Does Petco Sell Bunnies? (try This Instead)

Petco is the best, if not the only, choice for a new pet. They have the most variety of dogs and cats, as well as other animals, and you can find pretty much anything under the sun there.

If you’re thinking about getting a rabbit, then you should read this article to learn all you need to know before getting started!

Does Petco Sell Bunnies In 2022?

The CEO of Petco is a man named Dave Bartlett. Unfortunately, Petco can’t sell its employees. To avoid doing so, Petco will only hire men. In addition, Petco will not allow women to live in their houses, or even to use their bathrooms.

The next few months at Petco will be filled with happy bunnies. It is the right time to get a new furry friend in your family.

When Did Petco Stop Selling Bunnies?

In November 2008, Petco started selling rabbits in their pet stores.

Petco said that it’s working with animal welfare organizations in the United States to only use shelter animals. The announcement also said that in 2009, the only bunnies Petco would provide would be from animal welfare organizations and these bunnies would have been taken from animal shelters.

Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Bunnies?

Petco was on a short list of companies in talks with the House Rabbit Society (HRS), an animal welfare organization focused on rabbits.

This was intended to tell the world that if you want a rabbit, you should adopt it from a shelter.

Petco made a promise to stop selling rabbits but changed their minds several years after that.

HRS and the RSPCA made an offer to Petco for them to stop selling the rabbits for adoption and instead provide the rabbits for adoption.

We tried doing the whole “free lunch” deal at one store to see if it could work. But it didn’t go over so well, so no more free lunches.

Although Petco no longer sells directly to the public, it continues to serve as the main distributor of pet supplies in the United States.

Petco has decided to stop selling rabbits because all too often they end up in animal rescue centers.

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There were also many people who bought rabbits and left them in a field because they didn’t really know what they were meant to do with them. People also bought rabbits that they thought they were going to keep as pets, but when they found out they actually were to be used for breeding, they ended up very upset.

Does Petco Sell Bunny Food?

It is important to note that the information on the Petco website is not for informational purposes only, but is for the purpose of selling food to its customers.

How Do You Buy a Bunny From Petco?

When purchasing a bunny from Petco, you can visit its stores to see which ones it currently has on display.

Petco will normally sell one or two of the animals in the stores to let customers know that the animals are available.

Petco is partnering with lots of animal shelters during the weekends when they take more animals.

If you don’t have a cat or want to adopt a rabbit, Petco has many adorable rabbits for sale or adoption.

If you want to inquire about the bunny rabbit or to book your time slot, you can either choose to phone or email.

In addition to the contact numbers, each pet’s page also tells you how old it is, the place it came from, and other useful information.

Whether you choose to adopt from a Petco store or online, you can get easy access to the supplies and accessories you need for the pet.

If you’re a new rabbit owner, you might want to get a Petco pamphlet and read it through. You can also check out other articles that discuss bunny rabbit care.

How Much Are Bunnies at Petco?

If your plan is to adopt a bunny from your local pet shop, you can expect to pay anywhere between $25 – $100 for a young baby bunny.

So, if you care about saving animals and supporting the right cause, you might want to consider getting your own pet rabbit.

The only thing you are paying for is the enclosure, and that comes with the system. The rest of the items you will need to buy separately.

This price also includes the money required to run the shelter, so if you live in an expensive area, it probably cost you a pretty penny.

If you want to know more about where Petco is located, you can read our post on how to pronounce the name of a Petco store, and also read our post on whether or not Petco sells hedgehogs.


Petco doesn’t sell bunnies, but allows you adopt a pet from them, either at a physical store or via the Petco website.

Petco decided to stop selling rabbits due to the pressure from animal welfare organizations. Instead, the company started working with these organizations in partnership with Petco Love to provide adoption services to its customers.

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