Autozone Vs. Napa (price, Services, Locations, Products + More)

AutoZone and NAPA are two of the most trusted suppliers in the industry. Their business growth helped the automotive aftermarket industry.

Both companies have products and services to cater to large corporations. The reason for this is because big corporations are very powerful in the world of business.

AutoZone vs. NAPA In 2022

NAPA is a wholesale company that sells automotive products to retail stores who then sell them to consumers. AutoZone is a chain of retail stores that sells automotive products to consumers. So in that way, they compete with one another. In addition, NAPA has a national network of stores while AutoZone has stores in the U.S and beyond.

To learn more about the similarities and differences between these two stores in terms of services, locations, price, products and more, check out what the two stores have to offer!

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Revenue

AutoZone’s revenue in 2020 was approximately $14.6 billion. AutoZone’s revenue in 2021 was approximately $14.6 billion, reflecting the $2.4 billion from the sale of its assets.

It was revealed that the sales of NAPA, which is one of the three subsidiaries of Genuine Parts Company (GPC), have been increasing.

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Locations

AutoZone is the largest automotive parts retailer located in the U.S. It primarily sells auto parts such as car batteries, filters, air conditioning and other automotive supplies.

NAPA Auto has a wide distribution network with almost the same number of stores as AutoZone, so all of your car parts should be available at any NAPA store.

If you have a car, they will have a tire, if you have a tire, they will have a rim and if you have a rim, they will have a spare hub.

All of NAPA’s AutoCare business and the AutoCare Collision Center business provide a full range of collision repairs, maintenance and auto service.

With stores that are equal in power and distribution, NAPA and AutoZone can compete effectively.

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Products

Napa stores sell different type of products and they have all the types of products that a customer may need. There should be an organized supply and demand system.

AutoZone is a manufacturer, therefore they have more product than any other stores.

Although the stores use different manufacturers, you can still order exactly the same products for both stores.

The website has a very detailed description of the product. In some cases, you can also compare prices.

You can now follow your search to purchase the product.

Although one will have to do the research themselves as to the durability of NAPA versus AutoZone, one thing is for sure, NAPA parts are generally said to be more durable than the less expensive parts that you can find in the AutoZone.

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Services

– There is the Loan-A-Tool where you can use a loan to buy a tool.
– Then there is the repair app, where you have to find a store and open the store app on your phone.
– And Mobile app, which is an app that is available for customers.

NAPA has numerous available services which include shipping, delivery, and repair.

You can confirm your nearest store with them. They may have other services, such as mobile banking, that can help you with your daily expenses.

Is AutoZone the Same as NAPA?

While both AutoZone and NAPA are located in the same location, as well as share a name, their products are not identical.

NAPA is a leading supplier of auto parts worldwide, while AutoZone is a leading auto parts retailer.

[Business owner]: But, AutoZone and NAPA are different businesses. AutoZone is a retail store. NAPA is much more complex. I do everything from product development to new product development. I have a team dedicated to just new products. I’m a hands-on product developer.

In addition, we both sell more than 6,000 different products, which enables us to meet more customers.

In fact, they ARE similar. Most places have both, however they are considered 2 distinct businesses, and while they both are called automotive parts stores, they are different, and have different business practices.

The company started from trading and expanded to the real estate market, and more recently acquired several businesses within the company.

The two retailers above have their original brands that customers cannot buy for themselves unless they come to their stores.

Auto Zone is a family-run business with 2,000 locations, with operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
NAPA Auto Parts USA is the largest independent auto parts retailer in the United States.

Which Is Cheaper Between AutoZone and NAPA?

Most people think that NAPA auto parts are more expensive because they have a higher quality.

All products sold by AutoZone are of good quality and are cheaper than those sold at other stores. It is the cheapest store to buy products for your vehicles maintenance and repair.

One way to ensure you are making the best choice is by researching the products. For example, you can learn about the manufacturer from a trusted blog and see how long the products have been in the market.

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Return Policy

NAPA is less accommodating than AutoZone because they allow customers to return items within 30 days from the day of purchase.

If you miss this deadline, you must start the return process in person and pay the return shipping fee.

Products must be in stock and be in the same condition as it was when you received it.

If you bought the products from a store, you can return them through the store that sold them.

And if you happen to lose your original packaging, you can get a free replacement if you present the receipt.

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Price Matching

The best way to make sure you get the right price is to call ahead and get the prices in store. If someone has a coupon for you and you see a lower price somewhere else, it’s still worth shopping around in both places.

If you want to get a price match, you should contact stores and you will get a better price.

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Rewards and Loyalty Program

Customers who spend $500 or more at AutoZone stores during the first quarter of 2019 will be rewarded with a $20 bonus. The rewards will be issued in the form of a gift card.

It is good to give customers rewards, but you cannot take their money and hide it behind a program to give the rewards.

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Shipping

If you order a product online from NAPA, they will send it to you via UPS and can deliver to all of the states within the United States. Orders take 2 to 5 business days.

AutoZone is a company that has shipping for online clients. They usually ship products the same day as it is ordered. You can purchase products that are shipped overnight as well.

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Employee Satisfaction

Based on a review of employees in the same job roles, AutoZone and NAPA customers rate their overall experience at AutoZone at 51% and at NAPA at 50%.

NAPA’s benefit package seems to be much better at 65% compared to 59% at AutoZone.

So, you have two statements that agree on the topic at hand, but only one can be correct, based on what the author is trying to get across in the sentence.

Additionally, AutoZone works with more of their professional staff and has higher employee satisfaction than NAPA.

Based on statistics from AutoZone, I could see it being a much better place to work and with a much better culture.

The results that you get may vary from one store to the other.

This is because the salaries and benefits change over time; therefore, you should take time to research your options when applying for a job at either of these stores.

AutoZone vs. NAPA: Customer Reviews

based on customer reviews, Napa gets an average rating because of its high ratings on customer satisfaction.

However, the company hasn’t received bad reviews or received complaints from customers.

On the other hand the customers can be very helpful to the employees. However, they make it very hard on the employees to find items.

Therefore, customer satisfaction is improved and customers are happy.


AutoZone and NAPA use similar suppliers, however they get their products at different prices. Their supplier relationships provide them with a cost advantage.

In terms of service delivery, Zara will pick customers’ bags up on the street to avoid the overhead that is associated with having a store. That will allow it, among other things, to offer an easier and quicker delivery to customers. Zara also has an online store where customers can purchase its products. The online store is available in more than 30 countries.

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