Lowe’s Plant Return Policy (guarantees, Dead Plants, No Receipt, How Long To Return + More)

There are a wide variety of plants available at Lowe’s, but you will also find a Christmas tree. There are also seasonal plants available such as tulip bulbs in the spring, tulips in the summer.

Lowe’s plant return policy has many questions, concerns, and concerns. Let’s answer the important questions about plant returns and see if you qualify for a refund.

Lowe’s Plant Return Policy In 2022

Because of their plant guarantee, Lowe’s will let you return plants after a year, even if they are dead. Lowe’s will give you credit for a new plant or a replacement of your plant. However, this only applies to perennial plants, not annual ones.

To get more information about the Lowe’s plant return program, including which plants you can and cannot return to Lowe’s, what you need to do to return your plants to Lowe’s and more, then keep reading!

What is Lowe’s Plant Guarantee?

The guarantee allows you to return or exchange your plants even if they are dead for a full year. You won’t receive a monetary refund, rather a store credit to use at Lowe’s.

This offer is available only with a qualifying Lowe’s plant purchase and is good until October 30, 2018. To receive a replacement or store credit through the Lowe’s plant guarantee, simply return your plants, even if dead. You can either swap your dead plant for a new one, or receive store credit at Lowe’s for the price of the plant. The guarantee is available only with original Lowe’s plant purchase receipts.

It is recommended to keep your tags and receipts for your plants so that you can return them. Lowe’s guarantee can only be used for plants, trees, shrubs and perennials.

What Plants Can I Not Return to Lowe’s?

You can bring back virtually all types of plants to Lowe’s, even dead plants. However, different plants at Lowe’s are subject to different return policies.

You can return most items within one year of purchase. If the purchase was made within 90 days, the item must be returned within 8 weeks after purchase.

You can return any plant that you bought at Lowe’s or Home Depot. You need proof of purchase, such as a receipt or a barcode for plants.

Can I Return Dead Plants to Lowe’s?

Lowe’s is offering replacements, and offers store credit to customers that return dead plants. If you have the appropriate tags and receipts, Lowe’s will be able to replace the plants or give you a store credit.

If you live outside the original delivery zip, you will be responsible for shipping charges. Lowe’s will cover the first $20 shipping cost on returned items. The Lowe’s will cover shipping cost of items if the package is returned within 30 days from purchase date and it is not damaged. Items damaged outside the 30 day return window will not be eligible for a replacement and will not be eligible for a refund.

If you’ve bought a dead plant and wish to return it to Lowe’s, you must return it within the specified time and provide the dead plant as evidence that it is the one that you are returning.

Can I Return Clearance Plants to Lowe’s?

If you bought clearance plants, you should be able to return them for store credit which will be credited back to you. The amount of credit you receive will be based on the amount you paid for the plant and the value you assign to the plant.

Lowe’s will give you store credit for a sale you made that can only be applied to a plant you originally purchased from the store.

If your plant is non-returnable, Lowe’s will give you a 10 day grace period to return your plant. else, return your plant and the receipt will have the return information.

Can I Return Christmas Trees to Lowe’s?

When you return a large Christmas tree, you must leave it on a flat, level surface. And it must be returned before December 25th.

Lowe’s says that they don’t consider Christmas Trees to be return exceptions, as they have to be returned 30 days after purchase.

You will need the receipt or proof of purchase and the tags. You must also bring them to a Lowe’s store or website.

Do I Need the Receipt to Return Plants to Lowe’s?

You can use the receipt or similar proof of purchase which was provided when you bought your plants.

Lowe’s may be able to find your purchase by using the contact information from your original credit card, Lowe’s MyLowe’s account, phone number or checking account number.

If you return a plant that is still alive, you must include a copy of the packing slip for the plant and a receipt for the purchase price of the plant. Lowe’s will give you store credit of the current selling price of the plant. If the plant is not completely alive, you must include the packing slip and a receipt of the purchase price to obtain store credit.

How Long Do I Have to Return Plants to Lowe’s?

If your plant is a perennial plant, you can replace or return it for store credit for a full year after the date of purchase, due to Lowe’s plant guarantee.

If you have a plant that is annual, or other type of plant, and it is subject to the regular return policy, it must be returned within 90 days of purchase.

To obtain return authorization, customers must contact their Lowe’s customer service department and must provide proof of purchase, a copy of your card and a reason for the return.

The seller may specify another warranty period under the terms of which the seller will perform warranty services.

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Conclusion: Lowe’s Plant Return Policy

Lowe’s will accept returns if you live in a certain distance from their plant. They will accept returns and exchanges up to a year after purchase.

Â* Â* The LoweÂ(r)s  plant guaranteeÂ(r) applies only to products sold in the U.S. and Canada. It does not apply to purchases from LoweÂ(r)s Canada store locations. This guarantee does not apply to purchases made through LoweÂ(r)’s retail locations or independent contractors.
For a complete list of LoweÂ(r)s plant guaranteeÂ(r), visit www.lowes.ca/plants.

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