Does Walmart Replace Serpentine, Timing & Fan Belts? (guide)

We must take care of our cars, because they are part of our daily lives. In these modern times, we rely so heavily on our automobiles, therefore, we must ensure that our cars are in good and safe condition.

If you need to replace your serpentine, timing or fan belts, or simply want some peace of mind, you may be wondering if Walmart replaces them. Here’s what I discovered.

Does Walmart Replace Serpentine Belts In 2022?

Walmart has plans to change your timing and fan belts.

Does Walmart Replace Timing Belts?

Like the timing belts at Walmart, the belts at the service centers will be replaced as needed.

But for the Ford Transit Connect, a similar vehicle, the price was about $1000. There are two levels of prices, one for low-level models and the other for high-level models – it was the highest one among all the vehicles.

Additionally, if you want your timing belt replaced free of charge when it is under warranty, it is very important to check the descriptions of the products you purchase.

Does Walmart Replace Fan Belts?

Fan belt replacement will be a one-time $150 charge and will be covered in the extended warranty program.

The customer will need to send us the vehicle’s VIN at the time of purchase for verification, and should receive a VIN and tracking number by e-mail.
If the vehicle is not received within five business days of the order, we will not be able to issue a credit.

Thanks for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

It might or might not ask you for your car’s information, and it might or might not then contact your local dealer to replace it!

We recommend calling your local automotive repair shop, and explain your situation and ask for a price quote. You can find your local Walmart automotive repair shop here.

How Do I Claim A Replacement Service At Walmart For Automobile Goods Under A Warranty?

In order to see the benefits of a Walmart tire repair, you will first need to go to the Walmart retail store or Walmart Tire & Lube Express. Once you arrive at the location, you will need to take a look at the tire repair services and see what your best options are for repair.

How much are the parts gonna be?
If you need it right away, please schedule an appointment.

Please note that your shopping cart might look a little empty, but that means that you probably haven’t added all of the products you want to purchase. If you haven’t added all of the products you want to purchase, please wait for the order processing page to load.

The rest of our other guides on service related to your car will help you learn more about the different kinds of car service that can be performed at your local Walmart.


While the original manufacturer may be able to repair the serpentine, timing, and fan belts under warranty, they will be able to do so only at the manufacturer’s shop. If you do not have a warranty, you will be required to pay a fee which will vary by state.

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