Does Home Depot Give Free Tile & flooring Samples? (guide) 

It is difficult to select the most appropriate tile or flooring for your house without first trying out a number of samples and evaluating the best one.

I found that Home Depot and some other stores give out free samples, but it isn’t free at all. You’ll need to pay a fee for them though.

Does Home Depot Give Free Tile And Flooring Samples In 2022? 

Home Depot offers a small selection of free tile and flooring samples in-store as of 2022. Otherwise, customers can find a large array of materials, types, and brands for tile and flooring samples at for a small fee, starting at $3 with free delivery or in-store pickup.

To learn more about what kind of free flooring samples that you might get at your local Home Depot, whether there are any restrictions on making a purchase, as well as other topics such as flooring warranty plans, costs of installing free samples, and how much does delivery cost of free samples, take a look at this page where we’ve collected all the answers to the most frequently asked questions that we’ve found online.

Does Home Depot Give Free Tile Samples? 

Home Depot’s selection of grout materials is not as comprehensive as you might otherwise find in a tile store. Fortunately, you can find a few free samples at the store.

Home Depot customers can buy flooring samples and other samples at home depot because it is a place that stores flooring and other home goods.

Home Depot has a full range of tiles available, starting from around 5 dollars for a small portion.

Note that most sizes are eligible for standard delivery to your door and free shipping. In fact, most sizes are eligible for in-store pickup or free shipping and handling. Buy the ones that work for you and keep the others for second or third-wear.

Does Home Depot Give Free Flooring Samples?

Home Depot is free to the public to take flooring samples, both in-store and online.

In addition, gives a free online calculator that helps you calculate the amount of time, money, and materials necessary to complete a project.

You can search for flooring samples of wood that mimics many different species and types.

What Kinds Of Free Tile Samples Does Home Depot Offer? 

The tiles available at the Home Depot in California are quite varied and can match the variety of your home.

We can’t see how home-improvement products will help a store get more customers, and we’re not sure why the company has introduced the tile displays.

Different styles, patterns and textures.

What Kinds Of Flooring Samples Does Home Depot Offer? 

Are There Any Restrictions On Tile And Flooring Samples From Home Depot? 

While Home Depot does not have a strict sample policy for tile and flooring,
customers should exercise restraint when choosing samples in-store.

Home Depot employees don’t want to give more than 2 free samples to a single customer because the customer has the potential to become a repeat buyer.

If you are ordering your tile or flooring samples online, the limit is generally 3 items per order to allow enough stock for everyone.

We recommend that you order two, three or four samples for your personal preference.

The customer is not always aware of the impact their purchase may have on the overall pricing, especially for small samples.

To learn more about this question, you might be able to read a more specific question about Home Depot paint prices or Home Depot paint color codes.


I looked and there is no sample of the tiles I want, but I still like their design.

A better option for tiling is to order samples from the wide variety of tiles and flooring found online at

Tile samples are roughly $5, and the flooring samples are approximately $3.

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