Lowe’s Paint Return Policy (opened Can, Tinted, Not Used, No Receipt, Time Frames + More)

The hardware store Lowe’s specializes in building, home and business improvement products, and also includes paint, so they sell several types of paint, sizes, and colors, both from the store and online.

If you purchased paint directly from Lowe’s, you cannot return it.
If you purchased it online from a 3rd party merchant, you may be able to return it if it was delivered to your home.

Lowe’s Paint Return Policy In 2022

Lowe’s accepts returns on paint within 30 days of purchase if you have a valid proof of purchase, such as a receipt as a valid proof of purchase, then Lowe’s allow you to exchange and refund your paint.

For more details on how to return paint, including what paint you can return, how to return paint, and what you should do to get your paint back, keep on reading!

Does Lowe’s Take Paint Returns?

But it’s not just good for paint. Lowe’s can also take out-of-date or damaged furniture, so that you can get a better sale price.

According to Lowe’s return policy, paint is one of the exceptions to the return policy and you must return it within 30 days of purchase.

You can also return or replace your paint even if it’s partially used.

What Is Lowe’s Paint Color Guarantee?

You may return most types of paint within 30 days of purchase.

2.4 (2) In the event that more than one of the above claims apply, the Customer acknowledges that the Seller does not accept liability for more than the total cost of the goods.

Lowe’s paint guarantee applies to any Liquid or Cream-Formulas Paints that are new, unused, in their original container and are in a clean, dust-free and well-ventilated area that is free from extreme heat or moisture when opened, mixed or applied.

If you are returning a paint that you received at Lowe’s, you must return it in the original container.

We will get you a comparable color for Lowe’s paint return. We will not replace the paint or give you a refund. Lowe’s has a policy that lets you get the exact paint color you want, even if it’s not in stock.

Lowe’s guarantee is not valid if the paint is applied improperly, or if a surface is not prepared properly.

Also, at Lowe’s, the paint color guarantee can only be used for the colors of our store paint products and not for paint colors from our competitors.

I would assume Lowe’s will refuse exchanges or refunds that they feel might be a fraud due to the fact.

How Do I Return Paint To Lowe’s?

There are two ways to return paint; you can return it in store or by mail if you purchase online.

To do that, you will need the original payment method (such as a credit or debit card), a photographic ID, and the receipt to return the paint to Lowe’s. Once you are sure the payment went through, you can fill in the coupon code and finish the order.

And returning paint to Lowe’s store when it was your fault.

You can bring your paint back in its original container to a Lowe’s, or another Home Depot store.

After the store you purchased the products from, employees will help you complete your return.

You can show the store employee your proof of purchase and ask for an exchange or a refund according to your preference.

Lowe’s is going to use paint to return to a customer.

Lowe’s allows you to return your order for free via UPS or USPS. They will also help you with packing and shipping the item.

Lowe’s and other stores make it easy to return items. You can return your order by going to the store you purchased the item from or by mailing in the shipping box with your packing slip.

In order to return your online paint purchase, first log in to your Lowe’s account or open a return using Lowe’s online returns link.
If your purchase is eligible for a return, a Lowe’s Returns Center will open.
If your purchase isn’t eligible for a return, a Lowe’s Home Improvement store location will open.

Prepare your paint, ensuring all necessary components are in the original box with the paint.

Then write the two strings representing the inside and outside of each package and a newline at the end of each string.

Finally, you can then deliver your Lowe’s return parcel to a carrier or a carrier location, and Lowe’s returns the items back to their warehouse.

Can I Return Opened Paint To Lowe’s?

If the paint you buy is defective, you can return it within 30 days of purchase while you still have a valid receipt.

If you accidentally ordered the wrong color paint, Lowe’s has a way to refund or exchange the paint.

Any opened paint you returned to Lowe’s must be the original container, the original container must be in new condition, and you must purchase the same brand, color, and quantity of paint.

Can I Return Tinted Paint To Lowe’s?

The paint color guarantee does not apply to Light Brown, and therefore, cannot be returned to Light Brown.

However, Lowe’s stores have been known to allow for some returns of the tinted paint at the manager’s discretion. There is a chance that the color could come off. However, the color is meant to be permanent.

You may apply for a refund on your Lowe’s paint, if you have painted a Lowe’s paint over another colour.

In that case, you need to have the receipt, original container and original payment method. However, you also need to show a valid proof of citizenship for yourself. For example, for the US you can provide a driver’s license or passport.

How Long Do I Have To Return Paint To Lowe’s?

In many cases, Lowe’s will issue a refund (less shipping charges and restocking fees). However, Lowe’s will not accept returns on products that have been opened or damaged, even if the paint is not yet dry.

Can I Return Paint To Lowe’s Without A Receipt?

If you don’t like the color of your paint, you can return it for a refund to Lowe’s.

When you are ready to purchase paint or other home materials, simply ask for your MyLowe’s card. You can use your phone, check your mail, or even your credit card as proof of purchase.

If your receipt is lost or damaged, Lowe’s will issue you store credit for the current selling price of the paint at the manager’s discretion.

This requirement does not exist today, however, the US does not issue a visa to every individual who desires it.

Lowe’s only keeps the right to refuse return without proof of purchase.

How Will I Receive My Refund After Returning Paint At Lowe’s?

If you have a Lowe’s paint refund, it is often sent to you by the same method as the original payment.

If you paid your paint purchase with a credit card, Lowe’s will issue your refund via the same credit card.

If you are looking to use the most common paint colors for your home, your best bet would be to call your Lowe’s. They will be able to recommend you the best color for your home.


Lowe’s will accept returns or returns for paint product up to 30 days after the initial purchase, as stated on their policy page.

You need a valid proof of purchase, an ID, and the paint must be in the original container to get a refund or exchange.

You can return that paint in any store or you can receive it in an envelope by mail if you purchase it online.

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