What Is Verizon Location Code? (how To Find A Code + More)

A location code is a number that is assigned to each Verizon wireless handset. It is a code associated with a specific location and it allows the handset to identify its location along with the device’s wireless signal strength.

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What Is Verizon Location Code In 2022?

Pre-Orders, Returns, or Purchases – It’s the most common way that location codes are used. When you place an order, it comes from a store of your choosing; if you return an item, it came from a specific store; and it’s used to track your purchases when you’re in the store.

In addition, Verizon stores have a unique location code ranging from 5-10 digits.
Location codes usually start with a 4-digit location code, but they can also start with a 3-digit location code.
For example, Verizon’s location code is: 1203.

Does Every Verizon Store Have a Location Code?

This is a great idea because knowing where an order has been placed helps them know if an abandoned order needs to be refunded.

On top of that, the online stores and telephones have a location code used to keep track of inventory from each source.

How Do You Find the Verizon Location Code?

People who pre-ordered the $100 device through Verizon will have to check the confirmation page to get the code. Once you have the code, you’ll then be able to unlock your Pixel and use the phone with any carrier.

The numbers will start with a few letters that are usually the country abbreviation of the code zone, followed by multiple numbers.

And these numbers are from different locations, but it’s in the same coordinate system.

A Verizon ID is just a unique ID we give you for your Verizon account. It allows you to access certain services on our site like Order Status, Account or Change Password.

Does Every Verizon Order Have a Location Code?

A large number of orders for products that are not on the map currently.

If you purchase a new phone directly from Verizon, it will not include this code but it will be attached to your existing line of service.

It will also depend on where you’ve purchased the product, as products bought from various authorized retailers won’t have a location code.

When Will I Be Sent a My Verizon Location Code?

When you confirm your order, the order information including the Verizon location code, will be listed on the confirmation page.

When you order a phone, you usually get a proof of purchase within a few minutes.

It could take up to 12 hours to receive the receipt for a payment.

We also recommend checking for any changes to your mail settings.

=== Step 3: Enter your payment information

Once you’ve verified your payment information, please click **Next**.

Does Verizon Require a Location Code for Tracking?

The location code can be found under the “Tracking Information” tab of Device Data or under the “Device” tab of My Verizon.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know the tracking code, you won’t be able to track your shipment through the Verizon website.

Do You Need the Verizon Location Code When Making Claims?

This user found the location code that we’ll be referring to in this article. This is useful if you’re going to file a claim with the retailer.

If you are providing a code for a discount, rebate or promotional claim, make sure to include the code on your emails and on your website, and make sure your code is available on all channels your potential customers are using to engage – it’s all too easy to forget one of the channels and lose an opportunity.

What If I Can’t Find My Verizon Location Code?

[Original]: To get your location you will need to go to the Verizon store or website, log in, and contact the store.

However, if you just have to fill out the Concession Plan form, then leave the location code blank, such as if you’re filling out the form on your own computer or mobile device.

According to online users that have been in that situation, some Verizon paperwork doesn’t require the location code, and you can instead just use the store number. If the store number isn’t working, try the store’s customer service number.

How Do I Find My Verizon Store Number?

You can access the store locator tool on the Verizon website. This uses your phone numbers to find your closest store.

If you’re browsing the internet and you have location access turned on, then your nearest store should show up on the page.

You can use the phone or you can go online or through text messages, and you can do this directly from your mobile device. You can go into your phone and go directly to the information about your store; you can go online by going to this website.

After you select the store from the list, you’ll be able to see the number assigned for that store at the end of the URL.

In order to understand if Verizon prorates the final bill, or not, and if it charges for hotspot, you can read our post on how Verizon charges for hotspot, and where to pay a bill for Verizon.


 The Verizon location code is a code that’s assigned to each Verizon store, and it helps keep track of inventory and where products are being shipped from. A small amount of this may be unique to certain stores, but it’s unlikely that a location code would ever be unique.

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