Best Buy Open Box Warranty (all You Need To Know)

Many consumers choose to purchase open-box items, that they’ve gotten for free or a greatly discounted price, instead of waiting for the products to be returned to Best Buy.

While most customers are not aware of the Best Buy’s Open Box Warranty, Best Buy has made the process easy-peasy. Simply scan the bar code of the open box item to see if it qualifies for the warranty. You can also check Best Buy’s Open Box Warranty page for more information!

Best Buy Open Box Warranty In 2022

When we purchased this item, we had several questions about it, such as whether it will work again, when it might break, and whether it was worth the price. We were happy to find answers to all those questions by getting in touch with Best Buy. They did a great job of guiding us through every step of the process. It was really satisfying to see the result of our purchase and a big win for our wallet.

Best Buy has a really great warranty policy. If you are a registered Best Buy employee or an employee of an authorized Best Buy dealer, you can exchange any item received through normal retail channels for 90 days.

Do Best Buy Open Box Items Have A Warranty?

Yes, but it is a 60 day warranty and has a 30 day return policy on open box items.

Best Buy offers customers a warranty on open box items, just in case the items need repair, maintenance, and replacement after purchase.

In a situation where a customer experiences a fault on an open-box item within the warranty period, it would be possible for them to claim maintenance services through Best Buy.

Once the customer returns defective goods, Best Buy employees arrange getting repair and maintenance services.

What Is Best Buy’s Open Box Warranty Policy?

This means that if you buy a product as it is in the original packaging, you can return it for any reason within 90 days of purchase.

The warranty on open box items is for a one-year period from the day the product was purchased. If your open box item is defective, you can contact the manufacturer’s warranty department to make a claim.

If the manufacturer’s warranty on an open-box item has come to an end, the Best Buy store you’re shopping at will provide a procedure for servicing open-box items no longer covered.

However, if you need maintenance beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, you can choose to purchase services from Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

However, an open box item is only eligible for return and exchange in your warranty agreement.

Please inspect our items carefully. If you find an item with damage that was not caused by shipping, we will happily exchange it, provide a merchandise credit or offer a full refund.

You will have at least 14-28 days to return a damaged or defective item to us and receive a refund. You must notify us within 12 months of purchase.

Does Best Buy Open Box Excellent Come With Warranty?

Bestbuy opens box items can be returned for a full refund if the item is not in working order.

Although items are sold at a discounted price, Best Buy offers a warranty and considers the item to be brand new.

The condition of the ‘Excellent’ Best Buy open box item means that it has been checked for issues and the condition of the item has been reviewed.

-If an item is in Excellent-Certified or Excellent condition, we will be happy to apply for the item to be upgraded to Excellent.
-If an item is in Satisfactory or Fair condition, we will not be able to upgrade it.

Therefore, an open box excellent item has the best condition and is sold with a warranty.

Can Best Buy Open Box Items Be Returned?

I think you can if you return it to the store within 90 days.

Under warranty returns, a customer can bring back any open box items that the company is willing to repair.

If a customer needs repair and maintenance services, they should check the terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer’s warranty before making any claims about the warranty.

Return and exchange policy stated that you can return or exchange the product within 7 days (unless it is an open box product).

How Can I Claim My Best Buy Open Box Warranty?

As of the time of this writing, you can find the Best Buy phone numbers by navigating to the contact page on their website.

You may also try calling Best Buys customer support team at 1-888-237-8289. You can mention your request and wait for their guidelines about what actions they will take.

While the Best Buy warranty doesn’t cover any third party products, that’s the only way to get the warranty for any opened box items.

For the most part, Best Buy will do this without a problem. Best Buy offers free in-store return if it’s been more than 15 days as well as a shipping reimbursement if it’s been more than 30 days. For orders of less than $20, they will typically still honor the return within 30 days, although there are certainly exceptions to this.


Also, if an item is purchased at Best Buy, and the items are opened, the item is no longer covered by the warranty, except in the case of some appliances.

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