Does Autozone Price Match Walmart? (all You Need To Know)

If you want to go to a big online retailer and get auto parts and accessories for a lower price, price matching is a tactic you can use.

If you shop from AutoZone, you might be wondering whether the auto retailer price matches some of the biggest retailers like Walmart. Well, there’s good news on that.

Does AutoZone Price Match Walmart In 2022?

Since a company is going to start matching prices with Walmart, you’re going to get your first offer right away. With this being said, you can purchase items at AutoZone. You can also take advantage of the rewards and promotions from AutoZone.

Walmart price match policy is actually really simple: If you find the item at a local AutoZone location, you can take the store receipt and fill out the form for a price match.

What Do You Need To Price Match Walmart’s Price At AutoZone?

You need to meet some conditions to ask for a price match for a particular product.

This is pretty straightforward. There are tons of online price trackers like CompareWises, UPCAT, and Walgreens.

You have to get a proof and go to an auto zone to get an approval.

You can bring in a receipt that shows that you bought it from Walmart or an advertisement that says that it’s a lower priced item.

When you buy a product online, you can get a better deal than in a store. For example, this can happen if the store has more money for advertising than the website.

The reason they don’t price match is because they are not the same products, and they don’t want to confuse customers.

1. Please select the products.
2. Please choose the same quantity.
3. The items are not the same. The refund request will be denied.

As a matter of fact, AutoZone will only price match products that are in stock, so shop around before making a purchase.

To get this service, you must meet all these requirements.

To get the price match, the store manager needs to make the decision to give the customer the price match and the decision to do so doesn’t always happen.

How Can You Request A Price Match With Walmart At AutoZone?

You can inquire about the price match at AutoZone by contacting AutoZone customer service, who will verify your claim.

If you purchase something from Amazon without a price match, but you later find an item for sale at a different price on another retailer’s website, you can apply to Amazon to have the lower price applied.

Furthermore, it may not satisfy all of the requirements of the price match policy. You must meet all of the requirements.

What Are The Exceptions For AutoZone’s Price Match With Walmart?

Some specific products at AutoZone cost more than Walmart, but not as much as you would think. You can see in the picture what’s different between AutoZone and Walmart, and where it matters the most.

If you purchased your computer or computer parts online, you should be able to get the money back.

AutoZone will only price match items that you purchase in-store at Walmart. You can purchase the part or accessory online and they will price match it if you also purchased it in-store at Walmart. So, you can get the cheapest price for the part and you just need to compare them in store.

I think we should ask to know if we want to buy something or not.

If Walmart offers a lower price during periods and special events such as Black Friday, AutoZone will not be able to match the price.

To reiterate, the policy does not cover discounts, rebates, coupon discounts, gift cards, or any other customer loyalty discounts. Discounts, rebates, coupon discounts, or gifts must be listed on your receipt.

Does AutoZone Give Price Adjustments After Purchase?

AutoZone will not give you an adjustment after you purchase a product from its store.

It is not ok to return a part purchased from Walmart to AutoZone if the part is available from another store for a lower price.

What Other Stores Does AutoZone Price Match?

For every dollar AutoZone spends promoting its price match, it will match up to $2 of retailers’ price matching.

With the recent events, these stores are going to have similar products and you can try the AutoZone price match.

This is not only easier to ask, but it is also easier to obtain because at these locations, the company has a better inventory. Their costs are also lower.

However, AutoZone will not compete with online retailers like Amazon and RockAuto because they both sell vehicles.

Amazon, and other third-party sites, also do not count in the “price matching” for car purchase.

If you are new to purchasing your first car, you may find this list of car buying advice useful. You should know your finances and have a car loan or finance plan before purchasing a car.


AutoZone is an automotive parts distributor. One of the ways it makes money is through the sale of auto parts. The company stores thousands of different auto parts in its warehouses so when someone purchases an auto at a dealership, they can easily have the dealer ship the parts via AutoZone.

Most of the times, this price matching policy may be limited to parts with similar features, warranty and similar products.

For example, the customer can only get a refund for a pair of shoes at the store. No website purchases or in-store sales are eligible.

And like, if you’re buying a laptop and it has some weird charger that isn’t compatible with the laptop, you’ll have to pay to send it back to the store to get a different one.

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