Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match? (all You Need To Know)

Price matching is one of the strategies used by retailers to provide customers with cheaper prices. The goal of the retailer who wants to engage in price matching is to build loyalty to their brand.

If you shop at Advance Auto Parts, does the company have a policy of price matching? If you want to learn more, keep reading!

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match In 2022?

If you want to check if the website is price matching, you can always go to the link that the company has sent you. As long as you are within the legal date and time limit, the price matching will be granted. The price matching is only valid within Advance Auto Parts locations.

If you find a lower cost, equal in quality and brand name for an Advance Auto Parts product similar to your Advance Auto Parts product, you can use price matching.

What Is Advance Auto Parts’ Price Matching Policy?

We offer a price matching guarantee. To qualify for this guarantee, you must provide a current, valid receipt and offer a competitive price. The item must have been purchased from Advance Auto Parts and the item must be in stock, and in new condition.

Retailers may not sell an identical product for less than the price they charge for the product.

When asking for price match, the item must be comparable to the item you are requesting a price match for, it should be of similar quality, weight, size, color, warranty, and manufacturer number.

The other thing the price must be valid for is the date that the price match request is submitted. Again, this can be verified and handled by an Advance Auto Parts team member.

This retailer will price match brick and mortar competitors, as well as select online sites. Their low guarantee for online competitors is only $100.

The competitor must have the same part available for same-day pick-up for the price match to apply, unless the competitor is available for in-store purchase at Advance Auto Parts, then the competitor must have the part available for next day delivery.

However, if Advance Auto Parts matches an online competitor’s price, it must include shipping charges in the price.

The above is paraphrased from the Advance Auto Parts Terms and Conditions. sells its products through its online store, and its prices may differ from the prices you find at your local auto parts store or independent distributor.

Now, if you place an order for pick up at the stores, in this case, the staff will automatically give you the lower price of the two.

You can buy the products online at Advance Auto Parts and the Advance Auto Parts team will match the product price after you buy the product online.

How Do You Request a Price Match at Advance Auto?

If you are going to have Advance Auto Parts do a price match on your new vehicle, you’ll need to provide the salesperson with a competitor’s invoice.

If you are applying for a price match at Advance Auto Parts, you must provide the whole advertisement that you received, and copies of any photocopies or photos that you have.

There is no price match for mobile phone versions of the ad, no exceptions.

To receive your price match, you will receive a discount coupon with the offer and can be applied to any item price. This coupon is good for 5 days from the date of purchase and should be applied in same shopping cart.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match AutoZone?

Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone compete for customers because they are competitors in the same business.

They both sell automotive aftermarket parts and accessories and provide the same services and therefore, they are considered the same.

Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone also have many stores, you can find and compare them at this website.

It makes shopping for car parts and other auto services at AutoZone faster and easier.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match O’Reilly?

Unlike AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts, which are both competitors, Best Buy has no direct competitors. They are a brick and mortar retailer, and Amazon is the only direct competitor.

Therefore, in case you find identical or similar products at your local O’Reilly selling at a lower price, you can request a price match at Advance Auto.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match Walmart?

As for Advance Auto Parts, they must price match Walmart because they compete with them on a large level.

Walmart carries all kinds of products and is a good place to find something you need (for a bit more than you’d find elsewhere).

This shows that Advance Auto Parts is a brand name and will show that their company has been in business for a while.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match Amazon?

If you find a similar item for cheaper at Amazon, you can be sure that Advance Auto Parts will match their pricing.

However, you need to remember that the competitor price should include the shipping costs, and the Amazon ad should guarantee same-day delivery for the price match to apply.
For an ad to be eligible, it also must display the price.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match Rock Auto?

Advance Auto Parts has a price match policy. If the price on the website is lower than the price you get at the Advance Auto Parts store, the Advance Auto Parts store will give you the price difference. The Advance Auto Parts store will also price match if the item has same-day shipping.

As the second-hand market is not regulated, there may be counterfeit goods. Please note that we may not be able to identify such products, so they could be of low quality and may not be covered by the guarantee. We also cannot guarantee the safety of used goods purchased from third-party dealers or dealers not registered with our company.

What Are the Price Match Exceptions at Advance Auto Parts?

Advance Auto Parts match prices for the customer. The customer is required to match the price that is listed in Advance Auto Parts’ prices.

You will not get a price match if the competitor advertises one, if you buy something else from them, or if they offer a buy one, get one free, buy three, get one free offer.

Your offer is not valid for clearance items and damaged products.
Your offer is not valid for refurbished items.
Your offer is not valid for free shipping items.
Your offer is not valid for liquidation sales.
Your offer is not valid for instant rebates.

This price match does not cover transmissions, engines, and commercial heavy-use equipment. Prices and incentives are subject to change without notice.

Does Advance Auto Parts Give Price Adjustments After Purchase?

If you have already purchased the item, you cannot use a price match from an Advance Auto Parts store because of the condition of the offer.

You can only get a price match on purchases that have been paid for.

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Advance Auto Parts is dedicated to making your shopping experience as convenient as possible. In the event that you find an identical product at your local AutoZone store, you can take advantage of the price matching policy.

To get a price match with an internet auction company, the product you want to price match has to be identical or comparable to the item that you are asking for a price match. In other words, if you want to get a price match from, the items has to be identical or comparable to the one you want a price match.

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