Does Home Depot give free Paint Samples? (full Guide) 

Home Depot is a leading home improvement business with a presence in nearly every state. From power tools to bathroom sinks, cupboard handles to insulation, Home Depot is the place to go for your home renovation or upgrading needs. And with prices that cannot be beaten, customers flock to Home Depot daily.

You might wonder about the right paint to use for a project. The paint department is in the back and they have a wide selection of colors, finishes, and popular brands.

If you get a coupon for 20 free samples, there is an exception for paint. There are certain brands of paint where you can’t get samples. However, Home Depot does give you samples of their paint.

Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022? 

Home Depot offers free digital paint sampling through an app for Android, Apple and Windows Phone devices. The app makes it easy to take a virtual picture of a wall and select paint colors. Paint is then delivered to a customer’s smartphone and then to the customer’s home. In addition to Home Depot, you can also try out other paint brands through

Now that you have read the article, go check out the Home Depot store that you can use to compare samples, get the best deal on paint, and save money.

Can You Sample Paint At Home Depot? 

You can also sample the colors and finishes at the paint department.

There are many different kinds of paint available, which is why sampling is important.

Customers can get free swatches and sample sizes at Home Depot.

And also, you can request small quantities of paint colors if you order online from for a small fee, in 8-ounce cans.

What Kinds of Paint Samples Can You Get At Home Depot? 

Whether you buy in-store or online, you can try out colors and learn more about them with Home Depot’s paint color sampling.

For example, Home Depot paint associates can help you select paint swatches for your home, or order a variety of paint samples online for a small fee.

There are many things that can be used to test paint samples, such as a white board, white wall, etc., but one way is to use a can of spray paint.

The Home Depot stores also have a digital store which helps you discover the perfect wall color.

Customers can visit the Home Depot website to browse a wide variety of colors and sub-hues.

The application, which has been available for a while, now allows users to choose a set of colors they’d like to apply to a space. Once you’ve done that, the app can then guide you through choosing the colors for your space — from wall paint to tile.

How Do You Get Sample Paint At Home Depot?

If you need to buy some paint, Home Depot will set you up with a free sample and will have the color you need at your preferred price point.

And of course, you can order paint samples from the paint department.

Customers will be able to browse and purchase quality paint products, including paint color, brands, and sample sizes from their computer or mobile phone.

You can also place orders online via the Amazon website or app. If you order in the app, the products will be shipped to your Amazon account.

How Much Do Paint Samples Cost At Home Depot? 

Home Depot gives free paint sample packets to customers that walk in their store. They are located in the paint and hardware section of Home Depot.

What you get with any standard size paint can or bucket is about 20-30 gallons of paint. You could probably buy a little more of a sample size container for under $3, but you would have to make a bunch of purchases at that price.

Plus, if you’re a new customer, you can take advantage of our special offer, free ship-to-store pickup or free and fast delivery straight to your door!

A simple way to find the best paint colors for your home is to look at paint swatches at home center and big-box stores. Swatch paint test kits can be purchased free online and come with a sample of each color that you can apply to a large area of your wall or ceiling.

What Paints Does Home Depot Offer For Samples? 

Home Depot has many different paint colors, types, and brands.

While most are offered in-store as free sample swatches, some brands are not offered as swatches in-store and may only be offered as a sample on the website.

In this video, I am going to show you how to use my peel and stick design templates to create labels for your beers.

I can’t think of any other brands that are available in free samples, but you should check your retailer and ask if they carry these brands.

There are many other services that Home Depot offers besides the paint. For example, the department store also offers carpet cleaning, flooring, lighting, plumbing, cabinet and countertop, flooring, and plumbing services. You can also get a free estimate for carpet replacement when you bring in an old carpet to Home Depot.


Yes, Home Depot does offer free paint sample to customers! They even offer color match samples that can be loaded onto their mobile app! This means Home Depot can also help you find the right color, type or finish.

To ensure a beautiful finish in your home or office, paint manufacturers and the professionals who apply the finish are trained to avoid the many pitfalls associated with painting.

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