Best Buy Monitor Return Policy (used, Open Box, + More) 

Because of the wide selection of monitors, Best Buy sells a variety of different types for different purposes including gaming monitors, curved monitors, ultrawide monitors, LCDs, and LEDs.

However, if you’re not satisfied with the monitor you purchased from Best Buy and want to return it, here’s everything I’ve found out about their return policies through my research!

Best Buy Monitor Return Policy In 2022

Best Buy will provide in-store pickup for customers who return monitors within 60 days, for customers who return monitors within 30 days, and for customers who return monitors within 15 days. Customers will receive a refund. All sales are final. Customers must provide proof of purchase.

Returned Monitors.
What to do if you return a monitor without the original packaging.
What to do if you return a monitor to Best Buy.
More about returning monitors.

What Is Best Buy’s Monitor Return Policy?

If you’re a Best Buy member and purchased this monitor, you can return it within the specified returns window and you’ll be issued a full refund or free replacement.

If you don’t cancel your Best Buy membership, your account will be terminated after a certain number of days. The number of days varies by membership level.

If a monitor is delivered with a display that is damaged, the warranty will not apply to that display. A customer who receives a damaged monitor from the supplier will need to return the monitor to the supplier without any questions.

If you purchased a monitor without the option to return it, you have 90 days from the shipment date to return it. If your monitor is not in working condition, please submit it with the sales receipt.

If you have any questions regarding your monitor, please contact our Customer Care team at [](

We will be more than happy to answer your call.

In addition to returning your damaged goods, you can also return any kind of product to Best Buy.

Does Best Buy Charge A Restocking Fee For Monitors?

Best Buy will not charge a restocking fee on an item if you return it within a certain amount of time based on your membership level.

All customers purchasing Monitors from the Site are required to attach proof of purchase and ensure that the monitors are not physically damaged while returning them.

Can I Return A Used Monitor Without The Original Packaging At Best Buy?

It is possible to return a monitor without the original packaging at Best Buy, but you should ensure that you have included all accessories and have a valid proof of purchase when returning the monitor.

The store will charge you a deduction fee on the item for the missing packaging and any other accessories.

Can I Return A Monitor Purchased At Via Mail?

You can return your monitor and get a refund from eBay. You just have to be careful about the shipping.

you can go to the URL and fill in the required information.

It’s recommended to use the insured USPS for the shipping. If the customer needs tracking, the UPS packages can be sent with an extra for an additional charge.

Does Best Buy Accept A Return After Delivering The Wrong Monitor?

If you ever had a problem with your delivery, like a laptop that arrived with a broken screen, or a monitor that arrived with a different make and model, you can take it back to the store and they’ll gladly exchange it for you.

The instructions are in the package. If you have any questions, call your bank or the bank with whom you’ve set up your direct deposit.

In addition to refunding to you the shipping fees that you have already paid for, we’ll be using these to recover the cost of your replacement product.

Can I Buy A Monitor At Best Buy And Return It For Replacement?

You may return the monitor that you bought from Best Buy if you are not satisfied.

Used monitors or monitors sold as open-box are not eligible for return, unless the error is ours and we have made contact with the seller of the used merchandise.

Can I Return A Monitor To Best Buy After 60 Days?

You must mail in the product to Best Buy within 15 days of delivery if you did not receive a 90-day warranty card. You must mail in the product to Best Buy within 30 days of delivery if you did not receive a 180-day warranty card. You must mail in the product to Best Buy within 45 days of delivery if you did not receive a 2-year warranty card. There is no product return after 60 days.

If you return your monitor within these return windows, you will get a refund back on the amount you paid.

If the monitor is returned due to the display issue, it will not be accepted since the issue has already occurred.

Can I Return Open Box Monitors To Best Buy?

Best Buy will also accept your old monitors, so if you want to return your Dell, HP, or AOC monitor, you can do that as well.

Any kind of damage or even scratches can compromise your monitor’s warranty.

Does Best Buy Accept Monitor Returns Without Receipt?

You need to be able to prove you bought the monitor for a refund, without proof you need to pay shipping and handling charges.

Furthermore, when you place your order online, you need to use a valid government issued photo ID to help us confirm you as the owner of the email address you use.

Can I Return A Monitor Without Proof of Purchase?

You cannot return the computer to the store without any proof of purchase.

This return policy is set in place to ensure that each monitor you purchase has a copy of the original receipt from your order so that your package can be returned to the customer service department.

However there are rare cases that Best Buy will exchange the monitor without proof of purchase and you can take the monitor back.

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If you are wondering about any of the return policies, you can also read the Best Buy return policy on laptops, desktops, and other electronics as they pertain to you.


Standard, Elite, and Elite Plus members are required to sign-out from the monitor before returning it to the manufacturer’s warranty service center.

They must also include valid proof of purchase such as the receipt, packing slip, or credit card statement. Note that returns can be made both in-store and via mail.

If you are going to be returning an item, please let us know if you are willing to accept the return at your expense or if we can contact the manufacturer.

There’s no need to include the original tags, manuals, or accessories with a return.

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