Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty (all You Need To Know)

Amazon always has the best products to buy. The Kindle and Kindle Fire tablets are the highest rated products. If you have trouble with your Kindle, Amazon will replace it under the warranty.

If your Amazon Fire Tablet is broken or needs maintenance, you may be looking for a way to get a replacement device or repair your current device.
Continue reading this article to learn more about the warranty of your Amazon Fire Tablet, and how to repair and replace the device if you need to!

Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty In 2022

For the Fire Tablet customers that are eligible for a replacement, Amazon provides a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. Customers will have to send in their tablet for repair and if it doesn’t pass the repair they will receive a replacement. The Fire Tablet has a warranty of 90 days, 1 year or 2 years.

You might wonder who is responsible for the Fire Tablet warranty, but to know if it’s valid or not, you first need to know if you get a new device.

How Do I Claim my Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty?

Go to the Fire Tablet Warranty page at
Click on the Claim a Product Replacement or Repair Support.
Select From Store to get technical support.
You’ll be directed to a support portal.
Click on “Create a claim” button to create a claim.
Follow all the steps.

The issue you reported is a known issue and is being investigated.

If you have been denied a visa, contact your airline to request either an accommodation or a replacement. Please note that our offices are extremely busy with many requests.

If you had a problem with the product, then make sure you read the Terms of Service and other Terms of Sale that can be found somewhere online.

Is the Warranty for all Fire Tablets the Same?

Amazon does not offer a warranty for Fire tablets. As with other non-defective Kindle products, users can get a replacement device from Amazon.

The Fire Tablet is also covered by a comprehensive one-year warranty.

Please contact us with any additional questions or comments. We appreciate your business.

The warranty on the Kids Tablets is only two years.

Does Amazon Replace Fire Tablets Under Their Warranty?

with Amazon’s new Fire Tablet, customers can also request a replacement tablet if their tablet is defective! Amazon will usually replace tablets if they are defective, for free.

Customers have 90 days to return the original broken tablet, and the warranty must still be valid on it in order for Amazon to send a replacement. If the customer doesn’t mail the tablet back within this time, the customer’s credit will expire, meaning if the customer wants a new tablet, they’re going to have to buy it separately.

Will Amazon Fix a Fire Tablet if the Warranty is Expired?

 Amazon is not able to fix a tablet if the customer’s warranty is expired. However, customers can take their tablets to local service shops or send their tablets to online service providers.

If you are having issues getting a Fire to work, the first thing you need to do is contact the best buy at your local store and ask them how to get the device to work. You should also search for online repair shops who specialize in these devices.

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Amazon provides three different types of warranty for the Fire Tab.

Customers will be able to claim any of these warranties depending on the model of tablet they own and which warranty provider they use.

In this case, we would use the original version.

Users can have their tablet repaired or replaced. It’s free as long as their warranty is still valid.

If their warranty on their device has expired, the customer may have their tablet fixed through an online repair or a device shop such as Best Buy.

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