Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? (try This Instead)

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I had to find out if Benjamin Moore was behind the sale. The answer is both yes and no.

Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint In 2022?

Benjamin Moore paint is the most popular paint used in the U.S. Home Depot stocks some Benjamin Moore paint, but the prices are higher than other brands. They usually have a larger selection, too. There are some other brands Home Depot stocks, some in smaller quantities.

* Benjamin Moore Paint isn’t available at Home Depot, but the online store carries Benjamin Moore paints!
* There are more than 80 Benjamin Moore Paint brands available at Home Depot. Find your brand with our Benjamin Moore Paint selector on the homepage!

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Home Depot does not sell Benjamin Moore paint because they want to sell all their products at low cost.

Additionally, Benjamin Moore insists that their decision is based on their values and their commitment to their retail partners.

Benjamin Moore is always looking to find new ways to stand out from any other brand by providing excellent customer service all around.

They believe that big-box customers get the same service and a similar experience in their stores and as a result, they do not need to supply to these stores.

What Paint Does Home Depot Sell That Is Similar to Benjamin Moore?

Behr is one of the top brands of paint for interior and exterior applications, and includes paints in a number of different finishes.

I’m really not sure which brands are closest to Benjamin Moore, and the reason being is that you can buy Benjamin Moore paint at any hardware store in America.

In some cases, Benjamin Moore may offer a better deal to consumers in the long term, but when Home Depot stock is concerned, the store is your best bet.

Does Home Depot Color Match Benjamin Moore Paint?

I don’t see any paint specifically made with pets in mind at Home Depot, there are some paints that have been designed to be used with kids.

With Home Depot’s color matching service you can have a Benjamin Moore sample applied directly to your walls and it may color match an existing Benjamin Moore paint.

Where Can I Buy Benjamin Moore Paint?

Benjamin Moore only supplies independent retailers so it may be hard to find a supplier in your area.

You can use the website to find the stores near you which stock the paints.

In the case that you are looking to find out if a product is out of stock the following URL is a resource that will help:

And that will help you find whether a product is in stock at your local Benjamin Moore store.

If paint is ordered online with Benjamin Moore, it is delivered in an eligible store.

Sherwin Williams makes Behr paint.
Home Depot sells Sherwin Williams paint.
Home Depot is not the only store that sells Sherwin Williams paint.


The home improvement store does not sell Benjamin Moore paints in its stores or online.

Benjamin Moore paints are sold by an independent retailer or online (not Home Depot).

I would say the best way to compare Benjamin Moore paints is by comparing sample swatches of the Benjamin Moore color.

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