Sam’s Club Tv Return Policy (opened Box, Used, No Receipt + More)

The TV area is usually the best part of the Sam’s Club store because they have a large variety of TVs, including some really good deals.

One of the problems with returning a TV is that sometimes you just don’t know what the problem with the TV may be. To help you decide whether your TV is worth keeping or if returning it is the right thing to do, we have created this page to help you.

Sam’s Club TV Return Policy In 2022

You can return or exchange TVs at Sam’s Club as long as you have your member card information and you’re not using a Sam’s Club gift card or cash. You can either do it in-store or online.

Sam’s Club’s return policy for TVs is pretty straightforward. You are allowed to return TVs you purchase for any reason through the return period specified by the manufacturer.

How Do You Return A TV To Sam’s Club?

When returning a TV to Sam’s Club, the warehouse retailer offers two choices for doing so: you can take it home yourself or have the store put it in storage for you.

You can view your TV purchase history on the Sam’s Club website and avoid an all-out war between the family cat and the family dog by returning the TV yourself.

You can return a TV online by using the return label provided by our company. Attach this label to your package and send it. You can return a TV purchased offline as well.

This makes Sam’s Club a perfect place to purchase a new TV. They have the inventory needed for your next TV purchase.

They have a small business in one of our stores.

The Sam’s Club is offering a free return on TVs purchased inside or outside of the store.

You can either return it at a store without the original box, or you can simply return it to the store from where you originally purchased it.

I did not manage to bring my receipt with me and it took a while before I managed to get hold of it.

How Many Days Do You Have To Return A TV To Sam’s Club?


You’ll have to pay a $5 return shipping fee to Sam’s Club through their website. Your TV will then be shipped back to the Sam’s Club store at no additional cost or hassle.

You can also return your products within 90 days if they are unopened and in their original packaging.

Can You Return A Used TV To Sam’s Club?

You can return for the full amount of the purchase price of the TV or a reasonable amount of its value, whichever is less. Ensure all the TV is in good condition when making the return.

Inform the store where you purchased the item of your decision to cancel the contract within the cancelation period. You will receive a confirmation from the store by email.

Additionally, if the TV was damaged by accident, Sam’s Club will not accept a return.

Can You Return A TV To Sam’s Club Without A Receipt?

Sam’s Club does not strictly enforce the requirement that you bring the original receipt, even though it’s required by the government.

When you return your TV, you will receive an email or text message from Club Member Services with your TV return.
So, if you have any questions related to your returns, please contact: [Phone].

You can find the details of your past purchases by logging in to your online member account.

Can You Return A Defective TV To Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club allows you to return any defective TV. However, they will only take back the TV if it is returned within 90 days of your original purchase. After 90 days, they will not allow you to return a TV even if it is defective.

The Sam’s Club warranty protects a TV from getting damaged or malfunctioning from any issues that may arise.

This warranty plan is active for four years and is available for TVs worth $500 or more.

* Protection from a wide range of damage including: water, fire, wind, burglary, and theft from cars and other vehicles.

Can You Return A TV In-Store That Was Purchased Online At Sam’s Club?

When you purchase TV online, you can return it in-store at any Sam’s Club store located in the United States.

When you return the TV in store, make sure you bring your member id and receipts in front of the store staff.

How Do You Get Your Refund After Returning A TV To Sam’s Club?

You may be wondering if Sam’s Club will refund your money if you return a TV. Sam’s Club proudly offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all products you buy at their stores.

If you returned a non-furniture item to Sam’s Club, your credit or cash reward will be applied to your next purchase. The store gift card can be used as long as the card has value.

You will get credit on your account if you return the item you purchased online.

If you need more information about Sam’s Club and the furniture warranty, you can visit our posts on Sam’s Club warranty, return policy, and return policy.


You may return any TV to Sam’s Club in original condition and packaging, for any reason, within 30 days of your purchase.

You can then return the item and receive a full refund of the product price.

Customers will be able to return TVs that have not been opened, used and with a valid receipt. This applies to both in-store and online returns.

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