Do You Tip Best Buy Delivery Drivers, Installers & Geek Squad?

In most cases, tipping is considered an entitlement after a service is completed. However, this is not always accepted by the company policies.

With so many choices of products and services at Best Buy, customers often ask if Best Buy delivery drivers, installers, and Geek Squad workers get tips. Here’s what I found out!

Do You Tip Best Buy Delivery Drivers, Installers & Geek Squad In 2022?

Tipping of Best Buy employees and service providers are prohibited as of 2022. This includes both Best Buy delivery drivers and Geek Squad service workers. Best Buy customers are also prohibited from tipping Best Buy employees and service providers. Best Buy employees are prohibited from accepting tips during their shift. Customers are expected to fully pay for their purchases before leaving Best Buy.

If you would like to know more about tips at Best Buy, and whether or not Best Buy employees can take them, keep reading!

Are You Supposed To Tip Best Buy Installers?

I did. They weren’t very nice and wouldn’t go out of their way to help, but they tipped me anyway.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of all the benefits that come with upgrading your home or office to a new system, contact us.
You can also visit our website and check for the latest offers and offers.

I recommend that you look into buying an appliance toaster or microwave, and then you are in control in terms of when to use them.

Still, this is the first step, and only for the people ready to try the installation.

If the installer has trouble installing the appliance, the installer will need to take a longer time to complete the task.

To be able to tip them you first need to see them as a real worker, someone who needs to be compensated.

Are You Supposed To Tip Best Buy Geek Squad?

After the Geek Squad’s services, it’s okay to tip them, even though they don’t say so in the Geek Squad’s etiquette guidelines.

Once you hire Geek Squad, you already pay their wages.

As a home owner, your home will never be clean again.

If the company charges you for the service then there is no extra money for you to earn. Therefore, it is best to pay them as the job is completed.

However, if a customer chooses to offer tips as a token of appreciation, they do not expect that the tips would be given by the Geek Squad personnel.

We can provide such tips and the fee will be $10-$20.

Do Best Buy Delivery Drivers Accept Tips?

Delivery drivers used by Best Buy do not accept tips from the customers.

Best Buy does not require its delivery drivers to offer tips to customers, but they are always welcome if they happen to offer them.

If the delivery driver accepts the tip then he or she would have to use the tip for a tip service.

When you offer delivery drivers tips at goodwill, you can range for between $10-$20 a person. However, the delivery driver may refuse to accept as it is against their employment contract.

Can Best Buy Employees Take Tips?

Best Buy employees must not accept tips from customers.

The policy of Best Buy on tipping clearly states to everyone that tips are not allowed for any product and services offered at Best Buy.

While many customers will likely not be impressed by the efficiency of a Best Buy employee and will continue to spend their money at other retailers, there is still some chance that a Best Buy employee will be recognized as being particularly efficient at handling customers.

According to the employee, they can accept the tip or politely refuse the tip offer.

As much as tipping is not allowed at Best Buy, some employees often feel appreciated and motivated when a customer offers a tip. It also encourages them to give you your money’s worth.

Does Best Buy Install Appliances For Free?

Best Buy, through it’s Total Tech Support is offering customers free installation services on selected appliances bought at $399 or more. They say the services are complimentary.

You just need to sign up for a Total Tech Support membership and you’ll receive free installation services, appliance repairs, and Geek Squad and Autotech services.

For more information, you can also see our related articles on the Best Buy store hours, the Best Buy pre-order policy, and the Best Buy price adjustment policy.


In conclusion, Best Buy doesn’t allow customers to offer tips to all employees, including salespeople, delivery drivers, and installers.

However, people have the freedom to decide, within themselves, whether they should appreciate the good work done by the employees.

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