans that can happen to a package on this UPS website page.

It doesn’t matter where your parcel is moving to (e.g. ground or air transport), so long as it is moving on any form of transportation.

So the second sentence is incorrect.

The “out for delivery” notification is the time when your package has completed its trip from our UPS warehouse to its final destination.

If you notice you’re seeing the out for delivery or in transit notifications change to an in transit notification, don’t sweat it! There’s no need to contact customer support!

The order will eventually ship, but your order status may not change until around the time an order is actually delivered to a shipper.

You will have to track your package on UPS website to see if they are making an extra effort for you on Monday, and you should definitely do that if you don’t see your package in the next couple of days.

Because it’s so easy to send packages, the postal service can’t handle so much mail.

However, there’s a method that you can implement to prevent this from ever happening, but it involves purchasing the UPS mobile app and using it to create your account.

How Late And On What Days Does UPS Deliver?

UPS typically delivers packages Monday through Friday, including holidays and weekends, though they do offer special services that allow for pickups and deliveries for commercial and residential packages on Saturdays and residential pickups and deliveries on Sundays.

I need to understand the process for the delivery of the products so I know what hours of the day I can expect shipments.

When you can’t find someone to help you, and you don’t want to go to the post office at 11pm, you need to be aware of when it will be delivered the next day and plan accordingly.

Can You Track Your UPS Package In Real-Time?

When you create an account, your first profile photo is optional. You can select from 8 preset photos or upload your own. If you don’t upload any, a default one will appear.

While this feature doesn’t show your package’s location, it will give you a sense of when it will arrive at your address.

The feature is limited and is only available to a few people.

UPS, which is America’s largest package delivery company, has introduced ‘Follow My Delivery’. This new service will allow you to track your package online as it is delivered to your door.

How Long Is A Package In Transit With UPS?

Typically, you shouldn’t expect to get your package for a day or two after sending it.

So if you haven’t gotten your tracking number in 24 hours, please check the below for your information.

As a result, when you order a box that is shipped to your house, it can take up to 24 hours until it actually arrives at your house, and when you order a box that is shipped to your house, it might have to go through a third-party warehouse.

As packages traveling internationally can sometimes last longer, we can show this notification for longer periods of time.

For example, most packages that are being shipped across the United States will end up in the same facility at least once and, if you’re using priority, in the same facility multiple times.

Once your tracking feature has been updated, if you haven’t heard anything for longer than four days, you’ll want to reach out to the UPS customer service team to ensure your package hasn’t been lost or misplaced.

Customers can also sign up for My UPS to receive email shipping updates, rate history, and a personalized status message. To sign up for My UPS, customers and agents can log on to my.ups.com or call 1-800-UPS-RATE or 1-800-942-7879.

What Comes After “In Transit” At UPS?

While a notification is displayed, you can use this opportunity to track your package and see when it will arrive at its destination.

The next step for your package would be the package would be physically delivered to the new UPS facility. If that happens, the package will undergo an arrival scan. If the package comes from a delivery carrier, the delivery driver will scan the package with his/her handheld scanner. If the package comes directly from the USPS, the delivery carrier will scan the package with their handheld scanner.

So for example if you are shipping a package to a new facility that will take a week to reach you. You will be notified the package arrived at the new facility.

With that, this just means that your package is at the new facility and being processed before being sent out.

When your package lands at the UPS facility, they scan the barcode, so that the package can be returned to you.

Additionally, it is important to note that this type of notification means that the package is still in transit and has not yet been delivered.

If you have any questions about U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) procedures, you should see what we have said about those in our post What Does the Label “Destination Scan” Mean at UPS.


If you’re looking for a tracking number for your UPS shipment, you can find it at: https://www.ups.com/upswebapps/UPS2/en_US/Shipper/Track/index.html.

In other words, these are packages that were being held in a “special handling” facility, or some other location, but will now be being delivered to your shipping address.

[UPS Air and UPS International Express customers have real time tracking] if the package needs to be delivered at a specific time. Most air shipments are delivered early in the morning, between 7 am and 6 pm.

Typically, packages take 24 hours to ship or are delayed a day at most before being sent to the United States.

If your package is in transit and takes more than four days to arrive, you can contact U.P.S. customer service.

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