Autozone Competitors (list Of Its 13 Biggest Competitors)

AutoZone is the largest auto parts and accessories retailer and distributor in the United States, operating in over 6,000 stores in the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico. The company offers more than 1.7 million products in automotive, heavy equipment, lawn and garden, power sports, replacement parts, and commercial products.

AutoZone, having the largest stock market cap of any retailer in the world, is not the only company offering auto parts and service within the United States. Because of its huge market size, AutoZone has a lot of competition.

AutoZone’s Competitors In 2022

The current revenue for AutoZone is $17.9 billion. This is a high figure. However, this figure is expected to drop to $16.7 billion by 2022. The reason this is happening is because the other competitors are making improvements in their retail stores. The sales of auto parts is also expected to decrease. This is due to competition, change in consumer needs, and changing technology in the auto industry.

We can go in detail to explain how these retailers find out about their competitors. But for this time, you should have a pretty good idea of what a retailer is.
Now, let’s do some research!

1. Advance Auto

Advance Auto makes identical products to Autozone. Both sell the products for the same price.

Customers can go to an Advance Auto store to buy parts, do routine maintenance on their vehicle, and get professional services.

Automated products include air conditioners, boilers, heat pumps, refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, and many other appliances.

The company has 5,662 locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada. It also has Carquest stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada.

Advance Auto, the auto industry’s largest supplier, did a $10.1 billion business in 2020.

2. O’Reilly Auto Parts

The O’Reilly family created the chain in 1957 with the help of some of the nation’s leading automotive experts and is one of the country’s largest specialty automotive parts retailers.

In addition to this, they have a team of mechanics. You can go to any of their stores and get the repairs done. But, if you find that you are having any problems with your automobile’s engine, you can take your car to AutoZone.

O’Reilly employs almost 10,000 retail employees to provide professional services to customers.

O’Reilly has grown and is now the 7th most valuable internet company. The company generates revenue of $11.6 billion and is the 7th most valuable company.

3. Pep Boys

Pep Boys has lots of cars and trucks for customers to choose from and lots of different kinds of parts for them to buy.

Since it was established in 1921, the company has grown to have 1,000 locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and 9,000 service bays; therefore, the company has a nationwide footprint.

The main products that Pep Boys sells include spark plugs and other automotive parts, tools and supplies, and services for the automotive industry, and fleet management services.

This is a service provided by these stores.

All Pep Boys’ sales in 2021 are $2.1 billion, mainly from its distribution business. From what I heard, it will sell Pep Boys’ cars again.

4. NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA was formed when Sears bought an auto store and was renamed the National Auto Parts Association. NAPA became a distribution and retail company for automotive products.

NAPA Auto Parts is one of the top distributors in the automotive industry. They offer deals, repair services, and reward programs for NAPA Auto Parts customers.

In addition to operating stores, PBM also has a software development group, a medical and insurance services group, and a consumer products group.

NAPA Auto Parts is expected to generate about $2.1 billion in revenue per year.

5. Car

AutoZone has various locations throughout the United States. The company owns, an online automotive store that was founded in 1999. is an online automotive store that was founded in 1999.

This online store sells more than 1 million products and offers special discount prices on accessories and parts. Their products are sourced from the greatest manufacturers in the world so you will have no trouble with the quality.

Plus, the company also offers shipping services from its fulfillment center, and shipping is done within two business days.

The company is making more and more sales. During the course of 2019-2020, its sales increased by 69%.

6. Transamerican Auto Parts

Transmerican Auto Parts is the leading supplier of auto parts for the off-road and performance vehicles.

The companies do not directly compete against each other, but both companies offer aftermarket car parts and accessories for sale to consumers who have their vehicles serviced by a dealership.

With over 2,000 employees in her store, she generates a sales revenue in the neighborhood of $466.55 million.

7. Parts Authority

Part Authority is a leading manufacturer of replacement parts for cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles.

Parts Authority can sell 3 million parts a year, and that means they can compete with AutoZone.

The store also has a Pronto road assistance program with more than 3,000 stores nationwide.

The revenue for Parts Authority is over $500 million in a year.

8. Delphi Technologies

Delphi Technologies provides a wide range of technical services. They specialize in vehicle systems.

Delphi Auto Parts and Service is the only AutoZone where you will not see any hassle of getting your car fixed and it makes repairs cheaper.

9. Delticom

The business was founded in 1999 and it is a global supplier of vehicle components, tyres and accessories.

Delticom is the third largest operator of online grocery stores in the world.

As part of its acquisition of, Zebra expanded its reach from just printing receipts to also printing receipts for businesses.

Delticom has an average of 177 employees, and they have an approximate turnover of 640.11 million dollars.

10. Lordco Auto Parts

If you live in Canada, you can buy Lordco auto parts at AutoZone. This is a chain of auto parts stores.

Lordco is a large family owned and family operated business that is a major Canadian auto parts distributor and retailer.

the company is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of air conditioning equipment and industrial refrigeration products.

11. Amazon

Amazon is the largest E-commerce website globally, therefore it is an indirect competitor to AutoZone.

There are several different types of things that can be bought on Amazon.

Most of the products sold on the platform are sold under the brand, while Amazon also offers a smaller number of retail-oriented brands.

Amazon’s net sales in 2021 are expected to reach $469.82 billion, most of which will come from overseas sales and shipping.

12. Target

Target is an American retail company that sells general merchandise. In 2012, it had around 13,839 stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Target had up to 1,965 stores distributed across the United States, as of 2023.

Target has a section for customers to buy their car parts, equipment and tools.

Gizmoworld buys products from all over the world, some of which are made in China, Korea and Vietnam. They are always searching for the latest and best products.

As another country in the world, the price of goods and services sold by American companies is $10.8 billion.

13. Walmart

Walmart is an indirect competitor for AutoZone. While the store doesn’t specialize in auto parts and accessories, it has a department that sells these products and competes in the auto parts business.

Walmart is a big American company that has many stores across the U.S.

Walmart is one of a few companies that owns their own companies and sells its own products.

These stores have the highest employment rate among American retailers.

Walmart offers car parts and accessories to car owners and also sells car parts and accessories. The company also offers services like washing of vehicles, oil changes, and tire services that can be availed at AutoZone.

The annual revenue of Walmart is $559 billion. With an annual revenue of $559 billion, the income of a Walmart store can reach about $13 million per year.

AutoZone is a company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and was formerly known as Automatic Parts Co. The company was founded by Joseph O. Barton in 1946 as a regional parts retailer, AutoZone today operates as a wholesale distributor of automotive and non-automotive retail parts.


AutoZone is a great place to buy auto parts and accessories. These parts can help your car run better and keep your car more reliable. Their online products are easy to shop and order. Their website is reliable and their inventory is great.

Advanc Auto has a large number of stores similar to AutoZone. NAPA Auto Parts has a large number of stores similar to AutoZone.

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