Walmart Ipad Return Policy (no Receipt, Open Box + More)

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One thing to note is that the return policy may vary depending on the iPad you ordered from Walmart. So, if you are lucky enough to find an iPad that you really like (which I highly recommend), it would be beneficial for you to read this part of this article thoroughly, just to make sure that you comply with the retailer’s return policy.

Walmart iPad Return Policy In 2022

Wal-Mart allows customers to return their tablet for replacement or refund in the 30 days after a purchase. In-store purchases can be returned within a 15 day window, and online purchases are subject to the stated return policy.

If you want to learn if Walmart charges any fees to return an iPad, whether the iPad needs to be in good working condition, if Walmart returns an iPad without a receipt, return the iPad to Walmart without a receipt, if you can return an iPad to Walmart without a receipt, and much more, keep on reading!

Can I Return An iPad To Walmart Without A Receipt?

Apple’s website explains that you can return an iPad without a receipt if you are verified by Walmart’s returns tracking program using a valid government-issued photo ID.

Cashiers use this to check whether you are returning without a receipt and if so, to discuss the problem with the manager.

You should return your iPad in its original casing with extra accessories such as charging cables, Apple pencil, plug adaptors, headphones, and manuals.

Amazon is taking advantage of the increased value of the iPad and offering more options for returning the product.

Does Walmart Charge Restocking Fees For iPad Returns?

This is Walmart’s policy, and they do not charge extra for registering an iPad for a return.

Additionally, Walmart provides free return shipping on and many other products purchased from the Walmart store.

If you do not have access to a printer to attach the free shipping label, you may visit your local Walmart store to print it for you without any charge after you log in to your Walmart account.

The only fees will be when you do the return shipping, you most likely will have to pay for the return shipping.

Can I Return Used Or Open iPads To Walmart?

Walmart will allow you to return your used iPad as long as it hasn’t been opened and used.

Please note that the shipping costs are non-refundable whether or not the returned item is defective. If, for any reason, you have decided to return your item and it is defective, it must be returned within 30 days of the date the item was originally received.

If the original shipping label was included with your package, you may choose to have your original shipping charges reimbursed. In this case, we will deduct the original shipping charges from your refund.

Additionally, there is the possibility of damage to the box due to shipping, shipping damage to the box itself, or even damage to the contents during shipping. If the box is broken or there is any other damage, the store owner has the final say regarding whether the box is accepted or rejected.

Keep the original packaging until you are completely satisfied with your iPad. Walmart will not accept returns if you have disposed of the box.

In case you received a defective or damaged iPad and the problem was caused by the seller, you will be able to take back the iPad and get your money back.

How Long Do I Have To Return An iPad To Walmart?

All iPads sold and shipped by or available in Walmart stores are returnable for 30-days after the date of purchase or delivery. After 30-days, an item can be returned only if it is in its original packaging.

On the other hand, you can return an iPad purchased from a third-party vendor for a maximum of 15 days.

When you shop for products online, click on the item. You should find the “Return Policy” tab displayed in the product description column. This will give you information about your returns privileges.

What Is The Return Process For iPads At Walmart?

You can return a purchased iPad at a Walmart location that is a part of the Walmart family, such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Field & Stream, or even Walmart Canada.

You can get an iPad through the online Walmart portal for free.

To complete an in-store return, simply provide proof of purchase–such as an online invoice, packing slip, or store receipt–with your iPad intact.

You can request a refund or replacement for an iPad using your Walmart online account by selecting the iPad you wish to return for a refund or replacement then following the prompts.
– You’ll need to get your original receipt and your original shipping label from the return ship box. The original receipt should include all the information from the receipt you received when your iPad was shipped.

Please remove the device and the original accessories from the box and place the order form and the box inside.

Will I Get A Refund When I Return An iPad to Walmart?

Walmart is going to offer you a full refund on your purchase. You will need to provide proof of purchase.

In this case, the word “direct” refers to the refund being issued immediately without a processing fee.

There is a ten-day period where in-store returns are processed on the spot, and you can expect to see your refunds in your account, within ten days.

The return will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to process. Once the return is processed, your original payment will be refunded back to your account.

Please keep in mind that if you have a membership that is due to expire soon, your original payment will be refunded. However, you will not be able to access the website again until your membership is renewed.

Although it’s not required, refunds do begin within 48 hours of the marketplace getting the information.

You will need to have an online account with us, and we will be sending you a code (via SMS) within 1 hour of placing the order.

If you are looking to see if your item is eligible for a refund, you can see our related post on whether or not Walmart takes Apple Pay.

Conclusion: Walmart iPad Return Policy

If you purchased your iPad through the Walmart iOS App, you have 30 days from purchase or delivery to return the iPad. If you purchased your iPad in-store or through the Walmart online platform, you have 15 days from purchase or delivery to return the iPad.

iPads must be returned with all accessories to be eligible for a full refund. You will need to provide proof of purchase when returning the device. This is the only way to receive total cash or credit, or a replacement.

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