Can I Load My Chime Card At Walmart? (all You Need To Know)

To make it easy for people to spend their money, Walmart is partnering with banks to make it easy for you to load your debit card on the way to the bank.

In order to load money to the card, you need to go to a Walmart and sign up for a Walmart account.

Can I Load My Chime Card At Walmart In 2022?

Chime card customers can load cash at Walmart. With a $3.50-$4.95 loading fee, customers can only load their card three times in a rolling 24-hour period with up to $1,000 and a maximum deposit limit of $10,000 per month.

If you would like to learn more about the time the money arrives on your card and what fees you’ll pay, read on!

In our experience, the card is generally available within two hours of initiating the credit card transaction. Sometimes this can be faster, but usually it’s between two and four hours. Note that this does not include the time it takes for the funds to be deposited into your bank account or for the funds to be credited to your card.

When the card becomes available, we’ll also inform you. It will be listed on the [Yodlee website or mobile app] under the “Your cards” tab.

How Do I Load Money On My Chime Card At Walmart? 

To begin, you will first need to locate your nearest Walmart store using the Walmart store finder. Click the link below.

To create a Spending Account, you will need to go to a money center and ask to load money into your Chime spending account.

After you’ve loaded money to your account, you can use it for buying products and services.
After you’ve loaded money to your account, you can use it for buying products and services.

What Time Can I Load My Chime Card At Walmart? 

The time on the clock at Walmart is the same time as the store. Walmart normally opens between 7-8 am and closes from 10-11 pm on weekdays, Saturday, Sundays, and public holidays. It closes earlier than 10 pm during Christmas day and New Year’s Day.

Look for the store locator in the header. You can check the store hours and get further information about the retailer with online store finder.

Where Else Can I Go To Load My Chime Card Other Than Walmart? 

You will be able to load your card at over 90,000 Chime cash deposit partners. Hand your card to the cashier at the stores listed below with the cash amount you wish to deposit. Fees may vary from store to store.

You can pay for things online with a credit card or use PayPal.

How Much Does It Cost To Load A Chime Card? 

A Walmart customer can load money onto the Chime card with the help of a self-checkout scanner located at the register.

If you want to know how much each store charges, have a look at your Chime Mobile app. When you select ‘Move Money’ followed by ‘Deposit Cash,’ this is the section you’ll see.

If you have a Chime card, click on ‘See Locations Near Me,’ to find nearby stores.
If you are near a store that accepts reloads, you can reload your Chime card at your local store.

If you want to know more about your balance at Walmart, you can check out our other guides: You can check your Walmart balance here, and You can check your NetSpend balance here.

Conclusion: Can I Load My Chime Card At Walmart? 

Yeah, you can load your Chime card at Walmart for a fee. Once the cashier has processed your deposit, you’ll receive the funds within two hours.

People cannot deposit more than $8,000 per month in 3 transactions of $1,000 each.

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