Does Home Depot Match Paint? [full Guide]

A very fun way to decorate your home is by painting it. A big part of decorating your home is by painting it. To get your home looking new again, you can consider putting the paint to work on your walls.

Home Depot can match paint for its customers so they can have the perfect color palette in their home.

Does Home Depot Match Paint In 2022?

Home Depot’s customers can also return items for a refund. Paint chips/samples, paint cans, paint can lids and paint are not eligible for return. No product is eligible for return if it has been used, is damaged or defective.

You can learn more about paint products, types, and how to match paint using your phone during this interview.

How Does Home Depot Match Paint?

There are several ways of matching paint. One of the most common ways to match paint is to bring in an old can of paint to the store or bring in a paint chip from your wall or another painted item.

With the cans of paint, sometimes home depot paint department database has the color on file, and sometimes their database does not.

Of course, if a new, unusual brand of paint is being used, the associate will contact the paint department to get the proper codes. Some of the codes are included on labels, but some aren’t.

If there is no label on the paint can, there is no guarantee what the actual color is. There is a chance that the can is labeled correctly, but there is a chance that it is not.

What Does Home Depot Use To Read the Color?

A spectrophotometer is a light meter that reads color. It was made for the purpose of reading paint samples in Home Depot. It is one of the most expensive tools at the store.

The paint base is mixed with a colorant so the final color matches the characteristics of the paint base.

How Big Does a Paint Chip Need To Be?

If you’re bringing in a paint chip, a piece of something else painted, or another item you’re wanting to match, you can use it as a palette.

Paint palettes are available in a variety of sizes and are great for holding several colors around the paintbrush.

Also, when you are using a black and white paint swatch, it is not as important as when you are using a color swatch.

Can Home Depot Match Paint Colors From Other Things?

If you don’t have the time or know-how to find the color you want in a can of paint, Home Depot can match it.
The match is done on site, either by the Home Depot associate, or you can take the sample you choose to the store.

And so, if you really want your new couch to match the shade of paint that you have on your walls, bring in a piece of fabric for the spectrophotometer to read.

If you want to give the couch a new look and you need a fabric swatch, remove the cushion cover and just bring the material underneath the cushion.

While both fabric and home fabric stores are able to match sheer fabric, if your home fabric isn’t in a fabric store, we’re unable to match it.

Can Home Depot Match Paint Color From a Picture?

There are two ways to fix this. You can print a picture with that color directly on the card or you can cut and paste a picture with that color. I’ll talk about a couple of different ways you can do this in the next video.

To create a mood board, you might want to look at images or magazines of walls with a wall color that you like or you may want to take a photo or two of things that make you happy, like a picture of a sunset, a picture of a beautiful garden, etc.

The second potential problem is that we are assuming the light was uniform and that all objects in the image are of the same color and reflectance. However, if we are looking at the image from the perspective of the photographer, then they could be sitting in a position that is producing different lighting. If the lighting is the same, but not uniform, then the color can’t be determined.

Another possible issue is that there was a color issue on this print, so it might not print perfectly every time.

There is another method that might work, but if your camera does not have that option then I don’t know what else you can do.

Is There a Paint Color Matching Smartphone App?

You can add the color from your Home Depot paint store directly into your Home Depot paint color choices without having to go to the paint store. There is color palettes you can chose from right on Home Depot.

You can take a pic of your home, interior rooms or exterior view, apply the color to the walls, and the app will change your picture to show the room in the color of your choice.

The app will also read a color off of whatever you point it at and then tell you what paint choices there are available to make that color. It’s similar in a way to the Paint.NET app where you point the camera at a color and it tries to look it up, too.

If you like this new color, you can always buy it on your wall and apply it to a room where you want it to be.

Can Home Depot Match Other Store’s Paint Colors?

I know paint brands that carry the Home Depot name might have the same colors, but it isn’t guaranteed, and the match isn’t guaranteed.

If you have Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint that you want to match, bring in a sample so we can mix the paint correctly for you at the paint store.

Many of the colors of popular paint brands are in Home Depot’s paint programs so it can provide a match for most colors available currently.

It is recommended that you use a spectrophotometer to accurately match your formulas because formulas are not provided in Home Depot’s database.

What Brands of Paint Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot may have several brands available across all stores but you may have to go to a specific store to get some specialty brand like a red colored paint.

There is a list of colors and brands of paint for Home Depot.

If you are looking for suggestions on what brand and quality of paint you need, ask the painter department employees for assistance and they will be able to suggest brands and types of paint that would be appropriate for your project.

What Types Of Paint Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot currently sells a huge range of paint products for indoor and exterior use, including oil-based, enamel, lacquers, primers, shellacs, matte or lustre, eggshell, semi-gloss, gloss, and high gloss finishes.

To learn more about if and/or when Walmart mixes paints, you can also see my guides on how to use multiple paintbrushes, and how to mix latex paint to thin out paint.


Sure, Home Depot can help you match practically anything you have in mind. From old paint chips to swatches of fabric to paint samples in their store, they have a number of ways to help you match your new paint to your home.

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