Home Depot Paint Return Policy (opened Can, Tinted Paint, Not Used + More)

Home Depot is a major store that sells paint in different types and shades to help you with DIY and renovating projects.

Returns or exchanges are accepted on damaged or defective items in your
possession within 30 days of purchase. See store associate for details.
Your paint must be returned in the original box and new and unused;
customers are responsible for shipping charges.

Home Depot Paint Return Policy In 2022

HomeDepot only accepts returns within 30-days of purchase if a customer is not satisfied with the provided color. Additionally, Home Depot may accept products opened or tinted as of the same time period, but this decision will rest on the store manager. Customers should bring a receipt or purchase confirmation for a refund or store credit.

If you are thinking about whether you can return opened paint cans, whether you can return paint without the original receipt, and much more, continue on with reading!

Can You Return Opened Cans Of Paint To Home Depot?

You can only return opened cans of paint to Home Depot as long as you are unsatisfied with the color of the paint.
This is a very common situation when you are buying a lot of paint. Most stores will have a limit based on their own policies.

If you have a problem with the paint that has been applied to the wall, Home Depot is willing to work with you to change the paint color. If they can not, they will replace the paint with a color that will closely resemble the original paint.

Also, Home Depot needs to accept opened paint cans, but not all opened cans of paint will be accepted. The policy is intended to protect Home Depot, not the consumers.

Can You Return Tinted Paint To Home Depot?

Customers are only allowed to return tinted paint to Home Depot if they have tried it and it was not the correct shade.

If the paint is opened at home depot, you can correct the color and try reselling it for a profit. Also keep in mind that the original color could be a different tone altogether.

If you have a problem with a paint type, you will have to ask the associate for a different one. We don’t have time to look up what type of paint your furniture needs and then change it for you.

What Types Of Paint Can You Return To Home Depot?

You can return any opened or unopened paint to Home Depot within 30 days of purchase.

1. What is this part? I’m having a problem finding it in the parts list.

It is at the discretion of the manager whether or not they want to accept the return. The amount of used paint is likely to factor into the decision.

If you’re unsatisfied with your paint selection, we’ll happily give you another color, as long as you bring in your receipt or we receive your order via the online portal.

It is not recommended that you use the paint you want to return once you have decided to return it,
as the store will likely have to dispose of the paint.

If you have to get rid of any type of paint, it is a hazardous material and it can cost your company to dispose of it according to your state and local laws.

Can You Return Unused Paint To Home Depot?

If you don’t have a paint can to return to Home Depot, bring an old can. Otherwise, Home Depot will not accept them.

As long as the paint you received doesn’t have a disclaimer on it that says “This paint is not the correct color, and is not covered by warranty” it is acceptable.

If you check the details of the product before you open it, you can make sure there are no issues and then return it to Amazon for a refund, which is not covered by the consumer warranty.

To return a product that you no longer want, head over to your local Home Depot with your return slip and explain the situation.

Your associate may email the original provider directly or you can email the original payment provider directly for a refund.

Can You Return Mixed Paint To Home Depot?

Home Depot will happily accept the return of mixed paint or paint that doesn’t fit their color scheme.

Returned items must be returned in the original manufacturer packaging.

It’s ok to return the item if you have changed your mind. You will be required to pay the purchase price of the item.

To start the clock on the return policy, you will need to be returning mixed paint and not liquid. Liquid paint cannot be returned.

Can You Return Paint Without A Receipt To Home Depot?

I don’t think that you will be able to initiate a return without the receipt.

Some stores may allow it, but you will only receive store credit when the paint product is on sale.

However, you might want to re-purchase your items in the same way if you pay with a credit card because it may incur additional fees.

If you have a Home Depot Pro account, you can save your receipts for up to 2 years online.

What Types Of Paint Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot has an extensive selection of paint, primer, and wood stain products.

These are the types of paint that will be used to paint the walls, floor, ceiling, and various furniture and fixtures.

If you need to return a paint sample, or if you need to return paint that is not in its original, sealed carton, we can not accept it.

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Conclusion: Home Depot Paint Return Policy

Home Depot only allows returns on paint within 30 days of purchase, and can only be returned if you are not satisfied with the color provided.

When Home Depot determines that a color is not a suitable replacement, it will then correct the color or return the paint to you for a comparable color.

However, if you are not returning a receipt or you return more paint than half of the container, your return will be delayed or denied.

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