Amazonbasics Warranty (what’s Covered + Time Frames)

Amazon sells items at significantly lower prices than the competition can’t match. And to offer additional savings, Amazon has created several private label brands.

AmazonBasics does not offer a traditional warranty. Instead, they offer a “24-hour guarantee at the point of purchase.” This is a very handy feature that I have been using for years.

Amazon Basics Warranty In 2022

The AmazonBasics warranty covers defects in materials or manufacturing over normal usage, which means the warranty covers defects over the expected lifetime of the product. AmazonBasics warranties are not extended to products that were not purchased at Amazon, as well as products that have been modified or repaired by a service provider. The warranty does not cover damage caused by fire, electrical surges, misuse, misuse, or improper installation of the product.

This article contains the entire official How to Make a Warranty Claim section of the AmazonBasics Customer’s Guide.

How Long Is The AmazonBasics Warranty?

There are three different warranty plans based on what type of products you buy. For example, the majority of products buy from AmazonBasics sell for a one year warranty.

However, these items come with an extended warranty. As such, the luggage and LED light bulbs come with a three year warranty plan.

Amazon offers a warranty on their products because they manufacture their own products.

It’s really hard to get something that is not faulty, so if you find something that is defective, then you should contact your nearest Amazon Warehouse and get it resolved right away.

What Is Covered By The AmazonBasics Warranty?

Amazon’s warranty protects products against defects in materials and manufacturing even if the products are not used every day.

A damage warranty would require that Amazon would be liable to you for a replacement product in the event of damage through customer abuse or normal use.

Ink cartridges will usually be covered for the first 90 days of ownership. After that, the device may or may not be covered for ink cartridge malfunctions.

To show you more examples for the above example, let’s imagine a customer is to buy the ink cartridge and uses some of the ink. After they have used all of the ink, the ink cartridge malfunctions. After that, the warranty is no longer active.

How To Make A Warranty Claim With AmazonBasics?

Amazon allows you to make AmazonBasics warranty claims either in person or by phone. If you have issues with an order, you can call the Amazon Customer Service line at (888) 266531 or by visiting your local AmazonBasics store to receive a warranty card.

To make a warranty claim, you need to log in to your Amazon account. After you are logged in, you can access the “Help” section of the website by clicking on the contact section in the “Help” section of the website.

There are many Amazon customer reviews that are saying that you should call the customer service line to resolve your problems faster.

How Does Amazon Handle AmazonBasics Warranty Claims?

The claim is handled in one of three ways by Amazon – or if you are eligible to pay with Amazon Pay, Amazon will handle it themselves.

Replacement with a new element.

One of the first ways Amazon handles warranty claims is by replacing your product with a new or refurbished version of the same or similar product.

If you have returned it and if you received a replacement, you must send it back to us at the address indicated above.
In case you wish to have the goods re-shipped, please note that the shipping cost cannot be refunded.

Amazon will remove the item from your account and you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges.

Amazon gives you a full refund if your item is replaced or repaired using new and refurbished parts.

If you received a refurbished part, the reason for the return will be indicated on the packing slip that the seller sends to you.
If Amazon sends a new part, it will be packaged and packed and shipped to you by Amazon Fulfillment Center.

If Amazon decides to repair your AmazonBasics product, you are responsible for shipping the product back to you.

You have received a refund.

The third way Amazon deals with warranty claims is by refunding you the purchase price of the item. Your money will be returned back onto the original or equivalent form of payment you used.

If you aren’t happy with your item within 4 weeks of purchase, please contact customer service.

Do All Products On Amazon Come With A Warranty?

Amazon sells products that come with limited warranties.

One of the most popular, but also expensive, warranty is the one that covers the cost of a replacement item and the shipping for it.

To keep it simple, you get a warranty on a book or other eligible item for a fixed period. The length of the warranty varies by product.

The additional protection plans will be very important if you have expensive stuff like furniture or electronics.
So to summarize, don’t get scared of this. You can always delete your account at any time.

If you choose the add-on protection plan, you can usually get more protection than the warranty.

What Is AmazonBasics?

Amazon sells items under various private brands such as AmazonBasics. Although Amazon owns these private brands, they do not make them in warehouses.

In our case, we’re creating a “white label” mobile app. We want to do all the work ourselves. We provide the app template and branding, developers can then customize any of the UI elements to match their brand.

What Kinds Of Products Does AmazonBasics Sell?

The department that products are made for ranges from home items, including appliances and electronics, to clothing to furniture.

There are about 30 different departments that AmazonBasics makes items for, and they have a diverse range of manufacturing techniques.

For example, for our products, we use the same type of methods and are not restricted by a strict set of processes.

if you have a need to know more about Amazon’s choices, check out the Amazon Shopping Tips that explain how to find the best deals on electronic items, and also the Amazon Deals of the Month that explain how to find the best item at the lowest price.


After filing a complaint with Amazon, you will either be refunded or has a replacement product shipped to you.

Amazon does not cover the shipping costs when you receive damaged or defective parts, so you are responsible for shipping and handling charges.

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