Where Does Petco Get Its Fish? (saltwater, Betta Fish + More)

I usually get them from the pet stores since they are always in a good condition, but if you get one from the wild, it will make a difference on how long you can keep it.

If you are thinking about buying a fish from Petco and you want to know what their pet foods are made of, we have researched that for this article, so keep reading!

Where Does Petco Get Its Fish In 2022?

The fish at Petco come from several different suppliers. One of them is Segrest Farms, which is the biggest supplier of freshwater fish currently. Segrest also provides some of the reptiles sold at Petco. Petco also gets its fish from Fish Mart, which also supplies PetSmart.

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Which Companies Provide Petco with Fish?

1. Fish Mart

For years, Fish Mart has been supplying pet products to retailers all over the east coast of the United States.

Fish Mart is a major supplier of pet stores and has its headquarters in West Haven, Connecticut.

But that’s not all this store can really do. It also has a market at the back of the store with local produce and goods.

There’s a lot of freshwater fish offered by Petco. They also sell many other types of fish, too.

Here’s a great list of saltwater fishes that are available at your local petco stores.
Here are the saltwater fishes Petco gets from Fish Mart.

Tiger prawns, Tiger shrimp, Tiger prawn, Tiger prawns, Tiger shrimp, Tiger Shrimp, and Tiger shrimp. As an appetizer. If using the latter, I would use a little of the white wine sauce.

The farm is located in North Carolina and is the world’s largest chicken producer.

Segrest farms is where Petco gets all their tropical fish from.
And it’s one of the places that Petco gets their tropical fish from.
This is the place that Petco gets their fish from.

It is one of the largest seafood distributors in the the U.S. and has shipped more than one million fish every week for the past 57 years. The company’s success is attributed to the company’s commitment to the quality of its products and customer service.

The company was bought out in 2016 by Central Garden and Pet for a reported $60 million.

Centrally acquired the home-improvement brand Oceanic, Aqueon, Kent Marine, and Coralife, in 2004. The company is headquartered in San Diego and has over 1,300 employees worldwide.

Segrest Farms continues its operations as usual. It supplies fresh and frozen fish and seafood to more than 1000 large retail stores, public aquariums, and research facilities.

But Petco does sell to pet stores and other retailers, which means hobbyists can buy fish from them.

There are two types of “farm” fish in the Petco catalog. One is the store brand from Segrest Farms, the other is the catalog brand from Petland. The catalog brand fish are not the same as the Segrest brand.

The company was selling a number of different saltwater fish including some black seahorses.

Segrest Farms sells all kinds of reptiles and plants and all sorts of other things.

There are many types of plants that are available to purchase right now. Included among them are lilies and mosses, and the dry goods include bird toys, aquarium tools, magazines, and packaged foods that suppliers can get to feed their fish.

The Apet is a small mammal that lives in the desert mountains of the Sahara.

Petco works with Apet to provide fish to pets that are being adopted by Petco’s customers.

A fish known as the “Dolly Varden”, the “Alaska Red” and the “Lake Trout”,
which are available in a variety of colors from blue to red.

In addition to saltwater aquarium fish, Petco will have a wide variety of freshwater aquarium fish.

APET is a wholesale distribution company that offers aquatic plants and other supplies to aquariums. The company is also a food distributor which sells frozen vegetables, frozen fish, frozen meat, frozen milk, frozen vegetables, frozen meat, and frozen fish to individuals.

The large warehouse has more than 50,000 square feet large and holds more than 500,000 saltwater and freshwater fish.
This information is from the same Wikipedia article as [Original], and is marked with “*”.

Where Does Petco Get Its Saltwater Fish?

Petsmart is the distributor for Petco. Petco sells pet supplies and saltwater fish, which include goldfish and koi fish.

Where Does Petco Get Freshwater Fish?

Petco bought some fish from wholesale suppliers, like Segrest Farms and Fish Mart. Petco sold a few different types of freshwater fish to customers.

Where Does Petco Get Betta Fish?

Petco buys most of their fish from wholesale suppliers, like Fish Mart and Segrest Farms.

A large portion of the betta population is a hybrid anabantoid/anabantid, and it is these hybrid fish that are typically available in pet stores and aquarium stores. Some hobbyists even breed this type of fish.

Betta pugnax is listed as a fish for sale at Petco.

Does Petco Buy Fish From Local Breeders?

Petco buys their fish from large wholesale suppliers such as Apet, Segrest Farms, and Fish Mart, all of whom don’t sell to the general public.

This is a clear example of a parallelism. The original sentence is in parallel form with the paraphrase.

In your case, the original sentence is a relative clause.

We have no idea what the percentage of breeders is nationwide, but we do know that some of these local breeders make it to Petco’s supplier network.

And to answer your question as to whether or not Petco sells ducks, the answer is yes. I have confirmed that Petco sells ducks.


The only companies that sell to fish hobbyists are AquaFish, Petco, and PetSmart. The other large wholesale distributors mentioned all sell to the general public.

Petco is a large pet store that sells both freshwater and saltwater fish. Petco gets their bettas from Segrest Farms and Fish Mart, both of which stock several different breeds of the fish.

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