Best Buy Dead Pixel Policy (monitors, Tv’s, What To Do + More)

Since a defect like this can’t ever be completely detected without inspection, once in a while you may get a defective electronic component that results in some dead pixels.

To find out better about what the Best Buy Dead Pixel Policy actually is, I did some research on Google and found several things that might answer your questions.

Best Buy Dead Pixel Policy In 2022

Best Buy is one of the first companies to accept this type of returns. You can easily exchange or return items in store without fear of chargebacks. This is a great move by Best Buy and they’ll likely find a way to integrate this into their customer experience in the coming years.

If the dead pixel looks dark, there are chances that it could be a defect.
If the dead pixel is not visible at all, then it is most likely caused by something that has nothing to do with the screen.
If the dead pixel looks white, it is most likely a cosmetic one.
If you are facing a problem with Best Buy’s warranty, contact one of their customer service representatives as soon as possible.

Does Best Buy Warranty Cover Dead Pixels?

Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover dead pixels.

If your monitor is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, we can fix the hardware for free.
If the monitor is not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, we might be able to fix the damage for free or at a subsidized price.
Please call us for a recommendation on how to proceed.

The term “warranty” refers to the term of the manufacturer of the product. The warranty period is usually 2 to 3 years.
The term “user warranty” refers to the term of the end user of the product. The user warranty period varies depending on different brands.
The “total warranty period” is the sum of “manufacturer warranty period” and “user warranty period”.

Similarly, you will have to pay $199.99 a year for Best Buy’s Geek Squad protection plan in order to receive cover on dead pixels.

Does Best Buy Accept Returns For Dead Pixels?

It was originally a warranty issue, but they are able to accept returns for dead pixels.

If you purchase monitors such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo monitors, they allow you to return the item within the return and exchange period.

You have 15 days to return a product to Best Buy. If you are a member of the Elite Plus program, you have 30 days to return your product. If you are a member of the Elite program, you have 45 days to return your product.

If your returning dead pixels, you are allowed to return them only within the return or exchange period and you have to follow a set of terms and conditions for Best Buy to process your return request.

If you purchase an item which has a dead pixel on the display, Best Buy will verify that the item was purchased on the date shown on the receipt by verifying the receipt with the store you purchased the item at.

Additionally, Best Buy will require that you provide the original packaging and accompanying accessories, and you must provide a receipt in order to receive a partial refund through the BestBuy credit card.

Please do not reply to this message. An online rep will assist you with the online return process.

If a part of your item develops a dead pixel after the return and exchange period, Best Buy will not accept the return.

However, it will offer repair services based on the manufacturer’s warranty and membership with Geek Squad.

Does Best Buy Cover Accidental Damages Causing Dead Pixels?

Unfortunately, Best Buy doesn’t cover dead pixels caused by accidental damages through the Geek Squad Protection plan.

The Geek Squad Protection Plan is available online or in-store at any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile, as well as at select Authorized Service Provider locations.

Does Geek Squad Protection Cover Dead Pixels?

Yes, Geek Squad Protection covers dead pixels when your TV or monitor develops defective pixels on the screen. This is an extra cost.

For more information about our service coverage as it relates to your device, follow these steps.

If people are experiencing issues with their dead pixels, they should head to Best Buy to get their monitor tested or request services in the home.

How Many Dead Pixels Are Acceptable At Best Buy?

Best Buy repairs or replaces three or more pixels on monitors or TVs for eligible equipment, if you are eligible and if your warranty is still active.

If your laptop screen is defective, then you can have it fixed for $7.00.

How Long Do You Have To Return A Dead Pixel To Best Buy?

Dead pixels is where there is a little black dot that is bright as the rest of the screen. This can happen during shipment or when the item is used. In other words it can happen if you see a small dot of colour across the entire image.

Dead pixels can be easily corrected. In most cases, this does not affect the picture quality at all.

Best Buy will not accept a return request if it is outside of the return and exchange window.

How Do I Return An Online Order With Dead Pixels From Best Buy?

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it to the Best Buy store within 14 days of purchase, or if you are more comfortable, you can return it to

In order to process your dead pixel return request faster, please present proof of purchase and a valid photo id.

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Best Buy allows a customer to return items, request a refund, exchange, or receive repairs. All return terms and conditions must be met for Best Buy to process a return request.

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