Lowes Flooring Return Policy (types Of Flooring, Time Frames, Un-used + More)

A: Lowe’s has a convenient return service that allows you to ship it back directly to the company where you bought it. We have a free return shipping service
that we use for all home improvement returns. However, Lowe’s
accepts only items from store shelves for returns.

 Lowes will only let you return flooring if you have a receipt that shows the date your first purchase of that product was made. You must return the flooring to a Lowe’s store within 90 days of the date your first purchase was made.

Lowe’s Flooring Return Policy In 2022

Customers had the option to return flooring at any time, in-store or from home, however, there were a few restrictions. As of 2020, customers can return flooring within 90 days of purchase, but must pay a restocking fee of 20% of the price. For custom order flooring, customers can return within 30 days of purchase, with a restocking fee of 20% of the price.

Keep reading if you want to read about our new return policy and get tips and tricks on how to return flooring at Lowe’s.

What Types Of Flooring Can I Return To Lowe’s?

Lowe’s is a retailer where you can buy all sorts of flooring, including vinyl, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, tile, bamboo, and so on. You can use its website or go to their stores in order to browse the different products.

This warranty is based on the date of installation and the length of time that was used to install the flooring. For example, if you installed your flooring four years ago, or if you installed it longer than four years ago, you will have more time to use the warranty.

How To Return Flooring At Lowe’s

For online returns of new flooring, customers can visit a Lowe’s customer service desk with the item and a valid email address and a phone number.

We can do better. We aim to keep the website clean, so that you don’t suffer from ‘web fatigue.’ Our site is easy to navigate and simple to use.

If you bought your flooring online, a prepaid return slip will be mailed to you.

Please ensure that the item is undamaged and include the completed return slip with the return.

Please do not send returns business or residential.

It is easy to pick a floor for free, if you live in the US. You can call the customer care by dialing (800) 445-6937.

However, I don’t think there’s a 20% restocking fee on custom-ordered hardwood flooring.

Can I Return Flooring To Lowe’s Without A Receipt?

Even though it’s helpful to have your receipt to return your flooring, it’s not required to return your flooring at Lowe’s.

You can either access the original credit card, checking account number, MyLowe’s card, or phone number to get information on what the charge was.

If you still have a receipt for your order, Lowe’s may issue you a rebate of the sale price of the item, up to $50.

It is recommended to contact Lowe’s with questions about the return and refund policies. However, if you paid with a Lowe’s credit card, the purchase can be tracked via the account for your return.

Lowes offers several different types of credit cards. One is a revolving credit card and the other is a charge card.

Can I Return Used Flooring To Lowe’s?

It’s possible to trade used and unused flooring within 90 days of purchase if it’s in good condition.

if you opened up a box of flooring at Lowe’s, they may ask for a store receipt. They can’t keep it forever, but they may give you another one if you have that receipt.

When you order flooring from Flooring America, you have the option of financing your order.

How Long Do I Have To Return Flooring To Lowe’s?

Flooring items that are opened can be returned to Lowe’s within 90 days of purchase.

You may not return any other items to Lowe’s.

However, returns are accepted on custom orders and are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

How Will I Receive My Refund For My Lowe’s Flooring?

Because Lowe’s has a right to refund your original purchase via the method of original payment, you will receive your refund in the form of a credit in the credit card you used to purchase the flooring.

Lowe’s will give you cash back in your account for any unpaid purchases with the Flooring for Cash program.

With any new purchase, you need to protect your information and the security of your payment methods. Check your bank and credit card statement each month, as well as your credit card company’s transaction statements to make sure you have not been the victim of fraud.

Credit card refunds can only be processed if the item is returned and received within 30 days (or within 60 days from the date of purchase, if it is a gift card). If the item cannot be returned, or it has already passed the return policy, refunds can be processed as store credit.

If you bought a product on credit and it doesn’t work out, you can get a refund on store credit.

On one hand, Lowe’s purchases made with a debit card will refund you with cash or refund onto the debit card, which may take up to 15 days. On the other hand, Lowe’s purchases made with a credit card will refund you with a discount coupon.

If you order custom flooring and return it, you will pay a 20% restocking fee. There is a very simple reason for this. Custom flooring is very difficult to return to the manufacturer and you will need to contact the company to get a refund. Please see your local merchant for details.

In an event of Lowe’s cuts tile, there will be a minimum of six months to return or exchange the tile due to the nature of the product.


Lowe’s customers can be assured that they will receive a fair return policy on any type of flooring that they purchase from the company.

To return a product purchased in the last 90 days, you need the receipt and photo ID.

However, you can call the company if you experience a defect in the product. They’ll be able to send someone out at no charge for the initial evaluation.

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