Best Buy Open Box Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

As one of the top shopping stores in the U.S., Best Buy allows its customers to return most items that they are not satisfied with.

 Many people don’t even know how to apply their return policy for open box items at Best Buy. If you’re not sure how to apply the return policy simply call Best Buy at 1-800-222-5555 and ask to speak with a service representative.

Best Buy Open Box Return Policy In 2022

Best Buy’s return policy allows customers to return open box items within 14-45 days from the day of purchase in 2022. The company will evaluate your claim and authorize you to return the open box item, provided that you have evidence of purchase, valid photo identification for the purchase, and an approved reason to return the item. The company will pay the cost of return shipping if the item is returned via a shipping method for which the company is responsible.

If you are not satisfied with the open box return at Best Buy, and want to know more about the policy, if Best Buy open box has a warranty, and much more, keep reading!

What Is Best Buy’s Return Policy On Open Box Items?

If a customer purchases an item that is in used condition, the customer would be able to return the item through mail or at any Best Buy store in any other states.

If you are returning an item that is open box, we will cover the cost of the return shipping, and you only need to pay for the return label.

If we are offering you the chance to trade or sell your item, we will cover the cost of return shipping.

Returning an item in the best buy store is very simple. The store will usually allow you to return nearly all open box items (including open-box items, new, clearance, re-owned and refurbished products) as long as the return is made within the applicable return and exchange period.

The return of a package has to be made within 15 days of receipt for standard membership customers, while Elite and Elite Plus members have up to 30 and 45 days, respectively.

Additionally, Best Buy requires that you present the original packaging and accessories if you decide to make a return request.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our returns and exchanges policy, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.228.4985.

This is not a service request.

The process of returning an item at Best Buy may vary. If the item is in an unopened box, is damaged, defective, or appears to be in a different condition than depicted in the photo, some stores may deny the request for return.

Can I Return An Item To Best Buy With a Box Or Original Packaging?

You can return your Electronics with out the original packaging or box. The item must be in new condition with no signs of use.

This is one of the problems with best buy, as it will take a receipt or something of that nature to get a refund.

If you return an item without a box/packaging, you must return that item within 14-45 days of purchase.

Is Open Box Worth It At Best Buy?

Open Box items are best to buy when you compare the price to the buying price. Open box items aren’t always a good deal, but when they are they can be great deals.

Items for sale that are for sale “open box”. You can save a lot of money. They normally have lower prices than new items.

If an item is marked as ‘open box,’ it simply means that the package has been opened and returned by its original shipping vendor, but not necessarily because the item is defective or damaged.

Returning a product that is not defective is acceptable if it was a bad purchase.
Returning products that are defective after you have received them is wrong, as this shows the company does nothing to improve its product.

However, since some customers have complained on items that they opened before purchasing, you should check before purchasing to avoid any arising issues on the product.

Does Best Buy Open Box Have Warranty?

When it comes to warranties, some products do have a warranty that you can take advantage of.

Products that are fully-opened cannot be covered under warranty. If such products are damaged, contact the best buyer.

If the manufacturer’s warranty of an open box item has been expired, the store that you purchased from can provide service for items that are no longer covered by the warranty.

Just like, if you buy a used MacBook Pro from an Apple store, you will likely be covered by a warranty.

What Does Best Buy Open Box Excellent Mean?

If an item is in the Open Box Condition, it likely will have a few issues, but is in good cosmetic condition.

Once an item is returned to a Best Buy Store, it is inspected and tested to verify the working conditions and physical appearance.

Please visit our website for more information or contact our Customer Support Team at 1-844-345-6272.

Because the working condition has a huge influence on the quality of the item’s work, depending on the working condition, items can be tagged as Excellent-Certified, Excellent or Fair.

All parts and accessories are installed, and all defects are corrected for warranty work done at the request of customer.

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Because Best Buy doesn’t mark their items “open box” this means there are no open box returns and exchanges. This doesn’t mean you can’t make a return request for an open box item within the return period.

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