Who Makes Walmart’s Paint? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Walmart is known for buying everything cheap and they even sell their own brand of paint.

If you are in need of some good cheap Walmart brand paint for your bathroom or bedroom, you should definitely check out Walmart Color Place paint. They offer a wide variety of colors and prices.

Who Makes Walmart’s Paint In 2022?

Walmart’s private label brand of paints called Color Place will be made by AkzoNobel starting in 2022. The brand is designed to offer a variety of colors in a range of prices. It is not known how the switch will affect other brands or how much of Color Place’s paint will be imported.

If you would like to know more facts about Color Place paint from Walmart, read along to see what I found! This is what I found on the Color Place site.

What Is Walmart’s Private Label Paint Brand?

Paint brands are the paint colors you see on the shelf at a paint store. They are typically named after the manufacturers. Walmart has its own private label brand of paint, Color Place.

All of these different spray paints are sold as affordable, versatile, and long lasting, as well as long reaching and can be used on all surfaces in our home.

What Company Is Walmart’s Paint Supplier?

Sherwin-Williams and Valspar stopped supplying Walmart after they were hit with antitrust charges.

But, as a result of the move, Walmart’s cost per product line grew by 27 percent.

The paint is now manufactured in Belgium, the US, France, and China. The paints are the products for all of the AkzoNobel Group which includes, The varnish and surface protection products, inks, packaging and printing, and chemical and oil solutions industries. AkzoNobel also develops and develops surface protection products for other companies, such as the automotive paint industry, printing, and packaging companies.

AkzoNobel is the leading paint and coatings company in the Netherlands and the UK. It is present also in France, Spain, the US and Italy.

What Are Common Paint Brands Available At Walmart?

When you search Walmart, you’ll find a section for featured paint brands. Currently, Walmart offers over 1,000 different types of home paint.

“Coca-Cola”, “Pepsi”, “Fruit punch”, “Pepsi-cola”, “Dr. Pepper”, “Dr.Phelps”, “Kool-Aid”, “Mr. Pibb”, “Mountain Dew”, “Tropicana” and “Raspberry”.

Is Walmart’s Color Place Paint Of Good Quality?

Walmart has spent a lot of cash and effort to improve the paint on its products. However, Walmart paint has not always been an easy sell.

The fact is that Walmart sells its paints at a low price but we can see that it is good quality by the fact that it was the number one selling brand for paint in Canada from 2008 to 2013.

Walmart paint looks great and has a great warranty, but it seems like a pretty expensive decision to make.

Consumers are disappointed that it is difficult to apply Color Place paint products.

As only 40% of my reviewers would recommend this color place to friends and only a third of those, would recommend it to others. Also some of the paint was very streaky.

1. A defective product;
2. That contained a defective color, not a defective product;
3. That was manufactured in China.

Reviewers were very happy with the low odors and fast drying times. They also stated that Color Place has a large selection of colors.

good opacity
good tint
good flow rate
good blending
good dry and wet time
good coverage
good color selection
good shelf life
good mixability
good dispersion
long wear (good water resistance)

On a personal level, my experience with paint is a bit simpler, at least in the area I deal with: a home interior. There are only two main reasons to apply paint to a wall, and both of those fall under the category of “something to do”. I’ll list out my criteria, and then you can decide for yourself.

What Is The Best Paint Brand?

If you are planning to paint the exterior of your home, it is important that you check out the different paints that you can purchase. You should take note of the reputation of the paint and the colors that are offered.

The paint industry has always used different materials for various paints. The professionals believe that the other products are of similar quality.

The paints are thick so you only need one or two coats to cover the surface.

For walls, you’re looking for a good wall texture but be careful of using a wall texture that already has a lot of paint on it. If you do paint it, you want to use a higher sheen wall paint to bring out the texture of the wall.

Although paints made by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams tend to be cheaper and more affordable in the beginning, they can become less durable and can smell during use.

As the leading paint brand, Valspar is very popular among paint users. It’s a perfect replacement for standard house paint and lasts much longer.

How Much Does Walmart’s Color Place Paint Cost?

If you decide that you don’t want to go out and buy your own paint, Walmart offers a different option. Color Place spray paint is available in stores for a cheaper price than getting your own. This is great if you want to paint something without having to lug around bags of paint. Plus, using Walmart’s spray paint means that you won’t have to worry about purchasing a large amount of paint that you don’t even need.

What Colors Are Color Place Paint Available In?

Walmart sells various kinds of paints, including colors and sheens, and some of them are available in a variety of colors.

For more precise colors, you can search for “Paint Stores Near Me” on the Walmart website.

Does Walmart Color Match Paint Shades?

When you buy paint through the Walmart app you can get color matching through My Perfect Match.

Walmart has a paint service where customers can color match their own paint or request colors from a selection of popular brands.

While free with basic color matching, you will have to pay for more advanced color matching including match shades, match shades, match eye color and match skin tones.

Also, since a third-party service performs color matching, it typically takes one to three business days to complete a match.

To learn more about Home Depot’s paint related services, you can also see our posts on Home Depot’s paint return policy, if Home Depot mixes paint, and if Home Depot owns Walmart.


Although Walmart has recently changed the manufacturing company for its paint from Sherwin Williams to AkzoNobel, you shouldn’t worry since this company has been in the paint industry since the 1700s.

This phrase was published on a post on Reddit. The author of this post wrote an article on Medium about this subject.

AkzoNobel paints in the Americas, Eastern and Central Europe, Asia, Australia, North Africa, Middle East and the Mediterranean, and the Pacific.

Walmart has a wide array of paint offerings that can complement any home decor.

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