Lowe’s Lawn Mower Return Policy (used, No Receipt, No Box, Time Frames + More)

The company has a list of retailers and stores where you can buy accessories in order to help you get your lawnmower fixed or fixed itself.

It’s simple! If you have a problem with a product you purchased from Lowe’s, you can return it for a refund. Read on to find out how!

Lowe’s Lawn Mower Return Policy In 2022

All purchases are fully refundable under certain conditions. There is a 30-day time limit on returns of unused appliances, which means you must return them within 30 days of purchase. You also can’t return lawn mowers, even if they are in their original packaging. Some lawn mower manufacturers also offer their own return policies.

For anyone reading this, if you need to return a lawn mower, Lowe’s and Sears have a very helpful return policy!

How To Return A Lawn Mower At Lowe’s

Customers can visit a Lowe’s customer service desk at their local Lowe’s store to get a refund or exchange for a Lowe’s lawn mower.

The company will not accept the photo ID that is on the sticker.

If the sticker is removed from the product, you can still use the receipt-based return policy. The receipt must still show the original purchase price.

Here you can find your prepaid return label or a prepaid return portal address.

When you are done, take the completed return slip to your nearest UPS Store or package store and return the mower to UPS Ground delivery for shipping.

We can also arrange for no-charge pickup if you live in the US. Call Lowe’s customer services at (800) 445-6937.

Can I Return A Lawn Mower To Lowe’s Without The Receipt?

In order to protect you against fraudulent charges, we request a credit card on file when you register. As a result, you can be charged for any transactions on your credit card that occur AFTER you register.

If you cannot retrieve a receipt, Lowe’s will do its best to issue you a refund at the item’s current selling price.

But if you bought it with a Lowe’s credit card, such as the Lowe’s Advantage Card, Lowe’s Business Advantage, Lowe’s Commercial Account, or the Lowe’s Business Rewards card, you may be entitled to a refund.

If the lawn mower is returned to the dealer, they will be able to see you purchased the mower.

Can I Return A Used Lawn Mower To Lowe’s?

To buy a new lawn mower, you will need to open your Lowe’s return envelope and then put cash in the return envelope to buy the mower.

 However, when it comes to opened mowers, Lowe’s can let you return them if they were never used.

However, if you have a used gas lawn mower, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, but you must fully drain the gas from it and have the receipt with you, and your lawn mower must be in good operating condition.

How Long Do I Have To Return A Lawn Mower To Lowe’s?

Because of this, they will have one of these lawn mowers within your 30 days.

If you return any non-Craftsman or Black+Dagger product that was purchased from an authorized retailer, you have a window of 180 days in which you can return it to your local retailer for a full refund within the U.S.

If you bought your Craftsman or Black+Dekker lawn mower using a Lowe’s credit card you can return it for either a store credit or exchange within 365 days after the purchase date.

What Do I Do If My Lawn Mower Is Damaged?

If you purchase a damaged Lowe’s lawn mower that could not be repaired, you should call Lowe’s customer service at (800) 445-6937 within three days of receiving the item to report the damage.

After you call the customer service number, they will pick up the item and issue a refund if they are able to. If it is out of stock, they will place a new one in your order which you can pickup at your local store.

Can I Return My Lawn Mower Without A Box?

If the lawn mower is in perfect condition, then they will charge you $5.00 shipping and handling fee, of course you can use the store coupon for a reduced shipping rate. If the lawn mower has any damage, they will charge you $7.99 shipping and handling fee, of course you can use the store coupon for a reduced shipping rate.

What he is saying is that “lowes will know that there is a return if the box is opened.

Although the packaging is broken when you first receive the mower, it only takes about 10 minutes to reassemble it, and about an hour to cut a few hours of lawn.

How Will I Receive My Refund For My Lowe’s Lawn Mower?

Lowe’s issues a refund to the original payment method in the time period of the original payment.

You will not get a refund from the company if you sold your lawnmower on eBay and received the money.

Also, only in-store purchases are eligible for returns. If your purchase was made on Amazon, your return may only be refunded to the credit card you used to make the purchase.

 If a user forgets the card they used to pay with, the merchant can either refund them with their payment or issue a store credit.

You can get store credit by purchasing items with store credit so that you can return them.

If you paid with a credit card, you will be refunded with a Lowe’s Gift Card, which is good for six months. But the card will be issued to the order’s recipient.

This means that you can provide them with a written copy of their policy if you ask.

The Lowe’s Return Policy for generator is simple. When you bought the generator, your money is on the generator, but Lowe’s takes care of the rest.


If you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to Lowe’s.

Lowe’s wants a mower in good working condition. The company doesn’t care if the mower has been used or if it’s in factory fresh condition. It wants a mower.

There are no fees for returning the equipment to K&G for a refund. Return shipping is not free.

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