Buying A Tv On Amazon (installation, Delivery, Signature Required + More)

Consumers can now find great deals for TVs online. Brands and stores like Best Buy and Walmart offer great deals, and in some cases delivery can even be done by the store’s delivery driver!

One of the best things about Amazon Prime Video is that each season is available within a month of it airing. This is not the case with Netflix, whose seasons are released six to eight months after they were filmed, and Hulu, which makes their seasons available about a year after they were filmed.

Buying a TV on Amazon In 2022

Amazon sells well-known TV’s for as little as $105 through it’s website and offers free Prime shipping. Customers can purchase from a variety of well-known brands and they are shipped with no cost to the consumer. Prime offers free or discounted shipping if you are ordering over $35.00, so not all orders are eligible. The cost of eligible items is a flat $5.99.

If you’re looking to purchase a TV and it’s a newer model, you might be wondering what size is best. To answer that question, we took a close look at the sizes of each TV on sale and created this guide on different TV sizes to help you choose which size works best for you.

What TV Brands Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon sells many different types of TV brands! Their current selection includes over 100 different models.

These TV brands are also available in 4k, 1080p, 720p, and standard HD models. Prices vary based on the size of the model and brand, but most come with a free shipping label.

Customers who have a specific brand in mind can find its products by typing it into Amazon’s search engine.

Customers who have registered with this site will be able to search for all products that carry the same specifications that they are looking for.

Does Amazon Install TV’s For Customers?

Delivery people offer a service to install smart TVs and other devices and have a team of experts with specialised skills.

Amazon will allow for a TV test at no additional cost, but customers will be required to have the TV at the time of the event.

Also, Amazon will send a professional to set up your TV, and will even set up Alexa for you if you desire!

As a bonus, Amazon will also provide a cable management system so that you can hide the cable cords in a clean way.

“We are offering a solution for you that is more convenient. It helps you install TV on Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick. You just need to attach an HDMI cable to the Fire TV or Fire Stick and plug it into your TV, and you’re ready to go.”

For more information on TVs and HDMI, see our [TV FAQs](

Do TV’s Qualify for Prime Two Day Shipping?

Amazon provides one day and two day shipping for select TV’s. Regular prime shipping is also available to Prime members who can use the Prime shipping for most of the TV’s available on Amazon.

Not every area is included in the One Day and Two Day shipping zones. If you place an order with multiple items, the order will usually ship out in separate shipments, but this does not mean that your entire order contents will ship together.

You can find out if a product is the right size for you by filtering the available search results.

If you order on or after October 4th, 2016 and receive a $150 or more order, you qualify for the free 3-Day shipping.

Do I Need to Sign for a TV from Amazon?

Amazon generally doesn’t require you sign anything when purchasing a product.

The sellers that require a signature for customers, can sell through the Amazon platform.

More information on TV policies with more information about signing for a TV can be found on the TV brand’s company website, or on the channel’s seller page on Amazon.

What is Amazon’s Return Policy on a TV?

If you are not satisfied with your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick purchased from Amazon, or are not satisfied with the condition of your item after receiving it, you may return the item to Amazon with in 14 days of your purchase.

If consumers have any additional questions about Amazon’s return policy for TV’s, they can visit the Amazon Return Policy page to ask for help.

Is Buying a TV from Amazon Worth It?

People that buy TV’s may want to consider the quality. While some cheaper brands may not be of a high quality, they may still get the job done.

A large number of customer reviews are favorable for TV’s such as TCL and Sharp, but Samsung are reviewed as being defective and only working temporarily.
+ A huge number of customer reviews mention that TV’s such as TCL and Sharp, but also TV’s such as Samsung are defective.

Amazon is still the largest retailer in the world, and has access to a good selection and prices, but some brands are now selling their products at the same price as Amazon.

Therefore, a company worth purchasing from is only the companies that have a product that you want. In this case, Amazon Prime accounts.

To learn more about shopping at Amazon, you could also be interested in reading up on the Amazon Fire Stick warranty, what is Amazon Free Time, and if Amazon Prime video is available in 4K.


Amazon sells all major brands of TVs such as Samsung, LG, and Vizio. Many devices can be delivered using a free 2 day shipping service and you can even get them setup for you by a trained technician.

There is a lot to recommend these products but the price tag, if you can get it to ship to your store, isn’t worth it unless you also have some other reasons to buy them.

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