Does Petsmart Groom Rabbits? (try This Instead)

PetSmart is the go-to store in the US because it has various services for pet owners such as grooming, which includes extensive trimming, brushing, and bathing.

I was looking at some PetSmart coupons to see if I could get them for my rabbits and I found out that they only groom rabbits for a bit of money. What they do is wash the rabbits, clip the nails, trim the hair, and brush the fur.

PetSmart’s rabbits do not have a grooming aisle. All the grooming products are in the grooming area with the other animals. They can only wash them and clip their nails. They cannot brush their fur, trim their ears, or apply any products to the skin.

Does PetSmart Groom Rabbits In 2022?

Most rabbits groom themselves by licking their fur, which is why some owners give their rabbits baths with special rabbit shampoo. Many parents use a brush with plastic bristles to groom their rabbits’ fur. However, owners must take care to avoid scratching the rabbit’s fur with the brush.

In the next sections, you will find information about the place where you can get your pet groomer, the prices they charge, and how much they are able to groom your rabbit.

Why Does PetSmart Not Groom Rabbits?

Rabbits have very delicate skin, so they need to be groomed by professionals with plenty of experience.

The reason why PetSmart does not offer rabbit grooming or other small animal services is because their prices are higher.

However, PetSmart is still a great place to take your other pets (e.g. dogs and cats) for grooming.

Does PetSmart Trim Rabbit Nails?

When your rabbit’s toenails are very short and it is not able to hop well, then your rabbit may need nail trimming. You may consider a professional service from a vet or you can do it yourself.

A rabbit pet groomer will help you maintain your rabbit’s health by trimming their nails and offering rabbit food that is high in fiber.

You can trim your own rabbit’s nails but it is best to not trim them too short. Also, it is best to be careful when handling the rabbit.

A pet nail trimmer is a tool that cat or rabbit owners can use to easily trim their cats’ or rabbits’ nails. The tool works by having a long handle and a small, removable nail clipper on the end of it. To use it, you hold the handle and gently press the tool against your pet’s nails to cut them.

What Does Rabbit Grooming Entail?

-Shampoo and rinse your pet thoroughly;

-Remove any mats or knots;

-Remove dirt, oil and debris;

-Get your pet off its back and make it more comfortable;

-Wash the ears and around the body;

-Dry your pet with a towel or blow dryer;

-Apply any necessary treatments.

Where Can You Get Your Rabbit Groomed?

Rabbits are not as popular as other animals for groomers because the breed does not have the short hair that is so popular with cat and dog clients — but some do. For example, Petco offers grooming services for rabbits with rabbit groomer “Miss Bunny”. If you look it up, you can see what kind of rabbit groomer they are.

You may also have professional groomers come to your home, or use a mobile grooming service.

You will definitely be able to get in touch with the grooming services if you have a dog that does not live in the vicinity of your home.

How Much Does It Cost To Groom A Rabbit?

Rabbits love to cuddle and snuggle, and when they feel safe, they are ready to play, just like a kitten would do. They will be gentle with you and love to follow you around.

If not for their exotic appearance, exotic breeds would be cheaper to buy than a long-haired breed.

If you are going to a grooming service to be done in-home instead of at a groomer, expect to pay between $30 and $50. In-home groomers tend to do a basic cleaning at the front door that includes trimming, shampooing, brushing and conditioning, so that’s why they are less expensive.

Note that most rabbit breeds will groom themselves for approximately one hour once every three or four days. Grooming sessions are necessary because the fur is dirty.

Can You Groom Your Rabbit At Home?

When it comes to grooming, rabbits need just as much attention as dogs–even more because they’re quite delicate animals. Experts recommend that you groom your rabbits two to three times a week.

A rabbit that is shedding needs more grooming to remove the thick layer of fur that is falling out.

Rabbit owners recommend the Zoom Groom brush which can be purchased at any veterinary office and can be used to groom rabbits when home.

You will love the softness of this brush as you stroke over your own skin. It is ideal for grooming rabbits and other small animals due to its ability to stimulate skin oil and capillaries.

Another way to deal with getting closer to your rabbit is making sure that they are clean and groomed on their own.

Conclusion: Does PetSmart Groom Rabbits?

PetSmart does not groom rabbits or other small animals, because their skin is softer than hair.

If you want to do it yourself, a thorough clean once a week will cost between $20 and $50 (excluding accessories).

When you brush your own rabbit, you’re dealing with its coat.

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