Do You Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers? (full Guide)

Tipping your delivery driver may not seem like the right thing to do, but a tip helps the driver pay for the supplies they use, and it shows that you valued their service.

 If you do decide to give a tip to one of your drivers, it should be of the same amount and in the same currency as the delivery charge.

Do You Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers In 2022?

Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers are not allowed tip their service. Since some third-party companies keep a percentage of the tip, it is better to tip your driver through cash and make sure your tip reflects the quality of service you were provided.

If you want to know more about how much you should tip your Walmart grocery delivery driver. You can read the following article: Learn what the proper tipping etiquette is while grocery shopping.

How Much Should You Tip Your Walmart Grocery Delivery Driver?

You can tip your delivery driver, just like you can tip the restaurant worker delivering your food.

While it is dependent on how you feel about their service, it is generally acceptable to give a minimum of 10% for good service.

For a short period, I tried to do it more, but I didn’t use my driver enough to make it worth it.

Do You Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers In Cash Or Card?

You can either tip your delivery driver in cash or to your credit/debit card through the Walmart app. You can do this at the same time as you place your order on the Walmart app.

You can tip your driver while or after you complete your purchase. This is the easiest and most convenient way to tip your driver.

Drivers may feel uncomfortable saying too much, as they don’t want to risk losing a tip.

The fastest way to tip a driver is by using cash. You can be sure that the additional tip will go into the driver’s pocket.

How Do You Tip Your Walmart Grocery Delivery Driver?

To tip your delivery driver simply add these items to your order through the Walmart app or through your account online.

* When you are at the Payment Step (i.e. you’re about to make your final payment).
* When you are at the Confirmation Step (i.e. you’ve confirmed your order).
* When you receive an Order Confirmation email.

You can either pay the person who will deliver your order online using Cash or the money can be placed in a sealed envelope.

How Much Do Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers Receive From Tips?

Walmart employs delivery drivers from a variety of third-party delivery services in addition to its own fleet.

Some are more reputable than others. It’s important to make sure the driver uses a reputable platform.

We would like to encourage our customers to use their debit or credit card when tipping, particularly in cash-only restaurants.

Instead of just tipping the driver, try leaving cash or a tip through your bank account, you can just pay the driver an amount that is about 10% of the trip itself, so if you have a $50 trip, you tip the driver $5.

Can Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers See Your Tip?

Walmart grocery store workers can see your tip through their third-party delivery service app.

You will be able to view your delivery history and earnings, which include tips left through online orders after each delivery.

Who Delivers For Walmart Grocery?

Walmart is expanding grocery delivery services by contracting drivers outside of their own internal company to undertake orders.

The company has partnered with services like Skip Cart, AxleHire, and Roadie, all of which are used by other companies as well.

One example is a website called Postmates, which will not only deliver your order within 2 days, but also deliver it to your home.

Walmart also works with DoorDash to deliver groceries to those who have already placed an order online, since those orders can be fulfilled by DoorDash drivers.

Note that the Walmart drivers would benefit from tips, but not necessarily a lot from the extra dollars.

How Does Walmart Grocery Work?

You’ll find a store associate at the store who will accept your order and collect each item for your delivery.

If you choose a free delivery option, the driver will leave your order with you and it will be collected when you leave your order.

The delivery cost will depend on how many orders you make and the delivery membership you use.

There is an additional small fee if you are not a member of Walmart Grocery to join your account.

Customers can pay for Walmart delivery by using a debit or credit card, and will receive a text message letting them know that their order was handily delivered to their door. The customer can then choose to tip the driver, and the payment will be added to the order and will be charged to the customer’s card.

You’ll want to pay extra for “white glove” delivery, especially if you have fragile items like jewelry.
You might want to tip a minimum of 15-20% if you’d like the item to be checked over by the carrier. Make sure to include the additional cost of the delivery in your tip.
You can tip up to $10 for an additional carrier if you need it to deliver to your home or another destination.

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Tipping Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers is entirely a personal choice. While tipping drivers may help them in the long run, it’s not mandatory.

Walmart hires third-party delivery services to deliver goods to their stores. Although Walmart doesn’t pay the delivery drivers directly, some of these third-party delivery services may take a percentage of the tips.

You can go for additional service or use other means of payment if you’d like to give a tip for the driver’s service.

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