Where Does Petco Get Animals? (cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Birds + More)

In fact, Petco is one of the largest pet retailers in the country and its number of animals is considerable.

If you’re thinking about buying a pet from one of their stores or online and you’re wondering where they source their pets from, we’ve done the research to provide you with the answers you need.

Where Does Petco Get Animals From In 2022?

Other animals sold at Petco come from local breeders and breeders near stores. Pets that are bought online come from mills and breeders located on the East Coast and Southeast, and those pets that are sold at Petco retail stores come from mills and breeders located in the South and Midwest.

Read on for details on how to buy pet supplies, where to adopt a pet, and how to prevent Petco from treating your pet like it’s own personal servant.

Where Does Petco Get Cats From?

The company has a program that oversells kittens and puppies to local shelters and rescues and then uses those shelters as a network to get them placed with new families. If a rescue or shelter places a pet, the company will reimburse them for the price of adoption.

Petco has always and forever provided pets for adoption. They are one of the first, and only, national chain pet store to do such.

While these cats can be adopted in a few places, people have to take care of them, as they can become a serious problem as they spread disease among animals.

As part of its commitment to the community, the Petco Foundation helps shelters across the United States to provide love and care for rescued cats through adoption, spay/neuter, and fostering programs. The Love, Adopt, Foster program provides shelter dogs and cats with a forever home.

People who donate money to Petco Petco Love get to see their name on Petco Love’s website. If people adopt a pet from Petco Petco Love, they get to see their names on the Petco Love website.

Where Does Petco Get Dogs?

The company has decided not to sell dogs directly to the public, but instead give them to animal welfare organizations for adoption.

The Petco chain, known nationwide for pet services and products, is one of the best reasons to become an animal lover. Petco also gives back to the community through its pet shelters, where many dogs can find forever homes.

Petco is partnering with local animal shelters to make sure that animals get adopted. The shelters are then able to find more homes for their animals.

In this arrangement, Petco raises donations. However, they get most of that money back from the shelters because they charge the shelters a hefty adoption fee. Petco doesn’t give the money to the shelters, so it’s a double-edged sword. Petco raises money to help the shelters, but the shelters get a big share of the money.

Where Does Petco Get Ferrets?

While Marshall Farms is a pet supplier who often offers discounted prices, it is not a USDA licensed distributor of ferrets.

The company provides a professional development and management training program to help companies and organizations become more efficient.

This company is the largest breeder of ferrets (like cats), they sell them to pet stores like Petco (which sells lots of them), and to research facilities like the university of California to test new drugs on.

One of the largest issues is that he repeatedly breeds and sells puppies to people who are not able to care for or properly house them.

Several animal rights activists and other concerned parties have called on the company to break ties with the company by boycotting it until the mills they buy their animals from are shut down.

Where Does Petco Get Rabbits?

Petco has a “Buy for Life” campaign that helps save and find homes for homeless shelter, humane society and other rescue animals through adoption.

Previously, Petco was selling rabbits that they obtained from breeders and mills. However, after pressure from rabbit welfare organizations like the American Veterinary Medical Association, Petco switched to sales of rabbits they obtained through adoption.

The House Rabbit Society (HRS) and Petco started talking in 2015 and first proposed they would work together in 2018. However, after a few years of discussions, HRS and Petco decided to get rid of the partnership.

While being tested, the model was run by the HRS and it made a lot of sense. The rabbits were put in a new home, fed and cared for at no cost to the organization, and it would help them grow and gain a bit of momentum.

If this test run produced successful results, Petco will switch to supplying rabbits for adoption instead of selling them straight to the consumer.

[Petco] has stopped selling rabbits and bunnies, and that this would come to an end with the company’s final sale of rabbits and bunnies in March.

The rabbits come from local rescues who get funding through donations and pet stores who get funding through adoption fees.

Where Does Petco Get Birds?

Petco said that they get their birds from the Kaytee Preferred Birds Program, subsidiary of Kaytee Pet Supplies. Kaytee focuses on pet food and treats for birds and other small animals like rabbits.

Birds are typically supplied by breeders with the birds being in their pre-teen or teenage years. The breeder pays for the supplies and the birds are put up for adoption.

Where Does Petco Get Rats?

Petco gets rats from breeders that include Barney’s Pets and Fish Mart, which we are aware of because of lawsuits involving rats brought against the company in the past. They have to disclose where the animals come from.

Barney’s Pets and Fish Mart were suppliers during cases in San Diego and Portland, respectively.

Where Does Petco Get Guinea Pigs?

Petco gets their guinea pigs from breeders such as Fish Mart and Barney’s Pets. They get most of the rodents from the same places.

Where Does Petco Get Reptiles?

I think most of the pets are bred in China and are shipped down to North America. The quality of the imported pets is excellent. Petco is the cheapest of all the major pet stores and you can get great deals on pets.

Where Does Petco Get Fish?

Fish Mart and Segrest Farms are two of the biggest fish suppliers. Fish Mart is a major supplier of tropical freshwater fish in the world. Segrest is the biggest supplier of tropical freshwater fish in the world.

In order to learn everything about Petco and their policies, you can read our blog posts on Petco, if Petco accepts animals in their store, and if Petco sells dogs & puppies.


All of the animals that are adopted are made available via partners that the company does have agreements with. In the event that an animal comes into the store from a different source, it can be returned directly to the source or to a partner.

The company is a pet supplies manufacturer that’s been owned by pet products manufacturer since the 1940’s.

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