Amazon Warranty Claim (how To Make One, Steps + More)

Amazon is an online retailer that has a variety of products for the consumer. Due to this, a large portion of their goods come with warranties that customers can use for defective and damaged goods.

However, if you would like to learn how to claim your warranty, you may be interested to know the answers. So, let me start by telling you what I learned!

How to Make an Amazon Warranty Claim In 2022?

Keep reading through this article if you would like to learn more about how to file an Amazon warranty claim, which products have warranties on Amazon and more useful information.

How Do I Make an Amazon Warranty Claim?

If customers would like to send a warranty claim on Amazon, customers only needs to visit the site or send an email at [email protected] to claim their warranty.

Customers will receive an email with all of the information they need to begin the warranty process with the manufacturer.

Afterward, customers must go to the company’s warranty provider page and locate the warranty provider by country.

It is good to be aware of this when shopping on Amazon and buying a product from either or If you don’t know this, you might end up getting a warranty that does not actually come from Amazon.

This way, customers have no guarantees of receiving their product replacements, just company promises that any existing warranty problems will be addressed.

Which Amazon Products Have Warranty? will cover the costs for product returns and provide warranty for eligible purchases on products sold by; however, some products purchased from third-party sellers are not eligible for return and warranty.
Amazon will cover the costs for repairing or replacing defective or damaged eligible products.
Amazon may cover labor costs for qualified returns.

The Amazon Brand Products business model is to sell generic products of mass-market brands, which have little to no profit potential but which also have minimal investment costs.

Non- Amazon branded products are not available for sale.

The most common warranty is 1 year for the product, but you may see some other options with a different number of years and different terms. It is a good idea to contact the company if you are unsure what type of warranty comes with a product, but generally speaking a 1 year warranty is the most common.

How Long Are Amazon Warranties?

The consumer has the right of return within the first 30-days of purchase for the purchase of new products, 90-days otherwise.

In all cases, you must contact the manufacturer for assistance.

When customers purchase an item from Amazon that comes with a warranty, the warranty period for the product will vary in relation to the warranty coverage duration that is provided on the product page.

However, if customers were not able to locate the warranty length, they can either contact Amazon customer support for more information or check Amazon’s information about their warranties.

The warranties are located in a section on the Help and Customer Service page that displays information on how to locate the item.

Customers can check the location of the item in the [Help and Customer Service]{@:>} > Warranty and Repairs section on their My Amazon page.

Customers can find the category for their product on the left-hand side of the screen, which will list the type of purchase alongside the duration for coverage. If the customer has purchased a warranty, the duration of coverage will show the remaining life of the warranty before it expires.

What Does Amazon Warranty Cover?

When it comes to warranty, Amazon only covers you if the product you receive is defective or damaged upon arrival. There’s no warranty offered for items that may be broken or damaged while in use.

Amazon will replace any Kindle for $139 and provide refunds for products damaged by the recipient.

You do not have to send your Kindle back to Amazon if the problem is with the device. You should only send your Kindle back to Amazon if the problem is with a book you downloaded from Amazon.

One of the things the new Kindle 2 has is that Amazon will pay for any accidental damage to the screen. If they have to, they will have to replace the screen.

The customer would have no issue having to deal with the company when something goes wrong with their item, but if the item is damaged by the customer, the customer could face a delay in getting a replacement.

What Can I Not Use Amazon Warranty For?

If the device has an internal issue, it is likely the device can be returned and it can receive an inspection. However, if it is faulty and not due to an internal problem, they will not cover you, as the damage was caused by the manufacturer and the manufacturer will not be in a position to cover the damage.

If you damaged or tampered with the item that you bought, Amazon will not cover any damage to the item because you are not Amazon, just like you couldn’t sue someone for an injury you’ve had to yourself.

Occasionally, Amazon does repair or replace an item even if it was damaged by the recipient, but this is rare and mostly depends on the customer service agent.

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You can start a refund from Amazon’s return center by selecting the reason for your claim. You will get a notification about the validity of your claim, and if your device fails to qualify, you will be offered an exchange or refund of your purchase price.

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