Lowe’s Vs Home Depot Paint (prices, Types, Interior/exterior, Paint Matching, Quality + More)

A fresh coat of paint can instantly make your home just that much more beautiful. Even if you live inside, a few coats can make your home really pop too.

Home improvement retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot are where many of us go to get our paint supplies.

These two stores have completely different stock, and are completely different in their approach. The first store is very traditional, but can also be very expensive, offering a few, very expensive, high-end (and even out of print) albums. The second store, however, is much more of a bargain store, with a much larger selection, offered at much lower prices.

In this video I am going to compare Lowe’s paint to Home Depot paint. In this episode I will be covering all the types of paint and how they compare in several different aspects.

Lowe’s Vs. Home Depot Paint In 2022

Lowe’s Vs Home Depot Paint: Types and Prices

We’re going to break down each store’s actual inventory of paint, then go through and list how much they charge for paint.

After you have entered Lowe’s, there is a section titled “Most Popular”. Here, you can see all of the popular items in the store. Also, the top products are featured on the main page, including the “Home Center”.

Home Depot offers a wide variety of general home improvement products at affordable prices.

This brand is a good, easy way to get started with painting your home!

However, they have a wide variety of spray paints in their store, from $4.48 to $6.39. They have a wide variety of paint, from Rust-Oleum, for anyone who needs paint.

Lowe’s Vs Home Depot Paint: Exterior

The website that Lowe’s has has about 12 types of exterior paint and the color chart is shown in color.

I thought if I wanted something that was a little more fun, a little more funky, I could use the black and white to add that little bit of dimension to it [chuckles].

The original version did not mention the home depot or make it explicit that it comes from a paint pack.

These are all coatings that are available to me to use, and are all paint.

Lowe’s price is about $32 for a gallon of paint from its Valspar brand, but Behr is selling a 1-gallon can for about $39.

Lowe’s Vs Home Depot Paint: Paint Matching Services

Both Lowe’s and Home Depot offer to match your paint color.

If you want a certain color you can often find it in the samples they keep at store. The process here depends on having a decent amount of color space to work with, a large sample to work with and a small amount of patience.

To create a realistic looking wood veneer or pattern you’ll have to find some wood that’s just as close to the color as your kitchen door. You certainly can’t bring the door to a paint store and ask them to match it.

To make sure the paint is the perfect consistency, I like to bring in at least a one-inch chip of paint.

I love seeing what other people have created.

After the computers have done their thing matching it, dab a bit of the new paint on to your paper, and let it dry – if you change your mind and want something else on there, you can erase it with nail polish.

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s will match any paint you purchase from one of their stores with a can of paint from any other store they own.

There are a lot of paint stores, and I think they have the best quality. In this particular store you’re going to get free shipping and free color matching. Your order will be shipped to your doorstep within days. The website will even let you know how much it’ll cost before you actually buy and go all the way through the checkout process. The website really makes your shopping experience safe and fun.

Lowe’s Vs Home Depot Paint: Quality + Best Overall

Consumers Reports recently listed Sherwin Williams on their top brands list. It’s the company’s first time getting on the list.

Searches for Sherwin Williams return a large number of hits, but they’re mostly for the company name, not for their paint colors.

Behr Marquee and PPG Marquee and PPG were named as the number one and number two marquees by Country Living magazine.

I also found the paint from one store to be much more “vibrant”.

Sherwin Williams’ Showcase Home paint is a good product with a good amount of coverage. The brush is a good size and easy to use with the right amount of control.

And you think it turned out pretty good? I like the way the painting turned out, and the wood on the table is kinda nice and dark looking and I just love the color. That is my favorite color, so I used that. I’m just glad that I had a nice paint to work with, because I was getting tired of Behr.

When I peeled back the paint, I found that the previous homeowner had tried to paint the baseboards, the window trim, and the walls, and the paint was so dried out, it just fell to pieces.

Behr Marquee has never done that. I have found its one coat guarantee to be absolutely true, and the finished product always looks great.

I have used Behr’s Marquee on 2 houses and both worked beautifully. I love the finish.

Sherwin Williams’ Infinity is very similar to Sherwin Williams’ Pro-Varnish and has a one-coat guarantee.

The price on the Behr Marquee website is pretty cheap for the amount of coverage you are getting. One of my customers put over $10,000 on our Marquee and is pretty happy with the coverage that we got.

Pick up a good paint and primer in one product, as well as a decent brush that will last for many years.

So in conclusion, Home Depot offers a really great deal on paint and with samples you can easily select a color that’ll match everything in your home.


Lowe’s and Home Depot offer excellent tools for you to purchase, and their workers are all experts on how you can make your house and garage more beautiful.

Any homeowner can use the services of either store, but both are also excellent for commercial painting projects.

I would give the highest marks to Home Depot for the best interior paint, hands down. But I like to save money, so I looked for the cheapest. I found it at Walgreens for $19.99 per gallon.

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