Autozone Vs. Advance Auto Parts (price, Services, Locations, Products + More)

AutoZone is one of the biggest players in the automotive retail space. They are actually the largest auto parts and accessories retailer and distributor in the United States. However, Advance Auto is a worthy competitor.

Both of these companies offer similar products and services. They are both cloud-based solutions with an open source platform. As a result, they are very similar in terms of how they are both designed. They even look quite similar!

AutoZone vs. Advance Auto Parts In 2022

AutoZone and Advance AutoParts are similar business enterprises. Both of them are leading automobile parts, tools, equipment, and accessories retail stores. They operate throughout the same regions and have almost similar working conditions. However, AutoZone has a wider presence because of its bigger location.

To find out more about AutoZone and Advance Auto, their similarities and differences, and what employees have to say about working at these retailers, keep on reading!

AutoZone vs. Advance Auto: Revenue

AutoZone is more effective at generating revenue than Advanced Auto because of the number of stores it has.

AutoZone, one of the largest automotive parts retailers in the United States, had revenue of $16.5 billion, while Advanced Auto Parts, a leading automotive parts retailer with more than $10 billion in sales, had revenue of $10.7 billion.

AutoZone vs. Advance Auto: Locations

AutoZone is a multinational company that runs over 6,000 retail stores in the U.S, Mexico, and Brazil.

AutoTrader currently operates and owns approximately 2.6 million car dealership locations in all 50 U.S. states, in Canada, the Caribbean, the Pacific Rim and the United Kingdom.

So there are a lot of stores that offer this service, and it’s quite easy to find them.

AutoZone vs. Advance Auto: Products

Advance Auto is known as an auto parts and rental company. They offer a line of products with a variety of features. AutoZone is a chain of retail stores that sells a variety of products including car parts and accessories.

Many of their products are special or have sales. Some of their products have special deals, discounts, and offers.

Amazon is a one-stop shop, if you will, for all your electronic needs. There’s plenty of room to browse, whether through the search function or browsing by category. The website also features recommendations for complementary products based on your past purchases.

Is AutoZone the Same as Advance Auto?

The logo you see on both the AutoZone tag and Advance Auto tag is the same.

AutoZone was founded by a guy named J.R. Hyde and they were named after him. Advance Auto was founded by a guy named Arthur Taubman and they were named after him. Hyde and Taubman, when they were in the auto parts business, were the founders of the two companies.

AutoZone and Advance Auto are both traded on the New York Stock Exchange and are included in the Fortune 500.

AutoZone operates a huge number of auto stores across the U.S. and beyond. Since it’s been many years since they’ve opened their first store in the country, the company is looking to expand further.

AutoZone has acquired businesses like an automobile parts distributor OEM ALLDATA and an online retailer AutoAnything.

This means that you will now have all of those stores linked to your account and you can view them all in one page.

When comparing these online marketplaces to the offline marketplaces, they are quite similar in terms of products and inventory (with possible exceptions). However, you must be aware that the inventory of most online marketplaces is quite large.

You may compare the prices of the products and services offered by different auto parts and accessories shops before deciding to purchase.

Well, I will start with a question, has AutoZone been a good company to you? We have found that in the last four years while you have been with us, that you have gotten a lot of value out of the product and the services, a lot of good things and a lot of good experiences.

How Are AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts Alike?

Here are some of the similarities between AutoZone and Advance Auto.
– The similarities include the following:
– Both are the parent company of a series of auto parts stores.
– Both are based in the United States.
– Both sell auto parts and are a wholesaler
– Both are publically listed companies.
– Both are currently in the process of trying to grow their company.
– Both have similar stock prices and stock splits, which are not public information.
– Both are currently valued at $1 billion.

How Are AutoZone and Advance Auto Different?

One was built by the same company and they’ve been around for the same amount of time.

Which Is Cheaper- AutoZone or Advance Auto?

“We went to AutoZone after my husband wanted to buy parts. We found them to be cheaper than Advance.”
“I bought my husband’s car parts at Advance. We were surprised when he told us that the parts were cheaper at AutoZone.”

Some of AutoZone’s prices match or beat Advance’s.

With a few exceptions, this is based on which product you have, which discounts are applied, which offers are available, and the current exchange rate at the time of purchasing.

Some discount stores give 1-day free delivery or some other things for the customers by providing them an additional discount. Therefore, it’s better to ask the staff instead of wandering in the mall when you have no idea what you need or what you need as the offer might be expired. So, in the end, the staff will provide you with the information you need and you’ll get the discount.

Which Ships Faster- AutoZone or Advance Auto?

If you are buying an advanced parts in advance, then Advance Auto Parts has a same-day delivery option, which is ideal if you need parts urgently.

One other thing you might wish to consider is that, once you have an account with AutoZone, you can buy your parts there whenever you need them!

Is AutoZone or Advance Auto Better to Work For?

Advance Auto may have a fun work environment but it’s best to know how the company operates first. You may not be a good fit.

Data shows that, among the five categories AutoZone uses to rate their company, employees ranked their work culture as 64/100. When asked about Advance Auto, they rated their work culture as 58/100, which is lower than the company average.

AutoZone employees rank their company higher at 58% when it comes to perks and benefits, while Advance Auto employees rate this at 47%.
When looking at the numbers alone, it might seem like you’re getting yourself into trouble by working at Advance Auto.
However, you have one major advantage over your co-workers.

To advance at AutoZone you need to get promoted. Employees are usually promoted up to supervisor and then sometimes get an even higher rung. Advance Auto has no such program.

AutoZone is a great place to work, because they offer high salaries, a high ranking for the company, a great benefits package, and they have a great work environment.

Keep in mind that this job is not for everyone – it requires strong attention to detail, and an ability to multi-task.

I also found that the company is facing lawsuits from Walmart and the government.


AutoZone is a retail store that sells automotive parts, tools, equipment, and accessories. They are operating in the same regions as Advance Auto Parts and have almost the same working conditions.

Advanced Auto Parts is not as widely available as AutoZone. They have a lot of locations and therefore, bring in the most revenue.

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