15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Bacon

Bacon makes pretty much everything better, but if you have gone to your local grocery store lately, the prices probably made your jaw drop. The Baconator Double Thick Bacon Cheeseburger, $7.99, is one of the most expensive burgers at McDonald’s. So what’s a fan of the chain to do? If you are in a very remote location, take out your phone and order the Bacon Cheddar Sausage Mac & Cheese Burger, for $3.99.

Bacon comes in many different varieties and flavors at Costco. It might be bacon in a can, but it’s probably not bacon that you would serve to your guests. Check out our Costco Bacon 101 guide for all the information you need to know about Costco bacon products.

When you’re shopping for Costco bacon, try to remember the following things before you buy.

15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Bacon In 2022

1. Costco Bacon Comes In A Variety Of Types

Costco has two types of bacon that receive the most attention. We have two different kinds of Costco bacon that are better: Kirkland Signature regular cut and Kirkland Signature thick-cut.

I know that Costco sells other types, too.

All of these items get an additional 5% off with the coupon, and if you buy one you get one free!

Costco is a great place when you need to buy a lot of meat, you have kids who like bacon, you love bacon, or you’re a really nice person.

2. Critics Prefer Costco Bacon Thick-Cut

It’s the Costco bacon that got everybody talking and it’s the Costco bacon that Costco customers and food critics all agree is one of the store’s top selling bacon items.

A writer for Insider ranked the flavor of the bacon higher than its cut, and noted the bacon was more flavorful and smokier.

It really was nothing to do with the price of the actual item, but rather how the price was structured.

Some people said the Kirkland Signature bacon was their favorite, while others said they preferred the Smoky Mountain Hams.

He also stated that, when cooking the steak, there was less grease splatter when they cooked the thicker slice.

The fact that the steak tasted and looked much better without the spray means the spray damaged the meat, or at least affected how the steak tastes.

3. The Regular Cut Costco Bacon Might Not Be Worth Buying

The question goes without saying, but Costco’s thick-cut bacon is an incredible product.

Although not the most desirable option, if the regular cut is not possible, then skip the regular cut if you’re not sure the regular cut is going to occur.

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The writer from Insider thought that the regular version was too thin and that it could be improved. Also the writer, who preferred thin cut, said that the thicker version is less flavorful, too.

I bought bacon because the price is on sale, and the regular cut was the only type at Costco.

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Even if, for some strange reason, you don’t want a thick-cut loaf, I still recommend you have the regular. It’s pretty much perfect, and if you just get it you will always remember how it tastes.

4. Thick-Cut Costco Bacon Is Incredibly Affordable

You have to spend about $30 for the Costco to get $15 worth of food out of it.

When buying in bulk, you’re paying for packaging and distribution, not ingredients. Plus, meat has a tendency to oxidize (or deteriorate) over time, which is why it’s important to keep things like meat, cheese, and produce in a clean, air-tight, and refrigerated state.

5. Regular Sliced Costco Bacon Is Only $3 Per Pound

If you go the bacon slicer route, you’re also getting a great deal.

If you buy your eggs at Costco, you can save about $1.77.

6. You’re Going To Buy A Lot Of Costco Bacon All At Once

When you get to the checkout, you will need to purchase the Costco membership to get your items.

The Kirkland Signature bacon comes in three or four-pound packages. We like our bacon!

Costco sells a 16-pack of Pederson Natural Farms no sugar bacon. Additionally, there is a 12-pack of 12-ounce slaps of Rastelli-brand bacon.

The Kirkland Signature breakfast sausage comes in 8-ounce packages for about $15.

And if you really want to impress your guests, add a jar of Kirkland Signature Mustard, for $2, and you’ll have about $20.

7. Thick-Cut Costco Bacon May Shrink Less When Cooked

According to the Insider, in testing the Kirkland Signature line, the thick-cut naturally shrunk less when cooked than the regular-cut bacon.

The difference was starkest with pan-cooking but even if we baked them, the thick-cut bacon made the thin-cut version shine in comparison.

8. Costco Bacon Is Nutritionally Similar To Other Brands

Costco bacon is cheap and it’s made by the same company that makes Costco French Roast Coffee beans.

However, Costco’s Kirkland Signature has many of the same vitamins and nutrients that you can get in most other similar brands.

Cured for over a year, then smoked for eight hours.

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9. You Can Freeze Costco Bacon Perfectly

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Costco has many different types of bacon – from the regular to the spicy, hot and sour. You can also separate them by the weight, but they’re usually packaged by the pound.

After you’ve made sure your package is well packaged and you’ve filled in a form to request a custom freeze-drying box, you can just stick it in the fridge overnight to thaw.

But don’t put the frozen meat in a hot water bath. Only put it in warm water to defrost, and then cook it right away.

10. You Might Get A Few “Lesser” Pieces Of Costco Bacon

Costco’s bacon is actually thicker that the average bacon. The reason it is better is because it is not trimmed.

Mashed shows Costco trying to hide the broken ribs in beef, the thin skin in pork chops, the fat in a chicken breast, and the bone chips in beef, pork chops and ground beef.

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11. Don’t Be Surprised If Its Bacon Is Sold Out

That’s because bacon was really popular for a time and then it disappeared. The next time you go to Costco, go after you load.

If you can’t find anyone to do it, and you have a truck that is still at the dealership, please note it.

12. A Famous Name Makes The Pre-Cooked Costco Bacon

The Kirkland pre-cooked bacon is a joint effort with Hormel. They are both part of the same family.

Yes, the Costco brand has the best ground hamburger in the business, it also does chicken and the best frozen meals in town.

Not only does Costco sell the bacon in thicker slices, it also sells it in the original packaging that includes a handy bag.

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13. Fully Cooked Costco Bacon Can Save You Some Time

I don’t avoid bacon because it’s so hard to cook. I avoid bacon because it makes me feel fat and gross.

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When using an electric coil, a pan (or grill) may not be needed, though you may choose to use one to have that consistent texture/coating over a pan.

Costco has the best bacon in the industry. It comes from high quality bacon plants and is processed in a USDA lab.

Because it’s already cooked, you can just eat it without heating it. Or you can pop it in the microwave or air fryer for a hot, crispier treat.

14. The Fully Cooked Costco Bacon Stays Good For A Long Time

Costco bacon is one of the best. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to put your bacon in the fridge. The bacon will stay fully cooked in the freezer, ready for you when you need it.

Bacon that is not opened will keep unrefrigerated for at least six months.

There is nothing in it for you except that you would be able to do more cool stuff!

To be honest, I never think about bacon when I’m planning to cook a breakfast, as long as it is ready to go into the frying pan when I’m ready.

15. Costco Bacon Bits Are A Good Alternative

When recipes call for bacon bits, and you just can’t find them, and you really need them, Costco has them in bulk.

Since the flavor is still good, the texture is slightly different, but it still tastes good.

to know more, you can also have a read of our posts on buying Costco pizza, buying Costco hotdogs and buying Costco sheet cakes.


Costco has really good bacon – it’s cheap and the cuts are a lot bigger than on traditional grocery store bacon.

Bacon is not a cheap item, so it is good to have good bacon.

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